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Versionshistoria DGMPGDec


Förändringar v1.5.5 -> v1.5.6

  • Added Unix-style CLI parsing. The legacy parsing is also supported. The new parsing allows for commas and spaces within file name.
  • Revised the audio header emulation check to prevent it from rejecting some valid audio.
  • Increased the timeout for finding transport packets from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Properly ignore some program stream filler packets that do not specify the correct packet length.
  • When a new transport stream is loaded without exiting DGIndex, the PIDs are now re-determined (without requiring the user to reset them as was previously the case).
  • Fixed a bug in which normalization was being used erroneously when demuxing audio (could happen if you were decoding AC3 to WAV with Normalization enabled and then you set the mode to demux audio without unchecking the Normalization option).
  • Fixed a bug in the Cropping dialog such that the height field was not properly set after changes were made.
  • Improved reliability of stream type detection upon file open.

Förändringar v1.5.3 Patch release -> v1.5.4

  • Added a File/Close menu option.
  • Added a Video/Copy frame to clipboard option.
  • Fixed a problem with video demultiplexing that caused frames to be lost at the start of the stream.
  • Added a Sequence field to the Info dialog. It shows the state of the progressive_sequence flag. Also modified the strings printed for Frame Type and Frame Struct. See the users manual for details.


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