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Versionshistoria 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO


Förändringar v5.0.1.9 -> v5.0.2.0

  • CPRx updated (version 1186) for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.1.8 -> v5.0.1.9

  • Improved episode DVD detection.
  • CPRx updated (version 1185) for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.1.7 -> v5.0.1.8

  • CPRx updated (version 1184) for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.1.6 -> v5.0.1.7

  • CPRx updated (version 1179) for new movies.
  • CPRx updated (version 1180) for "Downton Abbey S5" (all versions).

Förändringar v5.0.1.5 -> v5.0.1.6

  • Fixed: Incorrect detection of duplicate titlesets (but introduced in last update).
  • CPRx updated (version 1178( for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.1.4 -> v5.0.1.5

  • CPRx updated (version 1177) for new movies like "Hunger Games - Mockingbird".
  • CPRx Version 1176: Updated for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.1.3 -> v5.0.1.4

  • Fixed: Playback issues with movies like "Homesman".
  • CPRx updated (version 1175) for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.1.2 -> v5.0.1.3

  • CPRx updated (version 1174) for new movies like "Homesman".

Förändringar v5.0.1.1 -> v5.0.1.2

  • CPRx updated (version 1173) for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.1.0 -> v5.0.1.1

  • Fixed: Movie started at second chapter when making a movie only copy of "John Wick".
  • CPRx updated (version 1171) for new movies like "Good White People".

Förändringar v5.0.0.3 -> v5.0.1.0

  • New: Big changes to CPRx error correction to support bad structure on DVDs, fake menus, etc.
  • New: Added a warning when AnyDVD and CPRx are both enabled (a bad idea). CPRx is always the preferred option with 1CLICK. AnyDVD is not necessary and is considered a legacy third party utility.
  • New: Added backward support for legacy (old) burn engine through a right click menu option.
  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1161) for new movies and all versions of "The Expendables 3".
  • (Nov 28, 2014)
  • CPRx Version 1159: Updated for new movies.
  • (Nov 27, 2014)
  • CPRx Version 1158: Updated for new movies and fixed playback issue on "The Expendables 3" (USA and CAD).
  • (Nov 24, 2014)
  • CPRx Version 1157: Updated for some versions of "The Expendables 3" (movie only for now).
  • (Nov 22, 2014)
  • CPRx Version 1156: Updated for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.0.2 -> v5.0.0.3

  • Updated: New burn engine re-introduced, problem with detection of DVD readers resolved.
  • CPRx updated (version 1155) for new movies.

Förändringar v5.0.0.1 -> v5.0.0.2

  • Fixed: Some DVD readers were not being detected by the new burn engine. The new burn engine changes have been rolled back until further testing can be done.

Förändringar v4.3.3.2 -> v5.0.0.1

  • Updated: Burn engine improved to handle new DVD writers and provide faster burning.

Förändringar v4.3.3.1 -> v4.3.3.2

  • Updated: Better handling of DVDs with missing IFO files.
  • CPRx updated (version 1154) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.3.0 -> v4.3.3.1

  • Fixed: Improved handling of DVDs with multiple fake titlesets.

Förändringar v4.3.2.9 -> v4.3.3.0

  • CPRx updated (version 1153) for new movies.
  • Fixed: Some movies with duplicate fake titlesets were missing the startup menu.
  • New: added support for DVDs with missing or zero byte IFO files.

Förändringar v4.3.2.8 -> v4.3.2.9

  • CPRx updated (version 1150) for movies like "The Quiet Ones".
  • CPRx Version 1146: Updated for new movies like "Divergent".
  • CPRx Version 1145: Updated for new movies and episode DVDs like "Downton Abbey - Seasons 1 to 3".
  • CPRx Version 1144: Updated for new movies.
  • CPRx Version 1143: Updated for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.2.7 -> v4.3.2.8

  • CPRx updated (version 1142) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.2.6 -> v4.3.2.7

  • CPRx updated (version 1138) for new movies.
  • Fixed: Error while scanning some incorrectly authored DVDs.

Förändringar v4.3.2.5 -> v4.3.2.6

  • Fixed: Missing audio and incorrect titleset selection on some BBC DVDs.

Förändringar v4.3.2.4 -> v4.3.2.5

  • CPRx updated (version 1135) for new movies.
  • Updated: Fixed playback problem on some DVDs with multiple bogus titles.

Förändringar v4.3.2.3 -> v4.3.2.4

  • CPRx updated (version 1130) for new movies.
  • Improved: Better handling of DVDs that radomly select bogus titles from the main menu during playback.

Förändringar v4.3.2.2 -> v4.3.2.3

  • Fixed: Playback problem with full disc copy of "Hunger Games Catching Fire".

Förändringar v4.3.2.1 -> v4.3.2.2

  • CPRx updated (version 1129) for movies like "Hunger Games Catching Fire".

Förändringar v4.3.2.0 -> v4.3.2.1

  • New:CPRx updated (version 1127) for new movies.
  • Updated: Fixed playback issue on episode DVDs like "Downton Abbey".
  • (Feb 13, 2014) CPRx Version 1126: Updated for movies like "No Instructions Included".
  • (Feb 11, 2014) CPRx Version 1125: Updated for new movies.
  • (Feb 10, 2014) CPRx Version 1124: Updated for movies like "Enders Game".

Förändringar v4.3.1.9 -> v4.3.2.0

  • New: CPRx updated (version 1123) for episode DVDs "Downton Abbey".
  • Updated: Improved Playback on DVDs copied using the "Exact Copy" preset.

Förändringar v4.3.1.8 -> v4.3.1.9

  • New: CPRx updated (version 1121) for movies like "You're Next".

Förändringar v4.3.1.7 -> v4.3.1.8

  • New: CPRx updated (version 1120) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.1.6 -> v4.3.1.7

  • New: CPRx updated (version 1119) for new movies like "Red 2".
  • Updated: Impoved handling of multiple fake titlesets and playback (other versions of "Red 2").

Förändringar v4.3.1.5 -> v4.3.1.6

  • New: CPRx updated (version 1108) for new movies like "GI Joe".
  • Updated: Impoved handling of multiple fake titlesets (other versions of "Tyler Perry's - Temptation").
  • Fixed: Crash occured while scanning some episode DVDs like "Castle" (S2).

Förändringar v4.3.1.4 -> v4.3.1.5

  • New: CPRx updated (version 1104) for new movies like "Tyler Perry's - Temptation".

Förändringar v4.3.1.3 -> v4.3.1.4

  • New: CPRx updated (version 1100) for new movies like "Bullet To the Head" (UK version).

Förändringar v4.3.1.2 -> v4.3.1.3

  • Improved: Incomplete copy of some DVD Recorder DVDs.
  • New: CPRx updated (version 1099) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.1.1 -> v4.3.1.2

  • Fixed: A bug was introduced in version which prevents CPRx from working correctly on movies like "The Last Stand".
  • New: CPRx updated (version 1098) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.1.0 -> v4.3.1.1

  • CPRx updated (version 1096) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.0.9 -> v4.3.1.0

  • CPRx updated (version 1091) for DVDs for new movies.
  • Fixed: Burn engine could cause BSOD error when drive opens on some computers.
  • Improved: Finalization of DVD during burning has been updated for some newer burners.

Förändringar v4.3.0.8 -> v4.3.0.9

  • Updated: CPRx version 1088, for DVDs with multiple aspect ratios.
  • Improved: Placeholder menu vobs are no longer created when the original DVD is missing a menu vob. This did not affect playback but could cause another program to get confused when copying a copy.

Förändringar v4.3.0.7 -> v4.3.0.8

  • CPRx updated (version 1086) to deal with a playback problem (menu button doesn't work) on some versions of "Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2".

Förändringar v4.3.0.5 -> v4.3.0.7

  • (Mar 3, 2013) CPRx Version 1084: Updated for additional versions of "Twilight - Breaking Dawn - Part 2".
  • (Mar 2, 2013) CPRx updated for new movies like "Twilight - Breaking Dawn - Part 2".
  • (Mar 2, 2013) CPRx Version 1083: Updated for new movies.
  • (Feb 8, 2013) CPRx Version 1082: Updated for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.0.4 -> v4.3.0.5

  • Fixed: Preview windows was blank on some DVD like "Flight". Estimated play time showed incorrect value. CPRx update to version 1081 for new movies.

Förändringar v4.3.0.2 -> v4.3.0.4

  • Fixed: A bug was introduced in version When using the "Exact Copy" preset to copy, the movie might not play due to a missing menu file.

Förändringar v4.3.0.0 -> v4.3.0.2

  • Improved: Added support for exact copy of DVDs with titlesets that are never played (ie. bogus).

Förändringar v4.2.9.9 -> v4.3.0.0

  • Updated: CPRx version 1075
  • Fixed: "Invalid rectangle" error occured on some systems that did not report the actual DPI setting.

Förändringar v4.2.9.8 -> v4.2.9.9

  • Updated for new movies.
  • Updated for new movies.
  • Updated for new movies like "Expendables 2".
  • Updated for new movies like "Total Recall".

Förändringar v4.2.9.7 -> v4.2.9.8

  • Fixed: Progress bar could overlap CPRx update notification window.

Förändringar v4.2.9.6 -> v4.2.9.7

  • Fixed: "Access violation" error when scanning some DVDs. This error was introduced with the last update.

Förändringar v4.2.9.5 -> v4.2.9.6

  • Updated: CPRx (version 1062) adds support for many new DVDs, including variations of "The Dictator", "Enemies of the People", and "CSI Miami".
  • Added: Full support of custom DPI screen resolutions.

Förändringar v4.2.9.4 -> v4.2.9.5

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1059) for new movies.
  • Improved: Added additional support for non standard DVD authoring.

Förändringar v4.2.9.3 -> v4.2.9.4

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1057) for other versions of "The Dictator".

Förändringar v4.2.9.2 -> v4.2.9.3

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1056) for some versions of "The Dictator" and "The Hunger Games".

Förändringar v4.2.9.1 -> v4.2.9.2

  • Improved: Added support for episode DVDs like "CSI S4D1".
  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1053) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.2.9.0 -> v4.2.9.1

  • Improved: Added support for movies like "Golden Eye" where the extras are larger than the feature movie.
  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1051) for new movies like "Good Deeds".

Förändringar v4.2.8.8 -> v4.2.8.9

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1047) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.2.8.7 -> v4.2.8.8

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1046) for new movies.

Förändringar v4.2.8.6 -> v4.2.8.7

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1041) to support additional movies.

Förändringar v4.2.8.5 -> v4.2.8.6

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1040) for movies like "Breaking Dawn" (Some U.S. versions).
  • Improved: Title selection on DVDs with bad structure.

Förändringar v4.2.8.4 -> v4.2.8.5

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1038) for movies like "Breaking Dawn" (R1).
  • Fixed: Wrong title selected on some DVDs with multiple fake titlesets (ex. Transformers 3).

Förändringar v4.2.8.3 -> v4.2.8.4

  • Updated: CPRx updated (version 1037) for newer DVDs.
  • Improved: Each product now has it's own CPRx file.
  • Fixed: Divide by zero error occured on some DVDs during application of CPRx.

Förändringar v4.2.8.2 -> v4.2.8.3

  • Updated: Improved handling of DVDs with multiple fake titlesets. CPRx updated (version 1034) for newer DVDs.

Förändringar v4.2.8.0 -> v4.2.8.1

  • Fixed: Application crashes during application of CPRx on a DVD following a previous copy.

Förändringar v4.2.7.9 -> v4.2.8.0

  • New: CPRx update (Version 1024) and improved epsiode detection.

Förändringar v4.2.7.8 -> v4.2.7.9

  • New: CPRx update (Version 1020) and modifications for DVDs like "Cars 2".

Förändringar v4.2.7.7 -> v4.2.7.8

  • CPRx Version 1019: Updated for movies like "Cars 2".

Förändringar v4.2.7.6 -> v4.2.7.7

  • Updated: Improved handling of DVDs with multiple fake titlesets.
  • Fixed: Progress bar and percent complete for "Exact Copy" not working correctly on some DVDs with multiple fake titlesets.

Förändringar v4.2.7.5 -> v4.2.7.6

  • New: CPRx update (Version 1014) for movies like "Attack The Block".
  • Fixed: Bad sector messages on movies like "Bad Teacher" that do not actually have bad sectors.
  • Fixed: Progress bar appears to be move slowly and then jump to the end towards the end of the copy, and estimated time to complete is far too long, on some DVDs with duplicate titlesets.

Förändringar v4.2.7.4 -> v4.2.7.5

  • Fixed: Incorrect title selection using new heuristics engine on some DVDs like "Tracker", "Setup" and "Weeds".

Förändringar v4.2.7.3 -> v4.2.7.4

  • Updated: Improved handling of Episode DVDs and DVDs with multiple fake titlesets.

Förändringar v4.2.7.2 -> v4.2.7.3

  • Fixed: Exact copy on some DVDs did not work correctly.
  • Updated: Improved handling of DVDs with multiple fake titlesets.

Förändringar v4.2.7.1 -> v4.2.7.2

  • Fixed: New episode detection didn't work on some DVDs and also caused 1CLICK to detect bad sectors incorrectly. This has been fixed now and the episode detection is working as intended.

Förändringar v4.2.7.0 -> v4.2.7.1

  • Fixed: Divide by zero error when scanning some movies on Windows 7 64 bit.
  • Updated: Improved episode detction on episode DVDs like "Burn Notice".
  • New: CPRx updated (Version 1012) for movies with non standard authoring.

Förändringar v4.2.6.9 -> v4.2.7.0

  • Update: Modifications done for DVDs with corrupt IFO file stuctures.
  • New: CPRx updated (Version 1011) for movies like "Transformers - Dark of the Moon" and "Attack the Block".

Förändringar v4.2.6.8 -> v4.2.6.9

  • Fixed: Hot keys (ex. F3, F8) would not function while copying.
  • New: Added additional support for movies like: "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" (U.K. edition)

Förändringar v4.2.6.7 -> v4.2.6.8

  • Fixed: Registration ID text box would not accept keystrokes.
  • Fixed: Some computers could not locate the CPRx file.
  • Fixed: Playback issues on movies like "Thor".
  • New: CPRx updated (Version 1010) for movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" and "She's Out of My League".

Förändringar v4.2.6.6 -> v4.2.6.7

  • New: Added log file entry for CPRx update. Added confirmation of CPRx version number at time of update.

Förändringar v4.2.6.5 -> v4.2.6.6

  • New: CPRx RTU (Real Time Updates) has been released. This new feature permits you to get the latest CPRx update without having to download and install a new version of 1CLICK. Each time you launch 1CLICK, it will check online for a new version of CPRx. If a new version is available, 1CLICK will ask you if you wish to update. If you accept, the update takes about 2 seconds. You can view the CPRx version number on the Registration dialog (keyboard shortcut: F2).
  • CPRx Version 1006: Updated for movies like "THOR".

Förändringar v4.2.6.4 -> v4.2.6.5

  • Fixed: Access violation in some cases when making an exact copy from a hard drive.
  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "BBCDVD".
  • New: CPRx updates are now stored in a separate file. Real time updates of CPRx (RTU) is a new feature about to be released soon.

Förändringar v4.2.6.3 -> v4.2.6.4

  • Updated: Improved support for copying DVDs from standalone DVD Recorders. Some recorders employ non standard authoring techniques to deter copying.
  • CPRx update for movies like "FINDING NEMO".

Förändringar v4.2.6.2 -> v4.2.6.3

  • Fixed: Bad sector detection incomplete in previous CPRx update.

Förändringar v4.2.6.0 -> v4.2.6.1

  • CPRx update for movies like "Priest 2011", "Rabbit Hole", and "The Company Men".

Förändringar v4.2.5.9 -> v4.2.6.0

  • CPRx update for movies like "Source Code".

Förändringar v4.2.5.8 -> v4.2.5.9

  • CPRx update for movies like "RANGO" and "MEIN KAMPF".
  • Fixed: Extras were copied instead of feature movie when a large number of chapters existed in the extras.

Förändringar v4.2.5.7 -> v4.2.5.8

  • CPRx update for other regional releases of movies like "Battle: Los Angeles" and "JackAss 3.5".

Förändringar v4.2.5.6 -> v4.2.5.7

  • CPRx update for movies like "Battle: Los Angeles" and "JackAss 3.5".

Förändringar v4.2.5.5 -> v4.2.5.6

  • Fixed: Playback problem on "True Grit" when copying with extras.

Förändringar v4.2.5.4 -> v4.2.5.5

  • Updated: CPRx updated for movies like "True Grit".
  • Fixed: IFO export crashes on some movies.

Förändringar v4.2.5.3 -> v4.2.5.4

  • Updated: CPRx has been updated for movies with like: "I Am Number Four" and "Gnomeo and Juliet" which contain small defects (bad sectors) when the DVD was pressed.

Förändringar v4.2.5.2 -> v4.2.5.3

  • New: CPRx has been updated for movies like: "No Strings Attached" and "Justin Bieber - Never Say Never".

Förändringar v4.2.5.1 -> v4.2.5.2

  • New: CPRx has been updated for movies like: "The Green Hornet".

Förändringar v4.2.5.0 -> v4.2.5.1

  • New: CPRx has been rewritten and enhanced for the latest generation of DVD movies which often contain bogus titlesets.
  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like:
  • Fish Tank
  • Made in Dagenham
  • Monsters (CH)
  • Potich (CH)
  • Hot Cleveland D1
  • Born To Raise Hell
  • Max Ruby Bunny Tales
  • World Is Not Enough
  • Skyline (CH)

Förändringar v4.2.4.9 -> v4.2.5.0

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "The Fighter - US V2", "Daniel Tosh - Happy Thoughts", "Legendary R1 & R2", "The Switch", and "Krunk Out".

Förändringar v4.2.4.8 -> v4.2.4.9

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "The Fighter".

Förändringar v4.2.4.7 -> v4.2.4.8

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Morning Glory" and "Jackass 3".

Förändringar v4.2.4.6 -> v4.2.4.7

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "The Last Airbender (UK)".

Förändringar v4.2.4.5 -> v4.2.4.6

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Waiting for Superman".

Förändringar v4.2.4.2 -> v4.2.4.5

  • Changed: Patin Couffin driver is only installed on Windows XP SP2 or less. We will not uninstall the Patin Couffin driver, the customer can do this themselves if they wish or via our support recommendation to improve burning issues on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Reboot after installation requirement removed.
  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like: "Middle Men", "Romantics" and "Paranormal Activity 2 (US version)".
  • Changed: Patin Couffin driver is no longer removed on newer versions of Windows until more testing can be done. Some users reported loosing connection to their DVD readers/writers.
  • Improved: File parsers no longer validates some types of bogus IFO files. This prevents compression estimation errors during intitial scanning of DVD.
  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Paranormal Activity 2 (CND version)", "Mean Girls 2 (CND version)", "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (CND version)", and "All That Jazz".
  • Updated: Burn engine has been updated to handle new DVD writers/readers and improved error handling.
  • New: Patin Couffin driver is no longer installed on Windows XP SP3 and greater, Vista and Windows 7. For these new OS versions, Patin Couffin is removed during setup if already installed. Microsoft Windows SPTI driver is now used for all DVD access.

Förändringar v4.2.4.1 -> v4.2.4.2

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Case 39".

Förändringar v4.2.4.0 -> v4.2.4.1

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Search for Santa Paws".

Förändringar v4.2.3.9 -> v4.2.4.0

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Search for Santa Paws".

Förändringar v4.2.3.8 -> v4.2.3.9

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "The Last Airbender" (UK) and additional changes for "SALT" (USA).

Förändringar v4.2.3.4 -> v4.2.3.6

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Twilight - Eclipse" (USA and CAD).

Förändringar v4.2.3.2 -> v4.2.3.4

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Grown Ups", "A Christmas Carol" and "The Last Airbender".

Förändringar v4.2.3.1 -> v4.2.3.2

  • Improved: Faster initialization on movies with multiple fake titlesets.
  • Fixed: Fake titlesets reduced to stubs but not removed resulting in wasted space. This could potentially cause the copy to fail due to insufficient space on the target disc on some movies with many fake titlesets.

Förändringar v4.2.3.0 -> v4.2.3.1

  • Updated: CPRx update for "Iron Man 2" - Australian and Swedish version.

Förändringar v4.2.2.9 -> v4.2.3.0

  • Fixed: Exception error caused by changes in AnyDVD's handling of bogus titles.
  • Updated: CPRx update to solve playback problems on Full Disc copy of "Iron Man 2".
  • Updated: "Save IFO files" option now detects AnyDVD's "Copy Protection based on unreadable sector" setting and requests that you disable it when using 1CLICK to export of IFO files.

Förändringar v4.2.2.8 -> v4.2.2.9

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Iron Man 2" (single disc and 3 disc set).
  • Fixed: Number of chapters in a title not calculated correctly on some movies, like "Temple Grandin".

Förändringar v4.2.2.6 -> v4.2.2.7

  • Fixed: Missing Log file error and other odd stuff.

Förändringar v4.2.2.5 -> v4.2.2.6

  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Identity".
  • Fixed: Exact Copy was not working correctly on movies like "Kick Ass" and "Resurrection County".

Förändringar v4.2.2.3 -> v4.2.2.5

  • Updated: "Exact copy" default setting disabled for "Kick Ass" (U.S.version) until futher testing can be done to resolve issues with exact copy.
  • Updated: CPRx update for movies like "Kick Ass" (U.S. and Canadian versions).

Förändringar v4.2.1.7 -> v4.2.1.8

  • Updated: CPRx updated for movies like "Shutter Island" and some episode DVDs.

Förändringar v4.2.1.3 -> v4.2.1.4

  • Updated: CPRx updated for movies like "Leap Year" and "Millenium 2".
  • Fixed: Playback problems introduced by new file parser.

Förändringar v4.2.0.7 -> v4.2.1.0

  • New: Support for third party 64 bit DVD43 Plug-in decrypter.
  • Updated: New file parser improves reading badly authored DVDs.

Förändringar v4.2.0.6 -> v4.2.0.7

  • In the last update, several bugs were reported soon after it was released:
  • Error messages: "Unable to create directory" and "Access violation in dvd2dvd.dll".
  • We did not encounter these errors during our beta testing and as of yet have not been able to replicate these errors. Due to the large number of problem reports, we have rolled back our new code implemenation to the previous code base. However, this new update still includes the CPRx update for movies like "Twilight - New Moon".
  • Note: 64 bit users who wish to continue using the previous version may due so if you are not affected by the errors mentioned above.

Förändringar v4.1.9.1 -> v4.2.0.6

  • Updated: CPRx updated for movies like "Twilight - New Moon". Burn engine supports more drives and improved error handling. Better file parsing which improves reading badly authored DVDs. Faster Preview window.

Förändringar v4.1.7.0 -> v4.1.8.0

  • Updated: CPRx updated to improve compatibility with AnyDVD on movies like "Surrogate" and "Paranormal Activity".

Förändringar v4.1.5.0 -> v4.1.7.0

  • Updated: CPRx updated for playback issues on movies like Star Trek and Ratatouille.

Förändringar v4.1.4.0 -> v4.1.5.0

  • Fixed: Automatic registration of CopyToDVD was failing on Windows 7 64 bit. Application was freezing on startup when installed for the first time on some Vista and Windows 7 computers.

Förändringar v4.1.1.0 -> v4.1.3.0

  • Updated: CPRx updated for movies like: "Tinkerbell" and "UP".
  • Improved: Copying of DVDs with bad sectors on movies like: "Transformers".

Förändringar v4.0.6.0 -> v4.0.6.2

  • Updated: Additional improvements to burn engine.

Förändringar v4.0.4.0 -> v4.0.6.0

  • Updated: Burn engine improvements for XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7.

Förändringar v4.0.0.0 -> v4.0.1.0

  • Fixed: Error reading files stored on hard drive if movie has 99 titles.

Förändringar v3.3.7.0 -> v3.3.8.0

  • Updated: CPRx updated to deal with bad DVD structure left by some third party decrypters that modify the original DVD.

Förändringar v3.3.3.0 -> v3.3.4.1

  • New: CPRx updated for the Australian and Mexican version of "Wall E". It also has support for movies like "The Searchers", the UK version of "Step Brothers" and the German movie "Wedding Daze" (R2).

Förändringar v3.3.2.0 -> v3.3.3.0

  • New: CPRx updated for movies like "The Express" (R1).

Förändringar v3.3.1.0 -> v3.3.2.0

  • New: CPRx updated for Dutch version of "WALL E" and for the Region 2 version of "The Dark Night", which did not copy correctly when the "movie only menus" option was enabled.

Förändringar v3.2.5.0 -> v3.2.6.0

  • New: CPRx updated for U.K. and Canadian version of "Wall E".


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