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Använd den här formen för överföring av mjukvaru översättning på svenska till Meltemi -mjukvara.

Kort beskrivning på engelska:
Meltemi is a freeware Internet radio player and recorder.
Kort beskrivning på svenska:

Lång beskrivning på engelska:
Meltemi is a freeware Internet radio player and recorder.

It comes with pre-set Internet radio stations, mostly Greek. It also can display visualizations and album art.

Key Features:
  • Play stations in format MP3, WMA and ACC.
  • Show title, artist and comments from shoutcast.
  • Get title and artist websites stations (where available)
  • Pause playback mp3 stations (time shifting)
  • Automatic reconnection in case your Internet connection
  • Showing information quality audio
  • View album art of the song playing
  • Display disc name belonging song is playing
  • See release year of the album owned the song playing
  • Show station logos if you can not find the cover.
  • Support DSP plugins from Winamp
  • Choice between analog and digital VU meter.
  • Show level cache (buffer)
  • Balance setting audio channels
  • Instant playback by entering URL station
  • Support visualizations of Sonique Player
  • Recording station to MP3 with one click
  • Simultaneous multiple registrations
  • Select bitrate recording
  • Automatic split tracks when recording in accordance with Title
  • Select recording folder
  • Fast database with hundreds of stations
  • Tuning
  • Multiple filters database
  • List of favorite stations
  • Channel list recently played
  • Add - edit - delete posts by this user
  • Search videos on YouTube with one click
  • Post the song that plays on Facebook and Twitter
  • Finding information of the song that plays at
  • View song and / or station in MSN Messenger
  • Self-service user without administrator rights
  • Show a notification next song minimize
  • Sound Effect Tuning

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