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Versionshistoria FreeFileSync (64-bit Mac OS X)


Förändringar v5.21 -> v5.22

  • New options for automatic retry after error
  • Improved compliance with Windows User Experience guidelines
  • Harmonized popup dialog layouts
  • Correctly show program menu when main dialog receives focus (OS X)
  • Revised configuration dialog layouts and designs
  • Fixed crash on startup for CPUs without SSE2 support (Windows XP)
  • Work around wxWidgets bug for sorted list boxes (Linux)
  • Updated and revised help file
  • Early parameter validation for filter and sync config dialogs
  • Fixed followed directory symlinks being incorrectly excluded
  • Automatically calculate best initial message box size
  • Progress graph and status icons support high contrast color schemes
  • Include directory child-elements when manually setting filter
  • Allow manual filter for short name on overview panel
  • Don't treat file drops on directory input fields as URI (Linux)
  • Updated translation files

Förändringar v5.19 -> v5.21

  • Detect moved/renamed files in mirror and custom variants
  • New database format for two way variant: old database files are converted automatically
  • Support double-clicking ffs_gui/ffs_batch files (OS X)
  • Integrated search panel (Ctrl + F, F3) into main dialog
  • Merged variant names into top button labels
  • Hide dock icon while minimized to notification area (OS X)
  • New keyboard shortcuts: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10
  • Further reduced size of database files by 10%
  • Fixed Outlook *.ost files found missing on VSS snapshot volumes
  • Added include filter context menu option
  • Correctly scroll to search hits on different grid
  • Always remove .ffs_tmp files permanently
  • Fixed layout for buttons with text and graphics for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Revised file filter parser: new syntax for excluding items in subdirectories
  • Improved configuration merge algorithm
  • Fixed crash when showing help due to wxWigets 64-bit bug in help component (Windows 8)
  • Avoid progress dialog graph flicker during resize when too few samples are available
  • Progress status when deleting files not greyed out anymore
  • Increased time-out to 20 seconds when checking for directory existence
  • Exclude broken symlinks via filter before showing error message
  • Follow symlinks when checking file/directory existence (Linux)
  • Consistently set batch error codes during startup phase
  • Updated translation files

Förändringar v5.19 -> v5.20 Beta

  • Fixed crash on startup due to wxWigets 64-bit bug in font enumeration (Windows 8)


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