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Versionshistoria DVDStyler for Linux


Förändringar 39499 -> v2.1 Beta 1

  • added support of SVG images
  • added support of SVG blur filter
  • fixed multiplexing the subtitles
  • added new button: shadow frame
  • updated ffmpeg to version 0.8.6

Förändringar v1.8.4 RC 2 -> v1.8.4.3

  • updated some translations

Förändringar v1.8.2 -> v1.8.4 RC 2

  • added 18 new buttons (thanks to Gustavo Rezende)
  • added 2 new buttons based on images created by Ricardo Maia
  • added option "Keep Aspect Ratio" to menu objects
  • fixed displaying of video frames
  • fixed some other bugs

Förändringar v1.8.2 RC 2 -> v1.8.2

  • fixed rendering of menu (considering aspect ratio)
  • added generation of up to 3 subpicture streams for widescreen menus (widescreen, letterbox, panscan)
  • fixed rendering of video frame
  • added auto duplication of title selection menu
  • added menu option "remember last selected button"
  • added detection of default video format at first start
  • added setting for interlaced video
  • added possibility to specify video border and cropping
  • added support of stream- and cell-tag in dvdstyler project file
  • changed to not use mplex by default
  • fixed command line bug
  • fixed validation of disc label in welcome dialog
  • fixed validation of custom actions
  • added validation of chapters
  • added setting "Accept invalid actions"
  • fixed initialization of cache
  • fixed bug 2919588 (displays error message if user try to create more than 12 buttons)
  • fixed bug 2963754 (save play all)
  • fixed bug 2995164 (Infernal loop)
  • fixed bug 3062442 (frame button misbehavior)
  • updated dvdauthor to version 0.6.18
  • updated ffmpeg to version 0.6
  • added support of Mac OS X

Förändringar v1.8.2 RC 1 -> v1.8.2 RC 2

  • video properties dialog: some small changes

Förändringar v1.8.2 Beta 4 -> v1.8.2 Beta 4-1

  • added possibility to specify video pad/crop values
  • added setting "use mplex for menus"
  • fixed bug 3062442 (frame button misbehavior)

Förändringar v1.7.4 -> v1.8.0

  • added DVD menu templates
  • added undo/redo
  • added disc capacity "unlimited" (for hard disc)
  • added menu item "Add file as chapter"
  • added possibility to create buttons/change actions by dragging from TitlesetManager into MenuEditor
  • added possibility to center buttons horizontal and vertical
  • fixed handling of PNG transparency/alpha channel
  • fixed multiplexing of multiple subtitles
  • added Norwegian translation (thanks to Olav Inge)
  • added Japanese translation (thanks to OKANO Takayoshi)
  • added Russian translation of DVDStyler Guide (thanks to Konstantin V. Lozhkin)
  • some other small changes

Förändringar v1.7.3 RC 1 -> v1.7.4

  • added three new buttons: text with circle, text with square and underlined text
  • button actions: added possibility to select audio and subtitle tracks
  • added possibility to set languages for audio streams
  • jumppad is disabled by default
  • added some warning messages
  • some other small changes
  • Windows: updated dvd+rw-tools to version 7.1, ffmpeg to 19793-snapshot

Förändringar v1.7.1 -> v1.7.2 Beta 1

  • added setting of aspect ratio
  • added setting of disc capacity
  • updated for new ffmpeg library


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