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Versionshistoria ApexDC++ (32-bit)


Förändringar v1.5.14 -> v1.6.0

  • Fix: Ignore expired certificates for KEYP to prevent connection issues
  • Change: Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1i
  • Change: Ability to block fraudulent hub domains ( has been added)
  • Change: Update check improvements (close button no longer greyed out)
  • Change: Change behaviour towards default encryption settings to avoid hub hijacking

Förändringar v1.5.13 -> v1.5.14

  • Security vulnerability: Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1h
  • Change: Added further diagnostics for user certificate errors in system logs
  • Change: TLS 1.1 and 1.2 protocols now permitted (DC++)

Förändringar v1.5.12 -> v1.5.13

  • Fix: Potential crash when download queue contains files without an extension
  • Fix: [NMDC] Prevent crashes when receiving malicious search requests (DC++)
  • Fix: ApexDC becoming unresponsive in some edge cases when update check fails

Förändringar v1.5.11 -> v1.5.12

  • Fix: Download Queue context menu not working
  • Fix: Moving plugins up or down would crash ApexDC (Issue #396)
  • Fix: Loading certain plugins would crash ApexDC (Issue #412)
  • Change: Adjust some compiler options to avoid potential problems

Förändringar v1.5.9 -> v1.5.10

  • Merge: File sharing, hashing and further search changes synced from DC++ (may require full or partial share rehash on some configurations due to changes in storage format)
  • Feature: Progress for individual startup actions displayed on splash screen (DC++)
  • Fix: Incompatibilities with newer clients due to changes in filelist handling
  • Fix: Startup issues introduced in 1.5.9 for some configurations
  • Fix: Hammering the update server on connection failure
  • Fix: Invalid magnet link filenames could cause persistent chat formatting issues
  • Fix: Bring back persistent search history
  • Change: Backend changes related to HTTP downloads
  • Change: Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1f
  • Change: Default TLS setup changes, OpenSSL default ciphers changed
  • Change: Removed obsolete fast hash option (DC++)
  • Change: Reject malformed filelists (DC++)

Förändringar v1.5.8 Beta -> v1.5.8

  • Feature: Upload progress bars display accurate percentage completion between ApexDC++ users (experimental)
  • Fix: KEYP address was cut when clicking on hub address in chat
  • Fix: Tray password protection issues (issue #335)
  • Change: Update check backend improvements
  • Change: Mandatory updates migrated to use Update check window

Förändringar v1.5.7 -> v1.5.8 Beta

  • Feature: Upload progress bars display accurate percentage completion between ApexDC++ users (experimental)
  • Fix: KEYP address was cut when clicking on hub address in chat
  • Fix: Tray password protection issues (issue #335)
  • Change: Update check backend improvements
  • Change: Mandatory updates migrated to use Update check window

Förändringar v1.5.6 -> v1.5.7

  • Fix: Disallow some malevolent messages
  • Fix: Send the LC (locale) parameter in INF
  • Fix: Corrected grammar in Settings > Advanced: "Always use passive mode for search"
  • Change: Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (XP builds distributed separately)
  • Change: Installer now supports XP builds
  • Change: Updated Zlib 1.2.8 and MiniUPnP 1.8
  • Change: Merged Plugin API with DC++

Förändringar v1.5.5 -> v1.5.6

  • Merge: DC++ for ADC 1.0.2
  • Fix: Magnet URI handler security vulnerability (DC++)
  • Fix: Prevent uploading to the same user when you've enabled hide share and reconnected to the hub (thanks iceman)
  • Fix: Wait for auto update of IP on startup before auto connecting to any hubs
  • Change: Decreased frequency of saving dht.xml file to 60 minutes to reduce disk writes
  • Change: Added to the available hublists
  • Change: Use DC++ speed limit code and remove unneeded hardcoded limits
  • Change: Moved Plugins menu to File > Plugins
  • Change: Updated Plugin API (DC++)
  • Change: Updated to OpenCandy SDK 1.7.0
  • Change: Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1e

Förändringar v1.5.4 -> v1.5.5

  • Fix: Update check has been improved to help combat paranoid Anti-Virus programs
  • Fix: More problematic libraries have been added for detection
  • Fix: MiniUPnP library updated
  • Fix: zlib and minizip libraries updated
  • Fix: Plugins updated

Förändringar v1.5.3 -> v1.5.4

  • Fix: ADLSearch loading including case sensitivity behaviour
  • Fix: KEYP checking for some configurations (added notes about our changes vs spec)
  • Fix: Potential crash that plugins could trigger
  • Fix: Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1c
  • Setup: Updated OpenCandy SDK
  • Setup: Fixed duplicate directory issue when choosing existing installation

Förändringar v1.5.2 -> v1.5.3

  • Fix: Updated OpenSSL to remove a recently disclosed vulnerability
  • Fix: Typo in system log

Förändringar v1.5.0 -> v1.5.1

  • Fix: Possible fix for arranging toolbar for remote desktop users
  • Change: Files that no longer exist in downloads folder will be pruned from queue on startup
  • Change: Added encrypted ADC Fun hub to favourites (only if TGO hub is detected)
  • Change: Installer has option to launch ApexDC++ on startup

Förändringar v1.4.2 -> v1.4.3

  • Fix: Browse Filelist was broken, causing downloading issues from any 1.4.2 user (Issue #91)
  • Fix: Can no longer Browse Filelist when a user is hiding their share (thanks iceman50)
  • Change: Added release notes link at end of setup

Förändringar v1.4.1 -> v1.4.2

  • Fix: Reverted an invalid fix regarding magnet links
  • Fix: Returned country flags by slawekebi from 1.3.x (thanks Mek)
  • Feature: When adding magnet link to queue the filename can be specified
  • Change: Random chunk selection introduced in 1.3.6 is now a Settings option (go to /Downloads/Queue to enable)
  • Change: Experimental version of the LuaPlugin using LuaJIT (reduces memory usage)
  • Change: Installer improvements (latest GeoIP database is downloaded from Internet)

Förändringar v1.4.0 -> v1.4.1

  • Fix: Hangs under certain conditions when geoip was in use (Issue #82)
  • Fix: NMDC hub encoding mapping to system default correctly
  • Fix: System uptime in /stats command corrected
  • Fix: Possible incorrect right clicks in PM windows
  • Change: Installer now creates Settings directory if dcppboot.xml is not used

Förändringar v1.3.9 -> v1.4.0

  • Merge: StrongDC++ 2.42
  • DC++ 0.777 core synchronization
  • Added automatic incoming connection type detection
  • Hopefully fixed throttling with very large speeds
  • DHT fixes
  • Updated internal libraries (OpenSSL, BZip2, ZLIB, boost) - fixes some security issues
  • Added support to set favorite hub encoding
  • DC++ emulation is off by default (for non-favorite hubs)
  • Webserver session timeout changed to 10 minutes
  • Feature: Web server rewritten (backported from 2.0)
  • Utilises HTTPS
  • Load images and css locally instead of
  • Better HTTP performance
  • Supports GZIP compression
  • Change: Removed OpenCandy engine and replaced it with ApexDC Toolbar
  • Change: Installer utilises Inno Setup to auto-detect user's language and 32bit/64bit system
  • Fix: HTTP protocol support improved to fix potential never ending HTTP download

Förändringar v1.3.8 -> v1.3.9

  • Fix: Free slots info now sent to hub every 60 seconds (hub's bandwidth usage will decrease - DC++ BZR)
  • Fix: Correctly detects magnet links with bitprints

Förändringar v1.3.6 -> v1.3.8

  • Warning: This is a security update - we recommend all users upgrade.
  • Fix is now blacklisted as potential vulnerability (security issue)
  • Fix: Removed AML in client detection settings to remove potential vulnerability (security issue)
  • Fix: Crash reports should now display properly on Vista and Win7
  • Change: Upload progress will show requested segment size rather than total filesize
  • Change: Encryption options enabled by default
  • Change: Private Messages will display in background for new users
  • Change: Plugins updated

Förändringar v1.2.1 -> v1.2.2

  • This update primilary focuses on fixing issues reported by our community, but also has a few features and improvements.


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