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Versionshistoria Floola


Förändringar v5.7 -> v5.9.1

  • Issue copying files with international characters
  • Nano5G support fixed
  • Fixed an issue where loading would hang
  • Youtube download fixed
  • Auto delete unused backup files on low free space
  • Fixed issues with playlist menuitems under windows

Förändringar v5.6 -> v5.7

  • fixed issue when deleting items on shuffle3G
  • updated languages

Förändringar v5.4 -> v5.6

  • fixed playback issue under windows
  • updated languages

Förändringar v5.1.1 -> v5.2

  • rewritten iPod notes manager
  • iTunes 8.2 compatibility
  • Portuguese,Czech,Dutch,French,German,Greek,Hebrew,Italian and Russian translation updated
  • fixed ffmpeg installation issue (windows)

Förändringar v4.9 -> v5.0

  • better item list sorting (including in playlists)
  • season and episode number of TV Shows can now be edited
  • optional confirmation before podcast delete
  • improved png artwork support in mp3 files
  • does not crash anymore when removing rules from smart playlists
  • all episodes in a podcast can be marked/unmarked as unlistened
  • main listbox columns are resizable when browsing playlists
  • issue displaying small artwork on iPod
  • linux: check for other processes that might interfere with Floola
  • improved generation detection
  • improved compatibility with iTunes artwork database
  • faster artwork delete
  • iTunes 8.1 compatibility
  • fixed some exception while loading artwork on startup
  • fixed issues while quitting
  • threaded artwork library write
  • fixed cosmetic issues when using mid and big artwork thumbs
  • photo synch window minor cosmetic issues
  • text notes manage window improved
  • startup empty podcast error message was fixed
  • fixed a crash when deleting podcasts

Förändringar v3.2 -> v3.4

  • general improvements and bug fixes.


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