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Versionshistoria BulletProof FTP Client


Förändringar v2010.74.0.74 -> v2010.75.0.75

  • Today, we are proud to release a new version of our BulletProof FTP Client for Windows v2010.75.0.75. For all customers with a current license, please download/install the demo/trial version from our website and it will automatically update itself to the full-version on your computer.
  • This update is a significant reworking of the code and resolves most, if not all, of the Access-Violations or “Crash Reports” you might have encountered in the previous version.

Förändringar v2010.73.0.70 -> v2010.74.0.74

  • Update: Made Bookmarks-Manager a sizeable dialog-box
  • Update: Upgrade Available: When the program is up-to-date, a message is now displayed in the log-window versus using an interactive (modal) dialog requiring the user to click OK.
  • Fix: It was possible for the ftp-server to send a "mangled" directory listing (that does not adhere to standards) which could cause the program to raise an Access-Violation.
  • Update: In processing *very* large directories (with over 1000 files), the program would "freeze" as it processed. Added hooks to process Windows-Messages.
  • Fix: Correction for the storage location in the Windows Registry for user-interface elements on the main form. Previous location was "Software\BulletProof Software\BulletProof FTP Client", new location is "Software\BulletProof Software\BulletProof FTP Client 2010"
  • Fix: Installed a MinWidth for columns within the Local and Remote files listing, this will keep the column from being "hid" with a width < 0

Förändringar v2.60.0.52 -> v2.62.0.55

  • Fix: Reworked the "Confirm" dialog which asks for Resume|Rename|Overwrite|Skip if the file exists. This resolves the program of "Cannot focus disabled/invisible window".
  • Fix: Stack Overflow on closing the application, there was a call to the same method to close the app on close app, resulting in a stack-overflow due to recursion
  • Fix: Bug found in over > 2GB file-support due in the resuming of a file and the compiler incorrectly using the INT32 version of fileseek(), instead of the INT64 version
  • Update: Added the Saving of Toolbar positions to the Windows Registry
  • Update: Extensively tested the "Recursive Delete" hang-problem. There are no indications that this is a problem in this build.
  • Fix: Correct a problem in showing the file currently transfered in the StatusBar in the first panel position (far-left)
  • Fix: Settings were not being saved correctly in Options, on accepting the dialog with OK
  • Fix: The sound for OnDisconnect was not being played when disconnecting from the FTP Server
  • Update: count and file-size summary of Local/Remote/Queued files, hints and other data now displayed in the StatusBar (ported from v2.45)
  • Fix: Stack Overflow on closing the application, seems to be something in old WndProc code to handle TrayIcons
  • Update: New About screen to handle Large Fonts

Förändringar v2.61.0.54 -> v2.60.0.52

  • Fix: Bookmark Manager should no longer show off the screen
  • Update: Default Local-Directory is now set to "c:\" when "default.bps" does not exist
  • Change: BulletProof FTP Client is now under the ownership of BulletProof Software LLC
  • Change: Compiler update D2005sp3 to D2007sp3
  • Change: Modernized all thirdparty code


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