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Versionshistoria fre:ac - free audio converter


Förändringar v1.0.21 -> v1.0.21a

  • This release fixes several bugs that have been found in fre:ac v1.0.21, the most important being one to make the WMA encoder work again.
  • Upgrading to fre:ac v1.0.21a is strongly recommended to all users of fre:ac v1.0.21 and recommended to users of previous versions.

Förändringar v1.0.21 Beta -> v1.0.21

  • The beta release published a few weeks ago proved to be very stable and so there are only minor changes in the final v1.0.21. The new release provides translation updates for Romanian and Swedish languages and fixes the default settings for the FLAC encoder to match those of the command line FLAC utility.
  • Of course it also incorporates the changes introduced with fre:ac v1.0.21 beta 1 which include support for large fonts as well as general performance and stability improvements.

Förändringar v1.0.20a -> v1.0.21 Beta

  • A new fre:ac beta release is now available for download. Version 1.0.21 beta 1 features an updated runtime library that lets it benefit from several improvements previously limited to fre:ac development snapshots.
  • Notable improvements are support for large fonts in the user interface, context menus for text edit fields as well as general performance and stability improvements.
  • The new release also introduces Bulgarian language support, updates the FLAC codec to version 1.3.0 and fixes some minor bugs.


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