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Versionshistoria AkelPad


Förändringar v4.9.2 -> v4.9.3

  • Added: metacharacter \K - exclude previous symbols from result.
  • Added: now commands 4199, 4200 move caret also on undo positions.
  • Fixed: AKD_DLLUNLOAD processing of unloading signal for outdated instance.
  • Fixed: print multiple copies on Win7.
  • Fixed: WordBreak parameter.
  • Fixed: active column painting.
  • Fixed: system menu opening in modeless dialogs.
  • Fixed: middle mouse button click cause new tab creation when menu is opened.

Förändringar v4.8.9 -> v4.9.0

  • Changed: regular expression quantifiers now have classic greediness. To make it possessive (old behaviour) use "+" after quantifier, like, "\d*+".
  • Added: possibility in file open/save dialog to specify NTFS file stream on Win7.
  • Added: flags for manual parameter "MouseOptions":
  • 256 - invert mouse horizontal wheel;
  • 512 - invert mouse vertical wheel.
  • Fixed: pressing space as a part of the symbol input on special keyboard layouts.
  • Fixed: saving NTFS file stream in protected file (UAC).
  • Fixed: command 4198 could not update active column position.

Förändringar v4.8.8 -> v4.8.9

  • Added: command 4194 - paste text taking into account selection case.
  • Added: optional parameter for change case commands 4175-4180: 1 - change case for current word if no selection.
  • Added: (?options) possibility to set options for groups individually.
  • Added: (?>pattern) atomic grouping.
  • Added: possibility to use lookbehind search in conditional pattern, for example, "(?(?<=a)b|c)".
  • Added: now "AkelAdmin.exe" provides the ability to modify a file on disk root (UAC).
  • Added: to directly open the *.lnk or *.url from file open dialog, need to click on "Open" button while holding Ctrl.
  • Fixed: mixing caret and active column colors with background.
  • Fixed: metacharacters \w and \W usage in character set [].
  • Fixed: possibility in file open/save dialog to specify NTFS file stream or path containing backslashes.
  • Fixed: "Search finished" not displayed when cycle searching from the document beginning.
  • Fixed: flag 4 of manual parameter "ShowModify" - modification displaying disappeared when switching between tabs (PMDI).

Förändringar v4.8.7 -> v4.8.8

  • Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
  • Changed: in replace dialog, the last used button, becomes locally default button.
  • Changed: when opening multiple files, message about create new or open binary file uses "Yes/No/Cancel" buttons instead of "OK/Cancel". Allows answering "No" to continue opening the remaining files.
  • Changed: after answer "No" to the question of reopening the modified file, document marked as changed.
  • Changed: metacharacter \w - matches any word character (any character excluding delimiter).
  • Changed: metacharacter \W - matches any non-word character (any delimiter).
  • Added: print multiple copies with "Collate" option.
  • Added: "Replace all" without message.
  • Added: command 4195 and menu item - delete all whitespaces in selection.
  • Added: possibility in file open/save dialog to specify NTFS file stream or path containing backslashes.
  • Added: manual parameter for "SingleOpenProgram" with a value of 2 - option "Don't open a program twice" works only for the same exe file. Requires run as administrator (UAC).
  • Added: manual parameter "EditStyle" - defines some edit window creation flags.
  • Fixed: option "Don't open a program twice" on Win7.
  • Fixed: Left key didn't move caret on previous line with option "Caret after end of line".
  • Fixed: saving parameters "CmdLineBegin" and "CmdLineEnd".
  • Fixed: dialogs that contain AkelEdit control didn't open on Win9x.

Förändringar v4.8.4 -> v4.8.5

  • Changed: Unicode symbols conversion to lowercase/uppercase brought to standard.
  • Added: manual parameter for "MouseOptions" with a value of 128 - no scrolling after middle mouse click.
  • Fixed: interrupt split window resizing with Escape button.
  • Fixed: options conflict "Cycle search" and "All files".

Förändringar v4.8.3 -> v4.8.4

  • Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
  • Changed: increased speed of code folding processing with word wrap on.
  • Fixed: synchronization of simultaneous access to external plugins calls.
  • Fixed: inability to change split windows size with using flag 1024 of manual parameter "PaintOptions".
  • Fixed: FRF_ESCAPESEQ flag didn't work.

Förändringar v4.8.2 -> v4.8.3

  • Added: possibility to specify new file codepage.
  • Added: manual parameter "UrlCommand" - defines command for hyperlink click.
  • Fixed: text dragging in some programs didn't work.
  • Fixed: new line type recovery from an undo buffer.
  • Fixed: grouping elements in regular expressions pattern.
  • Fixed: picking up a text when find/replace dialog was open, didn't restore the "Beginning" item.

Förändringar v4.8.1 -> v4.8.2

  • Added: (?<=pattern) positive lookbehind search.
  • Added: (?Added: \A and \a metacharacters - matches the position at the beginning of the document/search range.
  • Added: \Z and \a metacharacters - matches the position at the end of the document/search range.
  • Added: \x{n} metacharacter for surrogate pairs search/replace.
  • Added: variable %cl of manual parameter "StatusUserFormat" now support surrogate pairs.
  • Added: manual parameter for "MouseOptions" with a value of 64 - left margin line selection with mouse selects all wrapped line.
  • Fixed: file saving in MBCS codepage.
  • Fixed: single replace with using regular expressions.
  • Fixed: \D, \W metacharacters didn't match new line.

Förändringar v4.7.8 -> v4.7.9

  • Added: variables for "StatusUserFormat":
  • "%cap[text]" - text to appear when CapsLock key in turned on;
  • "%num[text]" - text to appear when NumLock key in turned on;
  • "%Ch" - current character hex code in file codepage (lowercase);
  • "%CH" - current character hex code in file codepage (uppercase).
  • Added: variables %cH, %ch of manual parameter "StatusUserFormat" now support surrogate pairs.
  • Fixed: error when splitting window.
  • Fixed: background image was drawn not from beginning, when LineBoard or Coder plugins used.
  • Fixed: incorrect current column displaying in status bar, if line contain surrogate pairs.

Förändringar v4.7.6 -> v4.7.7

  • Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
  • Changed: command 4196 - inserts new line without keeping left spaces, if option "Keep space" is on.
  • Added: checking hotkey existence in the Hotkeys plugin.
  • Added: command 4199 - move caret on the contrary side of selection (Alt+\).
  • Fixed: in overtype mode space and tabulation inserted without replacement.
  • Fixed: size of the first non-maximized MDI frame when status bar is on.
  • Fixed: size of the first maximized MDI frame when status bar and tab panel are off.
  • Fixed: drawing tab bar, located at the bottom, when the status bar is turned on (PMDI).
  • Fixed: current directory in the file open/save dialog.
  • Fixed: search backward with regular expressions.
  • Fixed: search forward with regular expressions and whole word option.
  • Fixed: restore maximized state on startup after closing main window in minimized state.
  • Fixed: notepad replacement mode in installer (WinVista/7)

Förändringar v4.7.5 -> v4.7.6

  • Added: multiline search/replace with regular expressions.
  • Fixed: regular expressions support.
  • Fixed: cycle search with regular expressions didn't work.
  • Fixed: saving settings without open frames (MDI).
  • Fixed: applying delimiters settings.

Förändringar v4.7.4 -> v4.7.5

  • Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
  • Changed: "Replace all" with regular expressions works line by line.
  • Changed: replace with regular expressions uses \n and \nn instead of $n and $nn for backreferences.
  • Changed: processing capture after double mouse click.
  • Changed: automatic check "In selection" option works when multiple lines selected.
  • Added: option for prompting in text cycle search.
  • Added: possibility during replace with regular expressions to use escape characters: \r, \n, \t, \u0000, \x00 etc.
  • Added: manual parameter "AkelUpdaterOptions" - defines command line options for the AkelUpdater.exe.
  • Fixed: regular expressions support.
  • Fixed: active line on alternating line painting.

Förändringar v4.7.3 -> v4.7.4

  • Changed: Unicode files without BOM now displayed as "without BOM" instead of "*BOM".
  • Added: support for regular expressions in find/replace dialog.
  • Added: possibility to add status bar delimiter with "StatusUserFormat".
  • Added: variables for "StatusUserFormat":
  • "%lb" - number of the first selected line;
  • "%le" - number of the last selected line;
  • "%ls" - count of lines in selection.
  • Added: AkelUpdater in installer.
  • Added: menu item to open AkelUpdater.
  • Fixed: split window in SDI mode.

Förändringar v4.7.2 -> v4.7.3

  • Changed: due to LogView plugin functionality expansion, its name changed to Log.
  • Fixed: manual parameters "CmdLineBegin" and "CmdLineEnd" didn't work.
  • Fixed: "AkelAdmin.exe" - set security options for file with different owner.

Förändringar v4.7.1 -> v4.7.2

  • Added: now "AkelAdmin.exe" provides the ability to create file by opening in protected folder (UAC).
  • Added: manual parameter "AkelAdminResident" - defines residency of the AkelAdmin.exe.
  • Fixed: saving tabulation settings.
  • Fixed: saving alternating lines settings.

Förändringar v4.7.0 -> v4.7.1

  • Changed: line deletion command continues to work when end-of-file reached.
  • Added: now "AkelAdmin.exe" provides the ability to save to a protected folder (UAC).
  • Fixed: program execution from third-party applications.
  • Fixed: slow active column painting on Win7 with Aero.
  • Fixed: active line border didn't displayed on alternating lines without border.
  • Fixed: option "Mouse dragging" was set to the opposite meaning.
  • Fixed: focus loss in open file dialog.
  • Fixed: NTFS file stream didn't saved.
  • Fixed: command line parameters /reassoc and /deassoc processed only one group of three possible Open/Edit/Print.

Förändringar v4.6.5 -> v4.7.0

  • Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
  • Changed: active column flashing minimized.
  • Changed: switch between commands 4212, 4213, 4214 without window split off.
  • Changed: command line parameter /quit terminates only own process.
  • Added: ability to display alternating lines in different colors.
  • Added: local storage of open links in a document and marking them with selected color.
  • Added: border draw of active line.
  • Added: ability to turn off active line painting without color change.
  • Added: now "AkelAdmin.exe" works until AkelPad process ends (UAC).
  • Added: now "AkelAdmin.exe" provides the ability to open protected file (UAC).
  • Added: settings for top and bottom edit window margins.
  • Added: command line method /Show() to show main window in specified style.
  • Fixed: text replacement in columnar selection.
  • Fixed: turn on word wrap when collapsed folds exist.
  • Fixed: highlight link under cursor.
  • Fixed: file could be saved in virtual store (UAC).
  • Fixed: opening a system file under a limited user using the x86 version of program (Windows x64).
  • Fixed: error in the program when exiting, if the last closed document has split windows, which was switched off earlier in this document, and the caret is not in the first window (PMDI).
  • Fixed: scrolling after window resplit (PMDI).
  • Fixed: on windows split enabled error may appear at program exit, if flag 256 of manual parameter "PaintOptions" is used.
  • Fixed: caret updating with using flag 256 of manual parameter "PaintOptions".

Förändringar v4.6.4 -> v4.6.5

  • Added: support for "AkelAdmin.exe" tool, which provides the ability to save changes to a protected file (UAC).
  • Added: ability to set hyperlink text color under cursor.
  • Fixed: flag 256 of "WordBreak" manual parameter.

Förändringar v4.6.3 -> v4.6.4

  • Added: support of mouse with horizontal scrolling (WinVista/7).
  • Added: manual parameter for "MouseOptions" with a value of 16 triple click and left margin click selects only line contents without new line.
  • Fixed: letters case are not changed in the recent files list.

Förändringar v4.6.2 -> v4.6.3

  • Changed: for unsaved document command 4121 opens "Recode..." dialog.
  • Fixed: ignore of symbol deletion if caret was located at the end of wrapped line.
  • Fixed: printing font setting ignored.
  • Fixed: scroll position after restoring from minimized state.
  • Fixed: frame settings aren't inherited, in case of closing the last frame and then creating a new one (MDI).

Förändringar v4.6.1 -> v4.6.2

  • Changed: file reopening if user saved a file in different new line format.
  • Changed: movement to the next line with right arrow key when wrap mode is on.

Förändringar v4.5.4 -> v4.5.5

  • Added: flag 1024 in the manual parameter "PaintOptions" - draw no edit window border.
  • Added: switching between any modeless dialogs of the program with F6 hotkey.
  • Fixed: windows zooming when using the scale other than 96 dpi.
  • Fixed: using flag 256 in the manual parameter "PaintOptions" and undo after "Replace all" with word wrap on.

Förändringar v4.5.3 -> v4.5.4

  • Added: option for moving caret at right mouse click.
  • Added: option for silently closing unsaved empty tab (MDI/PMDI).
  • Added: at program close, in saving document message added option "None for All".
  • Added: ability to move to a problem location, in message about the loss of characters in the specified encoding.
  • Added: Eastern European recognition (1250, OEM, UTF-8).
  • Added: Western European recognition (1252, OEM, UTF-8).
  • Added: command 4321 - close all unmodified tabs (MDI/PMDI).
  • Added: "\|" in /Insert() command line method - sets the caret position after text insertion.
  • Added: locally remembers last call plugin.
  • Fixed: UTF-8 recoding.
  • Fixed: copy/paste text from the clipboard between AkelEdit windows with different bits (Windows x64).
  • Fixed: in italic font styles tabulation could overlap the preceding symbol.

Förändringar v4.5.2 -> v4.5.3

  • Added: command line parameters /C, /B, /L for return to the ask mode.
  • Fixed: out of the text area didn't redraw under some conditions.
  • Fixed: saving settings in SDI mode.
  • Fixed: AkelPad.ini overwritten when there were no changes in settings.

Förändringar v4.5.1 -> v4.5.2

  • Added: 64-bit program version.
  • Fixed: file didn't open with modal dialog actived.
  • Fixed: AkelPad.ini overwritten when there were no changes in settings.

Förändringar v4.5.0 -> v4.5.1

  • Changed: speed of work with code folding is increased.
  • Changed: improved work with Input Method Editors (IME).
  • Changed: default font is now "Courier New" with size 10.
  • Changed: tabs drawing with using visual styles on windows and buttons in Windows XP (MDI/PMDI).
  • Changed: now by default uses system color for hyperlinks.
  • Changed: now uses system cursor for hyperlinks, if possible.
  • Fixed: replacement with multi-line text.
  • Fixed: no message if error appears during opening/saving files.
  • Fixed: URL in comment fold didn't highlighted.
  • Fixed: selection after split window off (MDI).
  • Fixed: double/triple mouse click in split windows.
  • Fixed: scrolling to founded text.
  • Fixed: variable "%dm" for "StatusUserFormat".
  • Fixed: left button click in Windows 95.

Förändringar v4.4.9 -> v4.5.0

  • Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
  • Changed: improved many files opening (MDI/PMDI).
  • - Successfully tested working with 100 thousands files in PMDI mode.
  • - Maximum number of documents in MDI mode is 700. When one try to exceed this number, message appeared that indicates PMDI mode requirement.
  • Changed: restructured, optimized mechanism of work with code folding.
  • Changed: multi-line columnar paste.
  • Changed: "Save All" menu item is deactivated if no files are changed.
  • Changed: if automatically check "In selection" is enabled and selection is empty, previous direction is restored.
  • Changed: return alignment to left in the status bar.
  • Added: ability to set color and font style for the text inside fold. This means that multi-line comments now highlighted (Coder::CodeFold must be enabled).
  • Added: Czech language module (Frantisek Bartos).
  • Added: Hungarian language module (ZityiSoft).
  • Added: variables for "StatusUserFormat":
  • "%dc" - count of all documents (MDI/PMDI);
  • "%dm" - count of modified documents (MDI/PMDI);
  • "%ds" - count of unmodified documents (MDI/PMDI);
  • "%di" - active document index (MDI/PMDI);
  • "%cl" - current character letter.
  • Fixed: reopening a file in split windows.
  • Fixed: reopening group of files with option "Don't open a file twice".
  • Fixed: after opening main menu with mnemonic key next input character was ignored.
  • Fixed: when replacing with multi-line text, inserted new lines are not set to the current document value.
  • Fixed: activating program with mouse and "Watch file change".
  • Fixed: tabulation printed in color with color printing off.
  • Fixed: tabulation and wrap by symbols.
  • Fixed: position recovery of the first visible line if collapsed folds presented.

Förändringar v4.4.5 -> v4.4.6

  • Changed: integrated parameter "ReplaceAllAndClose" in "SearchOptions".
  • Added: search option for automatically check "In selection" if selection not empty.
  • Added: on logout the user prompted to save unsaved documents.
  • Added: /SaveFile() command line method now can accept -1 as the encoding and BOM, which means using the current values of the document.
  • Fixed: possible program crash when resizing edit window that use word wrap.
  • Fixed: command line processing and "Watch file change".
  • Fixed: encoding redetect of the empty document led to the encoding nullification.
  • Fixed: method /SaveFile() ignore first parameter.
  • Fixed: parameter "ShowModify" in PMDI mode.
  • Fixed: tabulation in print.
  • Fixed: selection after split window off.
  • Fixed: window flashing during first split window (PMDI).
  • Fixed: "Word delimiters" uncheck did not set the default delimiters.
  • Fixed: command 4196 ignore read-only mode.

Förändringar v4.4.3 -> v4.4.4

  • Changed: clean program installation recommended.
  • Plugins merged:
  • HighLight + CodeFold + AutoComplete -> Coder
  • CaptureClipboard + PasteSerial + SelAutoCopy -> Clipboard
  • AutoSave + NoBOM -> SaveFile
  • Lines + Crypt + LinkExtract -> Format
  • NoSelEOL + SmartHome -> SmartSel
  • Plugins renamed:
  • AutoScroll -> Scroll
  • Plugins integrated in program:
  • SaveAllAs, LogDate, KeybLayout
  • Changed: greatly reduced the number of lines in program code by optimizing Win95/98/Me support.
  • Changed: now libc.lib not used, which allow to compile the program on the latest MS VS without errors.
  • Changed: program settings saved only if any changes were made. Now it is possible to edit AkelPad.ini from the program.
  • Changed: at program exit, settings saved of the active tab, not of the last closed (MDI).
  • Changed: sorted non-menu commands.
  • Changed: read-only mode is not inherited and not saved now. Item from the menu "Options" moved to "View" menu. Read-only mode command is now 4216.
  • Changed: more soft work with text Drag'n'Drop.
  • Changed: before file opening controls are updated if the main window was minimized (MDI).
  • Added: pseudo multi-window (PMDI), which allows you to open an unlimited number of files. In contrast to the MDI mode, opening a new tab does not lead creation of new graphical objects, thus avoid GDI buffer overflow. For SDI/MDI/PMDI modes now used commands 4261/4262/4263 respectively.
  • Added: possibility to use /OpenFile(), /SaveFile(), /Command(), /Call(), /Exec(), /Font(), /Recode(), /Insert() methods in command line. And also added parameters /L+ and /L- for silent answer on symbols loss warning.
  • Added: UTF32-LE and UTF32-BE codepage support.
  • Added: dialog "Save all as" that allows you to save all open documents in a particular encoding and new line format (MDI).
  • Added: option for remember keyboard layout of each tab (MDI).
  • Added: option for insert current date and time to the end of opened file, if it has ".LOG" at the beginning.
  • Added: manual parameter "DateInsertFormat" - defines insert date and time format.
  • Added: manual parameter "DateLogFormat" - defines date and time format for files containing ".LOG" at the beginning. Works only if enabled "Insert date if file has .LOG at the beginning" in settings (DateLog=1).
  • Added: manual parameter "PaintOptions" - defines, some text draw settings. Sets by the sum of members:
  • - 1 Paint text by group of characters (default is character by character). With this flag some text recognition programs could start to work, printer could print faster, but highlighted symbols and combined unicode symbols can be drawn differently and editing of whose characters may become uncomfortable.
  • - 2 Disable drawing new line selection as space character.
  • - 4 Draw new line selection to the right edge.
  • - 8 Hides the selection when the control loses the input focus.
  • - 256 Hides scroll bars instead of disabling them.
  • - 512 Draw thin edit window border.
  • - By default: 0.
  • Added: possibility in "Go to line..." dialog to go to a specified column in line.
  • Added: possibility to set default file save extention.
  • Added: "Close", "Close all", "Close all but active" in "Window" menu.
  • Added: option to display only file names in the "Select window" dialog (MDI).
  • Added: now storing/restoring last visited directory managed by the program.
  • Added: fast saving or reopening of the new, not saved document in different encoding now leads to a current encoding change.
  • Added: parameter %d in the page settings for print directory of a file.
  • Added: "Columnar paste" in "Edit" menu.
  • Added: Ctrl+5 - change case in loop.
  • Added: locally remembers the last open tab in the preferences dialog.
  • Fixed: saving non-active document.
  • Fixed: selection didn't updated during switching panes (split window).
  • Fixed: folding in split window.
  • Fixed: case insensitive search.

Förändringar v4.3.5 -> v4.3.6

  • Changed: syntax highlighting improved.
  • Added: check for language modules and program compatibility. Now the language module version must be equal to version of the program.
  • Added: "RichEditClass" parameter - defines edit control class name:
  • - 0 "AkelEdit" (by default)
  • - 1 "RichEdit20"
  • Added: option to turn off the selection by pressing on left mouse button in left margin.
  • Fixed: work with Input Method Editors (IME).

Förändringar v4.3.4 -> v4.3.5

  • Changed: set a single-thread model for allocating chunks of memory, as a consequence speed of text replace, delete, insert is increased.
  • Fixed: possible program error on selection change (appeared in 4.3.3).

Förändringar v4.3.2 -> v4.3.3

  • Changed: redesigned program icon. Added 16x16, 48x48 dimensions.
  • Changed: speed of large text block selection is increased.
  • Changed: navigation through the Ctrl+Down/Ctrl+Up is now identical to RichEdit.
  • Added: now possible to assign hotkeys in plugins dialog: (Ctrl|Alt|Shift)+Delete, (Ctrl|Alt|Shift)+Backspace, Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

Förändringar v4.2.3 -> v4.2.4

  • Changed: syntax highlighting improved.
  • Added: Finnish language module (Jani Kinnunen).
  • Fixed: "Replace all" caused new line format unification in binary files.

Förändringar v4.1.9 -> v4.2.0

  • Changed: file reopening if user saved a file in different encoding.
  • Changed: double and triple mouse click selection.
  • Added: check for plugins and program compatibility. Update plugins.
  • Added: possibility to set vertical marker.
  • Added: "WordBreak" parameter is complemented.
  • Fixed: serious error in 4.1.9 in word wrap mode. Assignment incorrect pointer led to loss part of a file at saving.
  • Fixed: after new line format change a file was saved with a new line symbol insertion in wrap places.
  • Fixed: ampersand in tab button name (MDI) and in recent files menu.

Förändringar v4.1.8 -> v4.1.9

  • Changed: keeping left spaces in word wrap mode.
  • Added: from uninstaller now possible to remove installer traces (shortcuts, key in registry, Uninstall.exe file) without program files removal.
  • Fixed: tabulation wrapping.
  • Fixed: resizing of split window and also dockable windows.
  • Fixed: displaying asterisk * in titles isn't updated after document reopening (MDI).

Förändringar v4.1.7 -> v4.1.8

  • Changed: more accurate split window resizing.
  • Added: When word wrap is on, now wrapped lines numbers displayed as non-wrapped. "StatusPosType" parameter is complemented.

Förändringar v4.1.5 -> v4.1.6

  • Added: opportunity to split edit window to work with different areas of one file.
  • Added: commands 4211, 4212, 4213, 4427, 4428 to work with panes of split window.
  • Added: opportunity to wrap a line on achievement of the certain limit in symbols.
  • Fixed: font width changing in 4.1.5.

Förändringar v4.1.4 -> v4.1.5

  • Changed: work with memory is considerably improved when many files opened (MDI).
  • Added: parameter "ShowModify" - defines, where it will be possible to see, that the document is changed. Sets
  • by the sum of members:
  • 1 Display "Modified" in status bar.
  • 2 Display asterisk * in main window title (SDI).
  • 4 Display asterisk * in frame window title (MDI).
  • 8 Display asterisk * in tab button name (MDI).
  • By default: 1, show all: 1+2+4+8=15.
  • Added: description in AkelHelp-Eng.htm of parameters, that sets by user manually, and also description of the internal commands used in ContextMenu, ToolBar, Hotkeys and Scripts plugins.
  • Fixed: work with Korean Input Method Editors (IME).
  • Fixed: active column painting (Win98/Me).

Förändringar v4.1.3 -> v4.1.4

  • Added: active column color modification.
  • Added: option for going to specified offset in
  • "Go to line..." dialog.
  • Added: parameter "StatusPosType":
  • 0 status bar show statistics in "Line:Symbol".
  • 1 status bar show statistics in "Line:Column".
  • Added: Japanese recognition (UTF-8).
  • Added: Korean recognition (UTF-8).
  • Added: Turkish recognition (OEM, UTF-8).
  • Fixed: replace text with empty string.
  • Fixed: work with Korean Input Method Editors (IME).

Förändringar v4.1.0 -> v4.1.1

  • Added: scrolling with middle mouse button.
  • Added: hMainAccel parameter in plugin structure.
  • Fixed: binary file could open as UTF-16.

Förändringar v4.0.8 -> v4.0.9

  • Changed: right mouse click on non-active AkelEdit window activate it (MDI).
  • Added: Dutch language module (Henk G. Zikken).
  • Fixed: work with Input Method Editors (IME).
  • Fixed: divide by zero problem in file opening and word wrapping progress indicator.

Förändringar v4.0.4 -> v4.0.5

  • Changed: improved PageUp/PageDown text navigation.
  • Added: option for caret moving out of the line edge.
  • Fixed: extended hotkey didn't working.
  • Fixed: insert tabulation as spaces.

Förändringar v4.0.2 -> v4.0.3

  • Changed: improved file opening and word wrapping progress indicator.
  • Added: URL prefix "www." in settings by default.
  • Fixed: text Drag'n'Drop.
  • Fixed: URL prefixes and delimiters saving in registry.
  • Fixed: selection type modification with mouse.

Förändringar v4.0.1 -> v4.0.2

  • Changed: at window resize in a word wrap mode, AkelEdit adjusts position of the text according to the first visible line.
  • Changed: improved status bar painting on main window resize.
  • Changed: increased accuracy of the wrapping progress indicator.
  • Changed: default word breaking now has RichEdit format.
  • Added: support for "Mac (0Dh)" new line format.
  • Added: URL prefixes and delimiters setup.
  • Added: text Drag'n'Drop between tab buttons from external applications (MDI).
  • Fixed: changing the formatting rectangle (AEM_SETRECT) in word wrap mode.
  • Fixed: with variable font, mouse didn't select last symbol of a wrapped line.
  • Fixed: updating edit window at loading minimally necessary number of lines.
  • Fixed: word delimiters saving in INI file.


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