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Versionshistoria MythTV


Förändringar v0.23.1 -> v0.24

  • New Features
  • MythUI OSD
  • Blu-ray disc/folder parsing and playback.
  • Metadata grabbing in MythGame
  • Fully automatic metadata grabbing in MythVideo, allow users to select artwork to be downloaded
  • Embedded text subtitle support in MKV and others
  • Blu-ray and DVD multi-angle
  • Online theme browser and downloader
  • Experimental Broadcom Crystal HD hardware decoding support
  • Major Changes
  • Large audio refactor:
  • Auto population of soundcard devices in settings
  • Multichannel audio, analog or LPCM, output up to 7.1 channels
  • Support audio bit depth > 16 bits (24 bits, 32 bits and float)
  • SSE enhanced audio sample format conversion
  • Audio downmix capability
  • Automatic conversion to audio format supported by the hardware (bit depth, samplerate, channels)
  • Large OSD, Captioning/subtitle, and Video Playback refactor
  • Support for (unencrypted) ISOs, VIDEO_TS, and BDMV over storage groups
  • Substantial rework, stabilization, and improvement of DVD playback
  • Prerequisite Changes
  • Minimum version changes
  • Qt - minimum version is now version 4.5 or higher
  • PHP - minimum version is now version 5.3 or higher (Required for Mythweb)
  • Added support libraries/prerequisites
  • dcraw - added for RAW photo format support in MythGallery (Optional for MythGallery, --enable-dcraw)
  • python-lxml - at least "libxml" version 2.7.2 or higher (Required for certain grabber scripts for MythNetvision)
  • Removed support libraries/prerequisites
  • libfaad - support removed, replaced with native ffmpeg capabilities
  • libfribidi - no longer required for Right-To-Left text support in OSD
  • Special Notices & Instructions
  • Image:Warning.png All users upgrading from a previous version of MythTV to 0.24 are required to rescan for audio devices on their frontends (in the audio settings menu) after upgrading due to the rewritten audio framework which can conflict with legacy settings


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