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Versionshistoria CintaNotes


Förändringar v2.7.1 -> v2.7.2

  • Enhancements:
  • Tag sidebar: tooltips with full tag name when tag name doesn't fit
  • Editor: make editor's icon different from main window icon
  • Notes list: Change of sorting should keep selection
  • Editor: make text formatting shortcuts stateful
  • Editor: Enter in the title should move focus to the note's text
  • Editor: add "Indent/Outdent" context menu options
  • Editor: don't create empty notes even when OK pressed
  • Change shortcuts for moving sections to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left/Right
  • Fixes:
  • "No internet connection" error on some configurations
  • Possible startup error "SystemMenu::insertItem failed"
  • Editor: pasting into list item error
  • Editor: Undo could skip events
  • Licensing: "License expired" when license.key file is not writable
  • Simplenote sync: notes deleted in other clients weren't moved to trash
  • Simplenote sync: possible inability to successfully finish sync

Förändringar v2.5 -> v2.5.2

  • Enhancements:
  • Editor: Ctrl+Home/End in any field except Remarks to go to text start and end
  • Make Alt+F+number work regardless of keyboard layout
  • Fixes:
  • Notes list: Incorrect rendering of a clipped numbered list
  • Notes list: Jumping numbers in numbered lists
  • Clipping: Numbers could disappear from numbered lists on clipping
  • Options/Hot keys: edit field background was not white
  • Export: Errors during export lead to program crash
  • Export: Exporting tags only to text file lead to program crash
  • Search: Tags with capital letters were not highlighted in note previews
  • Tune settings to help prevent “database disk image is malformed” error


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