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Versionshistoria FlashGot


Förändringar v1.5.6.11 -> v1.5.6.12

  • "[Middle Button Drag Down] gesture starts FlashGot downloads" checkbox in FlashGot Options
  • Gesture is not processed at all if disabled
  • Fixed Link Chooser not properly honoring its "Choose all items by default" checkbox (thanks BaptX for reporting)

Förändringar v1.5.6.10 -> v1.5.6.11

  • Fixed built-in download manager not working on Samonkey 33 and above (thanks therube for report)
  • Fixed incompatibility with recent Gecko versions, sending raw POST data with preamble headers (thanks MoSal for report and flashgot.user for patch)
  • New custom download manager argument placeholder "RAWPOST", sends the raw POST upload data including its headers (thanks flashgot.user for patch)
  • New custom download manager argument placeholder "HEADERS" sends just the POST data headers (thanks flashgot.user for patch)

Förändringar v1.5.6.9 -> v1.5.6.10

  • Folx 4 and 3 support as "Folx" (legacy support as "Folx 2")
  • [Linux] Support for 5 additional terminal emulators (konsole, lxterminal, urxvt, rxvt, xfce4-terminal, thanks Mathias Bauer for patch)

Förändringar v1.5.6.8 -> v1.5.6.9

  • Fixed JDownloader2 detection issue (thanks user for patch)
  • Updated Youtube support (thanks user for patch)

Förändringar v1.5.6.7 -> v1.5.6.8

  • Support for full encryption on
  • Gracefully handle malformed referrer URIs
  • [Unix] Turned the "Press any key to exit..." prompt (which was a lie) into "Press [ENTER] to quit..." The flashgot.term.autoClose about:config preference can be set to either to -1 (default) to prompt, 0 to close the terminal immediately, or an integer number of seconds to wait before closing
  • [Media] Restored pre- title extrapolation from top window, rather than local window. Local window title can be reactivated by setting the pref. to true

Förändringar v1.5.6.6 -> v1.5.6.7

  • Terminal windows attached to Linux/OS X download managers are now paused on completion with "Press any key to exit...", unless you set the "flashgot.term.autoClose" about:config preference to a non-negative integer value, meaning the number of seconds to wait before automatically closing.
  • Fixed regression causing download managers which require a terminal to fail (thanks hobbitland for reporting)

Förändringar v1.5.6.5 -> v1.5.6.6

  • [Media] Several media capturing improvements (thanks user for patches)
  • [Build Gallery] Fixed functions evaluation broken on recent Firefox versions (thanks user for patch)
  • [Chooser] Fixed recent directory autocompletion by mouse not working in Firefox 32 and above
  • [Unix] Customizable terminal/launcher: if a "flashgot-term" script is found in $PATH it gets passed a "FlashGot (number of links)" string as its first argument (to be used as the terminal title), followed by the actual executable with arguments

Förändringar v1.5.6.3 -> v1.5.6.5

  • [Mac] Fixed external download manager detection broken on Mac OS X in Firefox 32 and above

Förändringar v1.5.6.2 -> v1.5.6.3

  • Better ZiZagDownloader support (thanks ZONINOZ for patch)

Förändringar v1.5.6.1 -> v1.5.6.2

  • [Media] Improved Youtube and support (thanks "user" for patch)

Förändringar v1.5.6 -> v1.5.6.1

  • [Media] Fixed regression in IFrames media detection (thanks "user" for patch)
  • [Media] Fixed typo in Youtube module

Förändringar v1.5.5.99 -> v1.5.6

  • [Media] Improved Youtube HD movies detection (thanks "user" for patch)

Förändringar v1.5.5.98 -> v1.5.5.99

  • Xtreme Download Manager support

Förändringar v1.5.5.97 -> v1.5.5.98

  • Folx 3 supportx Fixed sandboxed Youtube signature decoding breaking Flashblock
  • MultiGet download manager supportx Fixed pyLoad being automatically selected even if not present
  • Updated direct download support

Förändringar v1.5.5.96 -> v1.5.5.97

  • Fixed generic redirection resolution breaking downloads (thanks msjs for report)
  • Fixed generic redirection resolution exceptions not working as intended (thanks barbaz for debugging)
  • Updated uGet's display name to its currently preferred capitalization
  • [Built-in DM] Fixed file name sanitization bug ( thanks George Karas for reporting)

Förändringar v1.5.5.95 -> v1.5.5.96

  • [YouTube] New hd1440 DASH format detection (thanks user and al_9x)
  • pyLoad support (thanks pgoeri for patch)
  • Support for forced file names with uGet (thanks Visuex for RFE)
  • uGet support on Windows put on par with Linux

Förändringar v1.5.5.94 -> v1.5.5.95

  • [Media] Detection of Youtube's demuxed streams (DASH, thanks user for patch)
  • Fixed command line escaping issue on Windows, thanks vipiish for patch

Förändringar v1.5.5.8 -> v1.5.5.94

  • [Media] Fixed regression breaking Youtube detection on Firefox < 24
  • [Media] Support for some Youtube formats which had been hidden in the "official" API (thanks "user")

Förändringar v1.5.5.5 -> v1.5.5.8

  • Fixed regression in versioning management

Förändringar v1.5.5.4 -> v1.5.5.5

  • Fixed error logging bug (thanks therube for report)
  • Fixed regression in name guessing based on document title (thanks GµårÐïåñ for report)
  • Added logging for original error messages on failed file writes
  • Fixed cookie handling for TLD-less URLs (thanks jumpy21230 for reporting)

Förändringar v1.5.5.3 -> v1.5.5.4

  • [Media] Fixed Youtube multiple formats sniffing sometimes causing detected streams to be prefetched
  • [Media] Restored compatibility with Gecko < 2.0
  • [Built-in DM] User-facing error message if the directory selected for download doesn't exist and cannot be created
  • [Built-in DM] User-facing error message if the downloaded file cannot be written on disk

Förändringar v1.5.5.2 -> v1.5.5.3

  • [Media] Improved file name guessing (thanks nagan for reporting)
  • [Locale] Updated French (thanks Jack Black)

Förändringar v1.5.5.1 -> v1.5.5.2

  • [Media] Detection of fragmented Youtube movies inside Flash applets (thanks nagan for reporting)
  • [Media] Further improvement in Dailymotion support (thanks therube for reporting)
  • [Media] Better support for fragmented Dailymotion videos (thanks to chichi et al for reporting)

Förändringar v1.5.5 -> v1.5.5.1

  • [Media] Fixed Youtube content detection broken on Gecko < 2.0 (thanks Joe Greenman for reporting)
  • [Media] Fixed FLV and MP4 movies not being detected if the Content-length HTTP header is missing
  • [Media] Made Youtube metadata retrieval subrequests honor private browsing settings
  • Made redirection automation background requests honor private browsing settings

Förändringar v1.5.4.3 -> v1.5.5

  • [Media] Automatic detection of alternate available resolutions and formats for Youtube movies
  • [Media] Minor content type detection bug fix
  • Added timestamp to log entries (thanks GµårÐïåñ for RFE)
  • Log buffers get automatically flushed whenever the log file is opened in the browser

Förändringar v1.5.4.2 -> v1.5.4.3

  • Support for "FlashGot All" on XML documents with URL-like attributes

Förändringar v1.5.4.1 -> v1.5.4.2

  • Improved generic URL parameter redirector, does not break on some tracking Google results anymore
  • Added flashgot.redir.generic.exceptions preference to exclude incompatible URLs from generic URL parameter redirection via space-separated regular expressions
  • Support for DTA 3.0 Private Browsing (thanks Nils Maier for suggestion)

Förändringar v1.5.4 -> v1.5.4.1

  • Better support for per-window Private Browsing

Förändringar v1.5.3 -> v1.5.4

  • [Media] Right-clicking any URL in the Media menu copies it to clipboard (thanks GµårÐïåñ for RFE)

Förändringar v1.5.2 -> v1.5.3

  • [Chooser] Improved destination path selection behavior makes copy and paste easier
  • Fixed on the fly download when changing the default download manager not working for single links
  • [Media] Fixed flashing icon hidden on some popup windows (thanks nagan for reporting)

Förändringar v1.5.1 -> v1.5.2

  • (FKA support
  • Fixed Linux terminal support broken in some distros
  • Fixed FlareGet support broken in some distros
  • Support for on-the-fly Linux $PATH customization
  • [Media] Fixed Daylimotion support broken when there's no query string (thanks therube for report)
  • [Media] Support for fragmented video clips

Förändringar v1.4.8.5 -> v1.4.8.6

  • Added recent folders autocompletion support to built-in save path chooser (thanks Scott Merrill for RFE)
  • Restored FlareGet support (broken because of Debian packaging case rules)
  • Added fname support for links diverted from the "Save as" dialog

Förändringar v1.4.8.4 -> v1.4.8.5

  • Full FlareGet support
  • Fixed FlashGot Media still affected by the built-in download manager Unicode bug, preventing it from working on some locales (thanks taglife for report)

Förändringar v1.4.8.4 RC 5 -> v1.4.8.4

  • Fixed About dialog URLs typos and made it close as soon as a link is opened (thanks GµårÐïåñ for RFE)
  • [Media] Fixed icon flashing multiple times on chunked content even though just one (artificially collapsed) media URL is shown to the user (thanks al_9x for reporting)
  • [Media] Reduced noise by skipping the unsupported and possibly encrypted mp2ts chunked video format
  • Restored built-in download manager compatibility with Nightly by adding private mode support (thanks helpfulboy02 for reporting)

Förändringar v1.4.8.2 -> v1.4.8.3 RC 1

  • Cookie support in FlareGet
  • Support for ZigzagDownLoader
  • Tentative work-around for bug 795683

Förändringar v1.4.8.1 -> v1.4.8.2

  • Media file name support in FlareGet
  • Fixed media icon being shown even if the HTTP response status is error (thanks al_9x for report)
  • Fixed mispellings in Chinese localizations (thanks taglife for reporting)
  • Fixed built-in download manager could not be selected as the FlashGot Media default if its name locale translation contained non-ASCII characters (thanks taglife for reporting)
  • Fixed media icon shown on unrelated windows sometimes (thanks al_9x for reporting)
  • Removed some Error Console noise on media detection

Förändringar v1.4.8 -> v1.4.8.1

  • Fixed regression, some downloads failing on progress notifications (thanks Juan Manuel Velazque for reporting)

Förändringar v1.4.6 -> v1.4.7

  • [Media] Added support for recognizing m4v files as mp4 even with incorrect mime type headers (thanks Splash Team for report)
  • [Media] Improved file name detection

Förändringar v1.4.5 -> v1.4.6

  • [Media] Fixed moving the FlashGot Media icon in the Customize Toolbars palette didn't cause the icon to permanently stay there
  • [Media] Fixed hiding the addon bar makes the Media icon relocate itself automatically to the navigation bar
  • [Media] Prevented asx files from doubleclick ads (e.g. on Youtube preroll) to clutter FlashGot Media menu (controlled by preference)
  • [Locale] Updated localizations

Förändringar v1.4.3 -> v1.4.5

  • Support for latest DtA development version (thanks d_a for reporting)
  • [Media] Fixed detection failing on Firefox 15
  • [Media] Better adaptivity of the flashing icon

Förändringar v1.4.2 -> v1.4.3

  • about:config switch
  • Fixed issues with gesture activation and feedback (thanks therube for reporting)
  • Removed cursor feedback on progress

Förändringar v1.4.1 -> v1.4.2

  • Cursor feedback on middle button + south gesture
  • Cursor feedback on download preparation progress
  • Better accuracy of middle button + south gesture
  • Replaced all new Date().getTime() occurrences with to reduce object creations

Förändringar v1.4 -> v1.4.1

  • Compatibility with misconfigured providers serving media with a text/html content type header, such as
  • Restored Win2k compatibility

Förändringar v1.3.9 -> v1.4

  • Fixed bugs in HTTP Authorization data handling
  • FlashGet 3.7 compatibility

Förändringar v1.3.8 -> v1.3.9

  • [Media] Work-around to download whole Youtube media even when served split in 2MB chunks 2MB chunks
  • Increased to 500,000 bytes the minimum size threshold for flv/mp4 triggering FlashGot Media

Förändringar v1.3.6 -> v1.3.7

  • [Media] FlashGot Media now reuses the streaming cache directly, rather than forcing the file cache (this also fixes an issue with some videos being playable just once)

Förändringar v1.3.4 -> v1.3.5

  • Fixed "FlashGot All" and "FlashGot Selection" broken on latest Nightly

Förändringar v1.3.3 -> v1.3.4

  • Link for single download or number and domains for batches is shown in the folder chooser title

Förändringar v1.3.2 -> v1.3.3

  • v1.3.3
  • Fixed new wget server-provided file names handling getting confused sometimes
  • v1.3.3rc2
  • Replaced every reference to XHR's "on..." event handler properties with their addEventListener() counterpart, to cope with bug 687332 fallouts
  • v1.3.3rc1
  • Force wget >= 1.13 to honor server-provided file names after redirections, unless the destination directory is $HOME for security reasons (thanks Fernando Cerezal for RFE)
  • Updated multiple locales

Förändringar v1.3.1 -> v1.3.2

  • Better FlashGot Media name guessing management with DownThemAll! One Link
  • Fixed using the "Clear Log" command disables logging until browser gets restarted
  • Fixed "FlashGot Tabs" not working if any non-HTML document is present among tabs (thanks drsood for reporting)

Förändringar v1.3.0.6 -> v1.3.1

  • KGet multiple links batch support
  • Restored downloading media from cache on Gecko 2 and above (it needs caching as file to be forced for plugin streams, you can disable it by setting the about:config preference to false)
  • Fixed duplicate entries appearing in the FlashGot Media menu after a download being started from the built-in download manager or DownThemAll!

Förändringar v1.3.0.5 -> v1.3.0.6

  • Fixed FlashGot Media name guessing truncates last character sometimes
  • Nightly (9.0a1) compatibility

Förändringar v1.3.0.4 -> v1.3.0.5

  • Better special unicode characters handling in auto- detected filenames (thanks nagan for reporting)
  • Fixed download manager window not automatically being shown when using the built-in manager

Förändringar v1.3.0.3 -> v1.3.0.4

  • Restored Firefox 2 compatibility

Förändringar v1.3.0.2 -> v1.3.0.3

  • UA placeholder for user agent string available to custom download manager definitions (thanks joe william for RFE)
  • User agent string support for wget
  • User agent string support for cURL
  • Version number displayed in the About menu item
  • Fixed FlashGot Media toolbar button causing search box not to being resizable if placed on the navigation toolbar (default if the add-on bar is hidden)
  • Fixed FlashGot's gesture toggling zoom on image doucuments (thanks anonymous_user for report)
  • [L10N] Updated ca-AD

Förändringar v1.3.0.1 -> v1.3.0.2

  • FlashGot Options command in FlashGot Media menu, jumping directly to the FlashGot Media tab
  • Last tab selection persistence in FlashGot Options dialog
  • Fixed FlashGot.exe not being updated on upgrades when needed, sometimes

Förändringar v1.3 -> v1.3.0.1

  • Fixed FlashGot Media context menu missing when the addon bar is hidden

Förändringar v1.3 RC 2 -> v1.3

  • Improved styling of the new FlashGot Media toolbar button

Förändringar v1.2.9.3 -> v1.2.9.4

  • [L10n] Updated ru (thanks ?????????????)
  • Increased the minimum vertical drag threshold for the mouse-down south gesture to 16 pixels, in order to minimize the chances for accidental triggering

Förändringar v1.2.9.2 -> v1.2.9.3

  • Work-around for a Roboform bug causing new browser windows to be messed when FlashGot is installed

Förändringar v1.2.9.1 -> v1.2.9.2

  • Fixed regression: options dialog not shown first time it's invoked from elsewhere then context menu (thanks Janne Hyvärinen for reporting)

Förändringar v1.2.8.4 -> v1.2.8.5

  • [L10n] Updated Japanaese translation (thanks k2jp)

Förändringar v1.2.8.3 -> v1.2.8.4

  • Fixed regression breaking Alt+Click trigger

Förändringar v1.2.8.1 -> v1.2.8.2

  • Official FatRat support
  • Seamonkey 2.1b3 compatibility
  • [L10n] Updated locales

Förändringar v1.2.8 -> v1.2.8.1

  • Unicode command line support for custom download managers on Firefox 4 (thanks gfdic for RFE)
  • [l10n] New build process and package layout to streamline localization and Babelzilla integration
  • [L10n] hu update (thanks Kozák Csaba (WonderCsabo))

Förändringar v1.2.7 -> v1.2.8

  • SongBird 1.10 compatibility bump
  • Fixed creating a custom download manager entry changes FlashGot Media's choice (thanks basinilya)
  • Fixed removing a custom download manager prevents one with the same name from being created again until the option dialog is closed and reopened
  • Fixed removing current FlashGot Media download manager choice does not reset the list

Förändringar v1.2.6 -> v1.2.7

  • [Media] "FlashGot Options|FlashGot Media" panel, to choose a distinct download manager for streaming media capture ("Built-in" recommended for caching and name guessing, set by default on new installs)

Förändringar v1.2.5 -> v1.2.6

  • Estonian (thanks Oliverl) x Localizations cleanup
  • Fixed Unix download manager support regression
  • Fixed bug in Progressive Downloader execution
  • Progressive Downloader final support
  • Fixed Unix executable paths not properly escaped
  • Fixed downloads failing to start when the document containing the links is gone away

Förändringar v1.2.4 -> v1.2.5

  • Support for alternate URL styles decoding
  • Support for latest DTA trunk builds
  • Fixed mispelling in Rapidshare support message
  • Version bump for latest Thunderbird trunk compat

Förändringar v1.2.3 -> v1.2.4

  • Filesonic batch download support
  • Support for disabling link processors with download manager granularity, through preference like "flashgot.dmsopts.{dm}.redir.{processor}.enabled"

Förändringar v1.2.2.1 -> v1.2.3

  • Updated processor, skipping the invisible "Related galleries" links and leveraging the "one page" view to maximize performances

Förändringar v1.2.2 -> v1.2.2.1

  • [Media] "Clear" menu item to erase the media list of the current window (thanks Azruh for suggestion)
  • Dropped Filesonic pre-processing (temporarily?)

Förändringar v1.2.1.31 -> v1.2.2

  • Fixed links causing FlashGot All to fail when not logged in as a premium user (thanks white43 for reporting)

Förändringar v1.1 -> v1.1.1.1

  • Fixed last minute regression in "FlashGot All"
  • Brief FlashGot Media status icon transparency animation to catch attention on stream interception
  • flashgot.dmsopts.dmname.stripHash preference to remove hash from URLs for download managers messing with it (enabled by default for Net Transport 2)
  • preference to control FlashGot Media file name extrapolation
  • preference to control hash-based hack to force extrapolated file name on external download managers
  • Better file name extrapolation, cuts off site name components from the title before using it
  • Extrapolated file name for FlashGot Media unnamed stream used with built in DM and GetRight
  • Hack to force FlashGot Media extrapolated filename with other download managers (tested with Orbit, it does NOT work with FDM, it may work with other DMs)
  • FlashGot Media status bar icon appears when captured media content is available: left click downloads all the streams from the page, right click opens a contextual menu to select one
  • Restored support (thanks lianz for reporting)
  • Improved FlashGot Media sensitivity
  • Added tooltip to FlashGot Media command listing intercepted streams


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