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Versionshistoria Dooble


Förändringar v1.48 -> v1.49

  • Optional Speedy support. Please see the Security panel in Settings.
  • Disabled by default.
  • 2. Qt upgraded to version 5.3.1 on Linux 64-bit, OS X, and Windows.
  • 3. Version 1.48's item #22 causes severe issues if a page is loading
  • while the cache is being cleared. Corrected.
  • 4. Replaced optimization Os with O3 in
  • 5. Newly-opened tabs may lack proper URLs for reload purposes. Use
  • the provided URLs as a solution.
  • 6. Ability to access tabs via the Alt + Key 0 through Alt + Key 9
  • key sequences.
  • 7. Per user request. If Dooble encounters an HTTP status code of 400,
  • 401, ..., 599, it will display the contents of the page that
  • generated the error if instructed to do so. Otherwise, Dooble will display
  • its custom error page if a critical error occurred. Please see the
  • WebKit section of the Settings page.
  • 8. Changed dnetworkaccessmanager::slotFinished(): increased timer's timeout
  • to 60 seconds. The intent of the timer is to delay deletion of
  • the provided network reply object.
  • 9. Removed Vidalia as it has been abandoned by the Tor network.
  • 10. Use GCRY_MD_FLAG_SECURE in gcry_md_open().
  • 11. Removed sha224, sha256, sha384 from the list of supported hashes. Added
  • whirlpool.
  • 12. Support only ciphers having key sizes of 256 bits.
  • 13. Implemented QNetworkCookieJar methods for Qt 5.x.
  • 14. Per user request, allow finer control of cookies. Please see the
  • Cookies Exceptions window.
  • 15. Corrected default value in usage of
  • settingsWindow/thirdPartyCookiesPolicy.
  • 16. Deleting QBuffer objects in dnetworkcache::remove() causes problems.
  • Corrected.
  • 17. Added CSS/error-pages.css. Thanks to zodern.
  • 18. Per request, Web inspectors.
  • 19. Added updated Basque translation. Thanks to Xabier Aramendi.
  • 20. Per request, ability to disable proxies for specified addresses.
  • 21. Ability to disable private browsing in support of
  • Please note that Dooble maintains its own favicon and history
  • databases. Please see the Settings window's Security panel. Option
  • may also be modified via a tab's context menu.
  • 22. Corrected propagation of a tab's context menu's Web Plugins setting.
  • 23. Per request, printing from a terminal. Only HTTP(S) schemes are
  • supported. Please note that all user settings are ignored.
  • Please also note that PDF documents are generated for successful
  • loads only. (Dooble --print-url --print-url
  • If at least one correct occurrence of this option is discovered,
  • Dooble will process it and then terminate.
  • 24. The argument option url has been renamed to load-url.
  • 25. Updated OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.1i on Windows.
  • 26. Updated SQLite to version 3.8.6 on Windows.
  • 27. Verify argv[] after incrementing the iterator.

Förändringar v1.27 -> v1.28

  • More than 100 new Features and Fixes.
  • Added the Wikinews search engine.
  • Block-"Like/Plus/Faven"-Buttons (Ability to block third-party HTML frame content) to keep you private from Social Networks tracking your Surf-Behaviour. Read the technical background here:
  • Ability to hide the HTTP referrer.
  • Test:
  • Added Open Wikinews and TheOpenGlobe RSS Ticker.
  • Introduced the History sidebar and URL History Search Engine.
  • Tonga, the user knows your Server-IP: Dooble will, if permitted,
  • display the current site's IP address in the window title.
  • Favorites Toolbar: Automatically find your most visited Websites
  • with a 1-Click.
  • Improved behavior of the FTP and File browser.

Förändringar v1.26.1 -> v1.27

  • A bombastic release that includes almost eighty items.

Förändringar v1.26 -> v1.26.1

  • A Windows-only patch release.

Förändringar v1.25 -> v1.26

  • Dooble now supports add-ons, plugins

Förändringar v1.24 -> v1.25

  • 1. Updated MacGPG2 software to version 2.0.17-9. Previous content (cookies, etc.) may be lost as a result.
  • 2. Allow the user to modify the default Dooble Search page (Settings window's Home tab).
  • 3. Changed Dooble Search text (Settings window's Home tab) to Home.
  • 4. Changed default Arial sizes from 12 to 10 for Windows platforms.
  • 5. Removed redundant dview::load() calls during Dooble initialization.
  • 6. Resolved ticket 3399328. (Was saving a session passphrase.)
  • 7. Improved checking of settings (Dooble.ini) values.
  • 8. Modified dhistory's timer interval from 1 second to 2.5 seconds.
  • 9. Modified history purging so it only occurs during Dooble launch and termination. (Saving precious resources.)
  • 10. Qt products have been upgraded to version 4.7.4 on OS X and Windows platforms.
  • 11. Decreased tab widths.
  • 12. Improved Settings window sizing.
  • 13. Ability to hide the HTTP referrer.
  • 14. Ability to block third-party HTML frame content.
  • 15. The tab bar did not respect visibility setting after exiting the full-screen mode. Fixed.
  • 16. The file and FTP managers incorrectly displayed internal objects that were intended to be hidden.
  • 17. Clicking an FTP link from an HTML document failed to load the link. Fixed.
  • 18. Added the Wikinews search engine.
  • 19. Viewing of HTML frame source now provided.
  • 20. Prevent Dooble from deleting the user's input into the URL widget after the urlChanged() signal has been captured.
  • 21. Removed application modality from the Settings window.
  • 22. Removed references of obsolete settings (Dooble.ini).
  • 23. Added the XSS Auditing option under the Security tab of the Settings window.
  • 24. Improved dooble::slotFlashHack(). This slot is issued if Web plugins are enabled and the window system is X11. Its purpose is to correct potentially-distorted windows.
  • 25. Corrected version 1.24's item #44.
  • 26. Modified the tab-adding mechanism so that new tabs are added after the current tab. Option to simply append the tab is also provided.
  • 27. Clarified "switching to new tabs" option under the Settings window's Tabs panel.
  • 28. Dooble will, if permitted, display the current site's IP address in the window title. This feature may be a first in the browser world.
  • 29. Added missing QDialog::Accepted checks to various if-statements.
  • 30. Validate potentially-invalid (NULL) objects before use.
  • 31. Created a wonderful, yet troublesome, workaround for an event-loop issue. The signals emitted from dview::slotHandleUnsupportedContent() are captured by a slot that calls a function that launches a modal file dialog. At times, Qt decides to terminate because of this. Fixed.
  • 32. Downloads suffered from potential memory exhaustion. Fixed.
  • 33. Improved ddownloadwindowitem::isDownloading(). The previous version was weak.
  • 34. Beautified multiple aspects of the user experience.
  • 35. Added an install target to (sudo make install) At times, qmake does not properly create all required targets.
  • 36. Added for g++ on Sun Ultra machines.
  • 37. Added support for providing credentials to proxies whenever they request such information.
  • 38. Beautified passphrase dialog.
  • 39. Wikinews and TheOpenGlobe RSS Ticker added to the default page (locale-based search.html).
  • 40. dsettingshomelinewidget widgets were not capturing iconsChanged() signals. Fixed. These widgets are the textfield widgets under the Settings window's Home panel.
  • 41. Changed QNetworkProxyQuery's query type from TcpSocket to UrlRequest. QNetworkProxyQuery is used for system-level proxies.
  • 42. Prevent Dooble from opening the same URL in the current page as well as a new tab (window) after a link has been clicked. Links should either be displayed in the current page or a new frame, but not both.
  • 43. Added toLower() to various QUrl::scheme() references.
  • 44. Modified QWebView's context menu so that it differentiates between links and e-mail addresses.
  • 45. Introduced the History sidebar. As a result of this new feature, the dhistorymodel class was implemented. The "one model, thousands of views" approach is quite powerful. Dragging items from the sidebar and dropping them onto a page will activate one or more load requests. Unlike other browsers, Dooble allows for multiple selections to be dragged and dropped.
  • 46. Introduced "PRAGMA journal_mode = OFF". Dooble does not explicitly use database transactions. Please note that cookies are not subjected to this setting.
  • 47. dmisc::setCipherPassphrase() must reset variables upon setKey() failure. The set of variables being reset was incomplete. Fixed.
  • 48. Renamed Bookmarks Toolbar to Favorites Toolbar. Dooble does not yet support bookmarks.
  • 49. The dfilemanager class now supports copying. Copying while dragging and dropping are directly supported by Qt via the Control key. OS X users may be required to use an alternative key.
  • 50. Added source information to the Downloads window.
  • 51. Fixed a monumental memory problem in dooble::initializeHistoryMenu().
  • 52. Optimized dooble constructors. New windows must inspect existing containers and use their contents whenever possible.
  • 53. A view's text size multiplier needs to be set after a QWebPage object has been assigned to the view. Fixed. The Qt documentation does not make a note of this behavior.
  • 54. Some containers have poor performance if iterators are not used to navigate their contents. Fixed.
  • 55. Tab icons will now reflect load activity.
  • 56. Downloads suffered from incorrect primary keys. The source URLs should not be designated as primary keys. Instead, the destination targets should be used. Since the downloads table required a redesign, existing information will be purged. Also corrected widget visibility states (the retry button should not be visible for HTML downloads).
  • 57. Removed dview's extra network access manager (m_faviconManager).
  • 58. Removed the mtune option from
  • 59. Replaced QWebView::reload() with dview::load(). QwebView's reload() implementation may fail to emit the loadFinished() signal. This adjustment has been attempted before.
  • 60. Created header and source files for the dwebview class.
  • 61. The Cookies and History windows' search mechanisms have been modified to perform case-insensitive searches.
  • 62. Added the History search to the search widget, per request.
  • 63. Removed unnecessary blockSignals() calls.
  • 64. Added
  • 65. Two URLs may be different if the only difference is a trailing slash. Adjusted comparisons.
  • 66. Qt does not emit urlChanged() signals for some pages ( This is a known issue.
  • 67. Improved the look-and-feel of the Downloads window: alternating row colors and the ability to remove individual non-active items.
  • 68. Creating a new tab off of a JavaScript window enabled the search widget for that window. The search widget should not be available for such windows.
  • 69. Enabled HTTP pipelining (dnetworkaccessmanager::createRequest()). According to documentation (, network performance should improve.
  • 70. Now processing QWebPage::statusBarMessage() signals.
  • 71. Modified the dftpbrowser so that it emits unsupportedContent() signals. This is an experimental feature.
  • 72. QFtp produces some incorrect QUrlInfo containers. The dftpbrowser class has been modified to accommodate the discrepancies.
  • 73. Clicking a link while the Control key is depressed will now open the link in a new tab.
  • 74. Resolved a timing issue related to the "close other tabs" mechanism.
  • 75. The location widget's completer's model's contents will now be date-ordered.
  • 76. Replaced QWebView::setUrl() with QWebView::load(). The setUrl() method causes QWebFrame segmentation faults with the April 2011 release of Qt 4.7.4. The problem has been reported and may have been resolved.
  • 77. If configured, Dooble will prompt the user before removing a modified tab.
  • 78. Improved the look-and-feel of the location widget.
  • 79. Dooble will now prompt the user before exiting if there are active downloads.
  • 80. Resolved an incorrect use of QFtp::list() (m_ftp->list(m_url.path()) should have been m_ftp->list()).
  • 81. Navigating to a parent directory within the FTP browser has been improved.
  • 82. If configured, Dooble will prompt the user before navigating from a modified page.
  • 83. Do not clear the History window's search field while navigating through the tree.
  • 84. Added the File->Authenticate option. For the curious, this feature allows the user to provide the passphrase (if one had been previously set) without requiring to restart Dooble.
  • 85. Added missing QObject() to dwebhistoryitem's default constructor.
  • 86. Fixed an error in dcookiewindow::slotUpdateView(). When searching for potential items to remove, Dooble must inspect domains that match the url's host as well as domains that contain leading periods and that match the url's host.
  • 87. Modified purging of information upon exit. It will now be the user's responsibility to purge existing information if certain settings (cookies, downloads, etc.) are disabled.
  • 88. Added support for QTableWidget::itemActivated() within dftpbrowser(). Pressing the Enter key on an existing directory will now be processed as a nagivation request.
  • 89. The File and FTP browsers must inspect the url's contents. For example, should be interpreted as However, the dftpbrowser should not attempt two directory changes (for this example).
  • 90. The dview class was incorrectly emitting urlChanged() and titleChanged() signals. This caused slots in the dooble class to populate containers with stale information.
  • 91. Was incorrectly setting tabs' texts under certain page load (dooble::loadPage()) attempts.
  • 92. Eliminated "data: invalid display value column" warning messages. The dfilesystemmodel::data() method was modified as a result.
  • 93. Dooble will now attempt to position JavaScript windows within the screen housing their parents.
  • 94. Improved creation of new windows, including JavaScript.
  • 95. Modified the click behavior of the FTP browser. Single clicks on directories are now interpreted as navigation requests. Removed support for the itemActivated() signal. Added support for opening directories in new tabs via the Control key.
  • 96. If available, a target's total size will now be displayed in the Downloads window.
  • 97. Fixed command-line validation. Also improved url validation of new process windows.
  • 98. Fixed incorrect processing of shortcuts.
  • 99. Added search capabilities to the Downloads window.
  • 100. Activated the Delete key for the Cookies window, Downloads window, History window, and the History sidebar.
  • 101. Added the JavaScript Popups Exceptions window.
  • 102. Added the Third-Party Blocking Exceptions window.
  • 103. Added the Suppress HTTP Referrer Exceptions window.
  • 104. Added missing QSqlDatabase::close() calls to dcookies's methods.
  • 105. The status bar will now be visible in full-screen mode, unless it's explicitly hidden by the user.
  • 106. Purged obsolete methods from the dcookies class.
  • 107. Prevent JavaScript change-requests from modifying non-JavaScript windows.
  • 108. Incorrect for-loops modified the History->Clear History action's icon.
  • 109. Respect the style's attributes as much as possible.
  • 110. Text alignment for various table and tree headers has been set to left-alignment.
  • 111. Per feature request 3421816, added the ixquick search engine.
  • 112. Dooble will now remember the nth recently-closed tabs. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 are provided, if enabled. Please note that the tabs are only retained for a session.
  • 113. Added the Cookies Exceptions window. Cookies from exempt sites will not be accepted.
  • 114. Updated the Favorites toolbar's maximum to 15.
  • 115. Movable Favorites and Location toolbars.

Förändringar v1.23 -> v1.24

  • A big and bold release. Over forty enhancements and fixes.

Förändringar v1.22 -> v1.23

  • A minor patch release.

Förändringar v1.21 -> v1.22

  • Resolved trouble ticket 3292506, latest History menu items should be at the top while the oldest at the bottom.
  • Modified dsettings::slotSelectIconCfgFile() so that the QFileDialog object's directory is initially set to the application's current directory.
  • Fixed incorrect calls to setStyleSheet() in ddownloadwindow::slotItemClicked().
  • The Downloads window will now display absolute file paths.
  • Fixed bugs with dview's back() and forward() methods:
  • if(prevIndex == currentIndex())'s false case should
  • issue a load() call with the item object's url.
  • Improved print previews.
  • If applicable, zoom all frames.
  • Qt products have been upgraded to version 4.7.3 on OS X and Windows platforms.
  • Fixed title issues with the Tabs menu's actions.
  • Ability to copy selected URL in the History window.
  • Implemented the Safe. Dooble will automatically clear the following containers:
  • Cookies
  • Downloads
  • History
  • Fixed distorted logic that prevented deleting of cookie favorites.
  • Fixed broken opening of new windows as processes.
  • Added backwards compatibility to Qt 4.6.x. Qt 4.7.3 is strongly recommended.
  • Fixed flawed if-statement (if in dcookiewindow::slotUpdateView().
  • Fixed dhistory::slotDeletePage(). It now removes the intended entry from the history database table.
  • Fixed print-previews so that they are now available for both the filesystem browser and the FTP browser.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the icons of the History menu's actions.
  • Modified the behavior of dhistory::purge() so that it does not consider time when determining which entries to remove. Instead, it will simply function off of dates.
  • OS X (x86) users should now be able to play Flash.
  • Secure connections will be illustrated via green gradients.
  • Fixed a popup blocking bug that prevented printing in Gmail.
  • Integrated GNU's libgcrypt library for encoding personal information.
  • Added missing icons to the Authentication Required dialog.
  • Added a P2P textfield widget to the Settings window's Home panel.
  • Removed for-loop in dooble::slotQuit() as it was causing segmentation faults. The for-loop is not necessary.
  • Corrected dview::view()'s return type, changing it from QWebView to dwebview.
  • Added additional actions to dview's context menu.
  • Mr. R.'s modifications:
  • Default number of history days changed from 1 to 8.
  • Enabled default browsing and download history from false to true.

Förändringar v1.20.1 -> v1.21

  • Corrected RELEASE-NOTES version information.
  • Per Mr. R., corrected proxy configuration settings.
  • Issue QWebView::update() whenever a page has been loaded. This small change improves font rendering.
  • Implemented basic command-line options:
  • --full-screen-mode
  • --url URL (multiple instances allowed)
  • Mr. R. updated Dooble's default page.
  • Implemented character encodings.
  • Fixed broken sensitivity states for the Back and Forward buttons.
  • Mr. R. introduced colorful tabs.
  • Per Mr. R., introduced a feature to inject URLs into the Settings window's Home widgets.
  • Closing a last tab will now close its parent window.
  • New Settings option: close the Downloads window after the downloads have completed.
  • Added an install target to Dooble's Unix project file (
  • Mr. R. introducted the YaCy search engine.
  • Additional optimization.
  • Per Mr. R., restore and retain search choice.
  • Windows Qt libraries have been upgraded to version 4.7.3.


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