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Versionshistoria DC++ Portable (64-bit)


Förändringar v0.842 -> v0.843

  • [#1307978] Fix subtract list functionality (crise)
  • [#1309390] [NMDC] Prevent crashes when receiving malicious search requests (pavel pimenov)

Förändringar v0.841 -> v0.842

  • Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1g - notably fixes the TLS heartbeat attack

Förändringar v0.831 -> v0.840

  • [L#1115765] Added ability to filter out files and directories from the share (ullner)
  • [L#1225420] Open own list when using get/browse file list on self (ullner)
  • [L#1250614] Added menu option on hub tab for only searching in that hub (ullner)
  • [L#250238] Remove queued files that are already shared when DC++ starts (ullner)
  • [L#309815] Hub icon will change depending on user status (user/registered/operator) (ullner)
  • [L#721513] Transferview: Added "Remove file from queue" menu option and "Force attempt" is now only available for downloads (ullner)
  • [L#210217] Add connectivity status for hubs to the favorite hubs window (ullner)
  • [L#593613] Added /lastmessage in PMs to show the time of the last message (ullner)
  • [L#363092] Disallow transfer port and encrypted transfer port to be the same (ullner)
  • [L#1245179] Avoid connection failures (maksis)
  • [L#1228927] Fix columns for file lists in the Download Queue (emtee)
  • HTTP fixes (crise)
  • Safer hub state tracking (poy)
  • Add "/d " for DuckDuckGo searches (poy)
  • Add a dialog box to nag XP suckers into upgrading (poy)
  • Support for a new XP-only branch in version checking (poy)
  • [L#395400] Hub list caching fixed on Linux (maksis, ullner)
  • [L#1030613] Safeguards against user command flooding (ullner)
  • [L#1030613] Separate internal from external user commands (ullner)

Förändringar v0.830 -> v0.831

  • [L#1249810] Fix NMDC TTH search responses (emtee)
  • [ADC] Don't disconnect CCPM conns after 3 minutes of inactivity (poy)
  • [L#1246868] Increased maximum command length to 512 KiB (ullner)

Förändringar v0.825 -> v0.830

  • [L#1010996] Correct search responses (maksis, poy)
  • [L#1206658] Fix transfer painting issues (poy)
  • [L#1208049] Properly ungroup transfer items (poy)
  • [L#1206855] Fix a bug with duplicate directory downloads (maksis)
  • Optimize searches with multiple extensions (emtee, poy)
  • [L#1032153] Added CDATA parsing to XML parser (crise)
  • [L#233798] Added option to set automatic search interval (ullner)
  • [L#1033249] The text in the /help-command now lists the description of each command. (ullner)
  • Move the PM channel selector to a status bar menu (poy)
  • [ADC] Direct encrypted PM channels (poy)
  • [ADC] Validate connection tokens to avoid impersonators (poy)
  • [ADC] Send FM / FB in code 43 STAs instead of FL (poy)
  • Don't reconnect after a manual hub disconnect (poy)
  • [L#1225930] Always show the window when double-clicking the notif icon (poy)
  • [L#1220488] Upgrade the compiler
  • Reduce the max protocol command size from 16 MiB to 16 KiB
  • Documentation and translations updated as usual, thanks everyone


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