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Versionshistoria DVD Flick


Förändringar v1.3.0.6 -> v1.3.0.7

  • Added: buttonSubtitleMenuX and buttonAudioMenuX button types that jump to a title's audio or button menu directly.
  • Changed: Removed "High" encoding priority setting. It is not useful anyway (no speed gain, only chokes other processes).
  • Changed: Updated FFmpeg to revision 19276.
  • Changed: Updated ImgBurn to version
  • Changed: Removed "Enable menu" checkbox and replaced it by a "None" menu option.
  • Fixed: Overflow error when loading large files.
  • Fixed: Negative audio delays were not corrected.

Förändringar v1.3.0.5 -> v1.3.0.6

  • Fixed: Bug that caused certain files to be detected as having 0 FPS video.
  • Changed: Updated 7-zip, MPLEX, delaycut, FFmpeg and mkvextract to their latest versions.
  • Changed: Modifications to the installer script (XhmikosR).

Förändringar v1.3.0.4 -> v1.3.0.5

  • Added: 1.85 manual PAR option for titles.
  • Added: Copy timestamps option for titles.
  • Added: RealVideo 3 and 4 support. It's not perfect though.
  • Added: GSM audio support.
  • Changed: Made the Mosaic template less garish-looking. Not that it's been turned into a work of art now.
  • Changed: MPLEX is now used instead of TCMPLEX.
  • Changed: Updated FFmpeg to latest revision.
  • Changed: Adjusted default burn speed and speed warnings.
  • Changed: 2:3 pulldown is disabled by default now, but can be enabled from the advanced video options dialog.
  • Changed: The "Do you want to proceed" dialog is no longer shown.
  • Fixed: When running in unattended mode, "The project has been changed" dialog would still show up and keep DVD Flick from closing.
  • Fixed: UTF-8 subtitle support.
  • Fixed: Low\high burning speed warning even when burning to disc was disabled.
  • Fixed: Long duration of adding a new video source.

Förändringar v1.3.0.3 -> v1.3.0.4

  • Added: Option to ignore an audio track's delay (audio track edit window).
  • Added: Option to verify a disc after burning it.
  • Added: Option to eject the tray after burning a disc.
  • Fixed: Bug that would cause menu generation to die early on.
  • Changed: Better subtitle short duration detection (kbosward).

Förändringar v1.3.0.2 -> v1.3.0.3

  • Fixed: MPEG-2 stream copy bug, source height was ignored.
  • Fixed: A few issues with large system fonts.
  • Fixed: Encoding of H264 in Matroska.
  • Fixed: Wrong menu preview image when loading a project.
  • Fixed: Wrong highlight\select colors in menu preview.
  • Fixed: Subtitle reading bug on some UTF-8 files.
  • Changed: A message now shows up if a project file is invalid.
  • Changed: Listview improvements
  • Changed: Upped scene change detection sensitivity.

Förändringar v1.3.0.1 -> v1.3.0.2

  • Fixed: Menu authoring failing with a File not found error.
  • Fixed: Lockup when generating n chapters. Again.
  • Fixed: Failure to multiplex using Mplex and more than one title.
  • Changed: Red message dialog images for critical\exclametion messages.

Förändringar v1.3.0.0 -> v1.3.0.1

  • Fixed: Pressing Abort while a stream is being extracted no longer continues to the next step.
  • Fixed: Lockup when generating n chapters.
  • Fixed: Lockup\out of memory error caused by the loading of m2v files that have a similarly named file loaded as a subtitle.
  • Fixed: Crash when using certain characters in destination folder names with menus turned on.
  • Fixed: 25 FPS menus, even though NTSC was the target format.
  • Changed: Disabled B-frame encoding and a few encoding tweaks. Less stuttering during dark scenes or fades.
  • Changed: FancyLists can now recieve focus, and the arrow keys can be used to select items in them.
  • Changed: Default browse folder upon first run is now the user's My Documents folder.

Förändringar v1.2.2.1 -> v1.3.0.0

  • Added: DVD menu functionality using templates. A few templates have been included already.
  • Added: Option for mixed format DVDs for DVD players that can play both PAL and NTSC.
  • Added: 23.976 FPS material now gets 2:3 pulldown performed on it when the target format is NTSC.
  • Added: The option to force audio channel output to mono, stereo, surround or to infer it from the source (auto).
  • Added: Option to always enable the first subtitle (under Playback).
  • Added: Detects display aspect ratio (also known as pixel aspect ratio) of many more filetypes.
  • Added: Option to go to the previous and next title when editing a title's properties.
  • Added: Option to have subtitles auto-fit into view.
  • Added: Subtitle lines that are too long are now chopped in two halves, otherwise they are clipped instead of just skipped.
  • Added: -startunattended commandline parameter which encodes a project specified with -load and quits. It only logs errors, doesn't display them.
  • Added: Welcome screen shown on first run.
  • Added: Option to override a video source's pixel aspect ratio.
  • Added: Option to specify burning speed.
  • Changed: Interface font adapts to system font setting.
  • Changed: Subtitle outline rendering is faster.
  • Changed: Better scaling\resizing\padding calculations for video.
  • Changed: DVD creation progress is better indicated.
  • Changed: Force subtitle is now named Display as default.
  • Changed: Slightly updated TCMPlex.
  • Changed: HTML tags are now stripped from subtitles (rendering them isn't supported).
  • Changed: SPUMux output is logged.
  • Changed: Improved SSA and SRT subtitle parsing.
  • Changed: Subtitles are now corrected for overlapping and too short durations.
  • Changed: When adding a title all subtitles with the same base name are added to it too.
  • Changed: Subtitle block dimensions are now always multiples of 2. Some DVD players only like such sizes and behave odd otherwise.
  • Changed: When adding multiple files they are now added in alphabetical order.
  • Changed: Tweaked encoding profiles.
  • Changed: AMR narrowband and AMR wideband audio is not supported by this version. Support may return in the near future.
  • Changed: Force MPEG-2 recompress option removed. 9 out of 10 MPEG-2 streams aren't fully DVD compliant anyway.
  • Changed: Copy MPEG-2 stream option added to force copying MPEG-2 video streams that conform to the proper image width and height.
  • Changed: 2nd encoding pass option removed. DVD Flick uses constant bitrate encoding thus it is useless.
  • Changed: Audio track sources must be equal in compression, samplerate and channel count.
  • Changed: Updated ImgBurn to
  • Changed: When burning to disc is selected but not create ISO, no ISO image is created and a direct-to-disc burn is done.
  • Changed: Burner detection has been mostly rewritten. 9599% of all burners should be detected now.
  • Changed: A title's thumbnail is now used as subtitle preview background (but still letterboxed).
  • Fixed: Audio delay could sometimes be detected as -1.
  • Fixed: Opening a project file did not work.
  • Fixed: Overscan border option adds top and bottom overscan bars again, now also of the proper size.
  • Fixed: Using MicroDVD subtitles caused incomplete encodes (up until the first subtitle).
  • Fixed: When running in portable mode, user profile directory is no longer created.
  • Fixed: Character set selection\support for subtitles.
  • Fixed: Creating chapters on every video source now works as expected.
  • Fixed: Audio delay for VBR audio in AVI files could sometimes be calculated to be in minutes.
  • Fixed: Bug that could cause discs that were too large to be created when an audio source was being copied (bad bitrate calculation).
  • Fixed: When changing the process priority during encoding it would be reset when the current operation finished.
  • Fixed: Crashing when an error occured. The error is now reported as it should be.
  • ...and many more small changes and fixes throughout.


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