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Använd den här formen för överföring av mjukvaru översättning på svenska till 3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer for Mac -mjukvara.

Kort beskrivning på engelska:
3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer for Mac is a utility used to transfer multimedia content from an iPhone to a computer or vice versa.
Kort beskrivning på svenska:

Lång beskrivning på engelska:
3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer for Mac OS X is a tool used to copy content between an iPhone and a Computer. While moving songs, videos and photos from computer to an iPhone with iTunes is a one-way process, this software allows you to copy content back from an iPhone to your computer. This is particularly useful if you have suffered from a computer problem that resulted in the loss of your music collection. In that case, a loaded iPhone can act like the perfect backup device.

Main functions of 3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer are...
  • iPhone to computer transfer
    Transfer iPhone music, movies, videos, pictures, podcasts and other files to computer for backup. Sync iPhone files to computer quickly.
  • Transfer computer files to iPhone without iTunes
    Easily transfer music, videos and photos from computer to iPhone without using iTunes, much easier than iTunes!
  • Sync iPhone contents to iTunes (iTunes 9.1 supported now)
    The iPhone to Computer Transfer can copy/rip/put iPhone music and video files to iTunes library in a quick way.
  • Supports all iPhone, iPod series, iPad
    iPhone series: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the updated iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPod touch FW 3.1.3;
    iPod series: iPod touch, iPod touch firmware 3.1, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod nano 5G, iPod shuffle, iPod mini.
    Fully supports the newest Apple Tablet – iPad.
    3herosoft iPhone to computer Transfer is always updated with the latest version to secure your needs.
The trial download has some limitations that can be removed by registering the software.
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