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Versionshistoria Aml Maple (Portable)


Förändringar v3.72 build 585 -> v4.00 build 602

  • added: new feature "Text translation the selected text into next keyboard layout";
  • added: logging into file (disabled as default);
  • added: setting "Save selection after translation" (disabled as default);
  • added: setting "Write Log File", enabled as default for beta-versions of Aml Maple;
  • added: show tooltip on system tray, when Settings close on OK;
  • added: Mouse pointer implemented on new architecture v4.0 (actor+reactors);
  • added: new feature "Auto Swith Keyboard Layout";
  • updated Russian language-file;
  • fixed: invalid handle setting "The method change of mouse pointer";
  • fixed: does not localize pages of Settings dialog;
  • some bug fixes;

Förändringar v3.71 build 584 -> v3.72 build 585

  • added: setting of method on indicaton on mouse pointer;
  • fixed: report, when sucess install setting "Start With Windows";
  • updated Russian language-file;

Förändringar v3.70 build 582 -> v3.71 build 584

  • added: report if cannot install "Start With Windows" from settings and menu;
  • fixed: show icon on system tray, when checked setting "No Icon On Tray";
  • updated Greece UI;

Förändringar v3.69 build 581 -> v3.70 build 582

  • added: support of "Hide Mouse Cursor On Typing";

Förändringar v3.68 build 580 -> v3.69 build 581

  • some bug fixes;
  • updated language-files;

Förändringar v3.67 build 579 -> v3.68 build 580

  • added: "Detect Languages" show info about ANSI and OEM code pages;
  • added: menu command "Detect Languages";
  • added: command "Change Languages";
  • added: French language file;
  • added: Madjar language file;
  • updated Russian language-file;

Förändringar v3.66 build 577 -> v3.67 build 579

  • added: registation of user license from command line (silent mode);

Förändringar v3.65 build 575 -> v3.66 build 576

  • added: info "How to convert text to other keyboard layout";
  • updated: Russian help file;

Förändringar v3.64 build 573 -> v3.65 build 575

  • added: Uninstall Center;
  • new logging interface;
  • updated english help file;
  • some bug-fixes and changes;

Förändringar v3.64 build 573 -> v3.65 build 574

  • added: Uninstall Center;
  • new logging interface;
  • updated english help file;
  • some bug-fixes and changes;

Förändringar v3.63 build 571 -> v3.64 build 573

  • fixed: slow work when show menu on system tray;
  • updated Russian language-file;

Förändringar v3.62 build 570 -> v3.63 build 571

  • added: support of Singala language;

Förändringar v3.61 Build 569 -> v3.62 build 570

  • changed: "Check for updates" - download links is unavailable if now has new version;
  • changed: tray menu show setting "Delay on auto-start";

Förändringar v3.60 build 568 -> v3.61 Build 569

  • added: Sinhala language of user interface
  • some bug fixes

Förändringar v3.53 build 566 -> v3.60 build 568

  • added: new setting "Delay auto-start Aml Maple per seconds" (enabled as default, 30 secs);
  • added: new setting "Show icon in ALT+Tab list" (enabled as default);
  • changed: menu toolips;
  • updated Russian language-file;

Förändringar v3.52 build 564 -> v3.53 build 566

  • improve: working of mouse pointer service;
  • changed: important options has bold font on dialog Settings;

Förändringar v3.51 build 563 -> v3.52 build 564

  • added: Spanish language of user interface;
  • added: re-translation menu "on-fly" after choosing language from menu;

Förändringar v3.50 build 560 -> v3.51 build 563

  • added: new feature "Get License From ZIP-file";
  • updated Russian language file;


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