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Versionshistoria DC++ Portable


Förändringar v0.841 -> v0.843

  • [#1307978] Fix subtract list functionality (crise)
  • [#1309390] [NMDC] Prevent crashes when receiving malicious search requests (pavel pimenov)

Förändringar v0.831 -> v0.840

  • [L#1115765] Added ability to filter out files and directories from the share (ullner)
  • [L#1225420] Open own list when using get/browse file list on self (ullner)
  • [L#1250614] Added menu option on hub tab for only searching in that hub (ullner)
  • [L#250238] Remove queued files that are already shared when DC++ starts (ullner)
  • [L#309815] Hub icon will change depending on user status (user/registered/operator) (ullner)
  • [L#721513] Transferview: Added "Remove file from queue" menu option and "Force attempt" is now only available for downloads (ullner)
  • [L#210217] Add connectivity status for hubs to the favorite hubs window (ullner)
  • [L#593613] Added /lastmessage in PMs to show the time of the last message (ullner)
  • [L#363092] Disallow transfer port and encrypted transfer port to be the same (ullner)
  • [L#1245179] Avoid connection failures (maksis)
  • [L#1228927] Fix columns for file lists in the Download Queue (emtee)
  • HTTP fixes (crise)
  • Safer hub state tracking (poy)
  • Add "/d " for DuckDuckGo searches (poy)
  • Add a dialog box to nag XP suckers into upgrading (poy)
  • Support for a new XP-only branch in version checking (poy)
  • [L#395400] Hub list caching fixed on Linux (maksis, ullner)
  • [L#1030613] Safeguards against user command flooding (ullner)
  • [L#1030613] Separate internal from external user commands (ullner)

Förändringar v0.830 -> v0.831

  • [L#1249810] Fix NMDC TTH search responses (emtee)
  • [ADC] Don't disconnect CCPM conns after 3 minutes of inactivity (poy)
  • [L#1246868] Increased maximum command length to 512 KiB (ullner)

Förändringar v0.822 -> v0.830

  • [L#1010996] Correct search responses (maksis, poy)
  • [L#1206658] Fix transfer painting issues (poy)
  • [L#1208049] Properly ungroup transfer items (poy)
  • [L#1206855] Fix a bug with duplicate directory downloads (maksis)
  • Optimize searches with multiple extensions (emtee, poy)
  • [L#1032153] Added CDATA parsing to XML parser (crise)
  • [L#233798] Added option to set automatic search interval (ullner)
  • [L#1033249] The text in the /help-command now lists the description of each command. (ullner)
  • Move the PM channel selector to a status bar menu (poy)
  • [ADC] Direct encrypted PM channels (poy)
  • [ADC] Validate connection tokens to avoid impersonators (poy)
  • [ADC] Send FM / FB in code 43 STAs instead of FL (poy)
  • Don't reconnect after a manual hub disconnect (poy)
  • [L#1225930] Always show the window when double-clicking the notif icon (poy)
  • [L#1220488] Upgrade the compiler
  • Reduce the max protocol command size from 16 MiB to 16 KiB
  • Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone

Förändringar v0.797 -> v0.800

  • [L#270107] Revamp favorite hub settings (poy)
  • Reduce resource consumption when slots are full (poy)
  • [L#984330] Make PM windows more aware of the selected hub (poy)
  • [L#927821] Don't choke on hub addresses with spaces (poy)
  • Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1c
  • Fix a mixup between IPs and hostnames leading to wrong search results (poy)
  • Tweak help tooltips in the settings dialog (poy)
  • Make the menu bar hideable (poy)
  • Add a /info hub command (poy)
  • [L#957994] Fix glitches with the file list loader (poy)
  • [L#1007103] Correct download logging after an app restart (emtee)
  • Replace option to disable ADC C-C TLS with one to require it (cologic)
  • [L#1007099] Fix disabled buttons in user matching settings (poy)
  • Do not automatch queue for bad/removed sources (emtee)
  • Minor DL queue tab fixes (poy)
  • Replace the slot up-down control by a context menu (poy)
  • [L#745162] Fix upload log format for partial lists (emtee)
  • Fix GUI problems in a download attempt of a public hublist with invalid address (emtee)
  • Fix unsuccessful HTTP redirections (emtee)
  • [L#1016205] Avoid deadlocks when changing user matchings (poy)
  • [L#249159] Improve performance when selecting lots of lines in lists (poy)
  • [L#1016907] Exclude temporary downloads from queue dupe check (emtee)
  • Greatly improve user command removal time when closing a hub
  • [L#587597] Add plugin API (Crise, iceman50)
  • [dwt] Add a link control (poy)
  • Allow Magnet links to be pasted in the "Quick connect" box (poy)
  • Rise the minislot size to 512 KiB
  • More Alt+I shortcuts for list filters (emtee)
  • Increase the chat buffer limit (iceman50)
  • Eliminate GUI freezes when opening large file lists (poy)
  • Remove the search spy in favor of the dev plugin - works on ADC too (poy)
  • Fix partial list browsing after loading an old full list (poy)
  • Add QP support (iceman50)
  • [L#305811] Grant extra slot hangs connection in ADC hubs (iceman50)
  • [L#1032227] Fix a crash when parsing messages with Magnet links (poy)
  • [L#1039537] Fix a crash in Windows 8 (poy)
  • Update Boost to version 1.51
  • Merge 2 identical active mode settings (poy)
  • Fix NAT-PMP renewal (poy)
  • [L#226968] Remember list sorting & splitter positions (poy)
  • [L#1041553] Fix help tooltips in Windows 8 (poy)
  • Fix GeoIP & OpenSSL problems with wide character paths (poy)
  • [L#288756] Automatically mark sources of large files as bad if the full tree is not available (emtee)
  • Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone

Förändringar v0.791 -> v0.797

  • Save and restore partial file lists (poy)
  • Apply ADL searches in partial file lists (poy)
  • Heuristics to send additional levels of info in partial file lists (poy)
  • Add a "Download full list" button in the file list toolbar (poy)
  • Partial file lists in NMDC hubs (poy)
  • Reclaim memory after a file list match
  • Improve file reading operations
  • [L#678432] Context-sensitive help tooltips in the settings dialog (poy)
  • [L#804993] Improve multiple monitor support (poy)
  • Propose a default nick using the Win user account name (poy)
  • [L#914457] Fix missing tab icons (poy)
  • Add a setting to enable away mode when Windows is locked (poy)
  • Make the away message optional (poy)
  • [L#704502] Away mode after some time of inactivity (poy)
  • Allow empty user matching definitions that match every user (poy)
  • Add predefined user matching defs for favs (bold, more red) & ops (more blue) (poy)
  • [L#300971] Keep updating GUI elements while a menu is up (poy)
  • Apply user matching definition styles to nicks in chats (poy)
  • Fix favorite hub groups on Win XP (poy)
  • [L#925659] Safer window cleanup (poy)
  • Reduce chat flickering (bigmuscle)
  • [L#923612] Show the last chat line in taskbar previews (poy)
  • Show chat logs with a dim text color (poy)
  • Re-add lost user information tooltips (poy)
  • Fix discrepancies in the /conn chat command (poy)
  • Update boost to version 1.49
  • [L#947895] Move the "follow redirect" command to inline chat links (poy)
  • Format chat links (poy)
  • Improve threaded file list loading (poy)
  • [L#981733] Prevent the keyboard language from switching
  • [L#966339] Fix bot detection in NMDC hubs

Förändringar v0.782 Experimental -> v0.790 Experimental

  • Fav users frame becomes users frame and shows all users
  • Experimental implementation of KEYP ADC extension
  • Display the name of the device MiniUPnP has bound to (poy)
  • Add NAT-PMP for port mappings as an alternative to UPnP (poy)
  • Continue from the beginning after reaching the end of a file list when searching (poy)
  • Report the progress of file list searches in the status bar (poy)
  • Repurpose Ctrl+F to in-place searches in chat windows & file lists (poy)
  • Better splitter resizing
  • [L#730828] Prevent a stack overflow when searching within too big file lists (poy)
  • [L#710359] Add finished downloads log (emtee)
  • Save and restore the current directory of file lists (poy)
  • Move file list status bar buttons to the toolbar (poy)
  • Faster startup with many tabs
  • Reduce flickering when resizing
  • Reorganize connectivity settings (poy)
  • [L#748623] Port mappers respect the bind address (poy)
  • Make more parts of the interface DPI-aware (poy)
  • Resizable and scrollable settings dialog
  • Remember the last settings page (poy)
  • Fix focus problems in dialogs (poy)
  • Fix Ctrl+W / Ctrl+F4 sometimes closing the wrong tab (poy)
  • [L#604983] Fix transfers dying on setting upload/download throttle to 0 (cologic)
  • [L#591626] Menus to adjust the bw limit from the tray menu & status bar (poy, iceman50)
  • Increase the max bandwidth limit from 32 MiB/s to 1 GiB/s
  • More icons (many from the Crystal Clear project, thanks to them)
  • Add notifications via balloon popups and sound (poy)
  • Fix taskbar tab previews when DC++ is elevated (poy)
  • When holding shift at start, hubs are opened but not connected to (poy)
  • Fix an integer overflow when starting a search 25 days after the previous one
  • DC++ survives a Windows theme change better (poy)
  • Remove the license page from the installer
  • Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.0e
  • [L#189241] Store crash reports in a CrashLog.txt file (poy)
  • Improve "View as text" windows (poy)
  • [L#804024] [ADC] Separate application and version in INF (ullner)
  • [L#696761] Modal dialog fixes (poy)
  • Link with DEP and ASLR support (thanks cologic)
  • Store the password (if available) using "Add to favorites" (thanks iceman50)
  • Fix queries in http downloads (thanks bigmuscle)
  • Update MiniUPnPc to version 1.6
  • [L#309402] Initial IPv6 support
  • Update boost to version 1.48
  • COM initialization fix for the Windows UPnP mapper (thanks bigmuscle)
  • [L#425667] More accurate indexing time left calculation (poy)
  • Switch to binary GeoIP databases, add the IPv6 one (poy)
  • The country format can be customized, see help for available codes (poy)
  • Handle GeoIP database updates from within the program (iceman50, poy)
  • [L#783516] ZLIF compression support (iceman50)
  • [L#874282] Fix the "Close disconnected hubs" command (poy)
  • [L#721102] Close tabs when releasing the mouse button (poy)
  • [L#729684] Fix the /userlist chat command (poy)
  • Revamp style settings (poy)
  • Add user matching settings (poy)
  • [L#887021] No beep on ctrl+A in some text-boxes (poy)
  • Improve list filters, add one to filter search results (poy)
  • [L#901237] Fix a possible crash on parital list removal from the queue (thanks bigmuscle)
  • [L#900650] Fix removal of same ADC users logged into multiple hubs when they go offline (emtee)
  • Plug memory leaks in list and tree controls (poy)
  • [L#735512] Switch to Boost.Atomic to solve freezes (poy)
  • [L#871975] Safer updating of the finished transfer window (poy)
  • Load file lists in a separate thread (bigmuscle, poy)


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