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Versionshistoria FrostWire for Linux


Förändringar v5.3.0 RC -> v5.3.4

  • New frostwire.exe launcher with extended Unicode support now able to handle .torrent file names with extended Unicode characters.
  • Windows build is Windows 8 compatible.
  • Windows build will prefer Java 7 if not JRE is found.
  • Improvements when sending files on a local area network via magnet link or send file to friend.
  • Bug fix when opening magnets from a website when FrostWire was already running.
  • User experience improvements on the transfer manager.
  • Spanish translation update (93% translated)
  • YouTube video search and download support.

Förändringar v5.2.10 -> v5.2.11

  • Fixes bugs where some BitTorrent configuration settings were reset on startup.

Förändringar v5.2.9 -> v5.2.10

  • Upload ratios will not be enforced to 30% of downloads anymore. Users will have free will to set the upload ratio of their preference.
  • Update autodownload now supported for mac.
  • Updates can now be distributed via both BitTorrent and HTTP.
  • HttpFetcher improvements for less resource consumption.
  • HttpFetcher now supports large HTTP file downlods (progressive download).
  • Improvements to Send File to a friend.
  • Fixes bug where some finished Downloads wouldn't "Show in Library"
  • Bug report system revised.

Förändringar v5.1.5 -> v5.2.1 Beta

  • Play/Pause player buttons now share the same button depending on state.
  • Mac OSX threading bug when importing .m3u playlist to new playlist fixed.
  • Pressing space bar pauses/resumes currently played audio.
  • Playlist files can be sorted correctly by track number when available.
  • FLAC playback support.
  • When a playlist has finished importing files, it's shown to the user.
  • Transfer manager remembers the position of its JSplitPane.
  • Transfer manager sorts downloads by default based on their creation date.
  • Transfer manager has new column "Started On" showing the date the transfer first started.
  • Drag and drop issues on playlist component for Mac OSX fixed.
  • Partial download dialog table can adjust column widths, a horizontal scrollbar will appear if the sum of the columns is wider than the dialog.
  • When playing an audio file, if it gets deleted FROM DISK from inside FrostWire, the audio file will stop playing.
  • Files can be dragged to the "Starred" playlist and they will be marked as starred. If files are dragged from Disk, creating a new playlist will be offered, and all the elements on the playlist will be starred.
  • Files can be deleted from the "Starred" playlist. This will cause the files to be unstarred on every other playlist where they belong.
  • The tables on the library remember the last position of their scrollbars during the session.
  • Double clicking on a playlist name starts editing the playlist name.
  • Fixes bug where downloading an individual file in a torrent wouldn't be marked in the search results as downloading.
  • Fixes a memory leak when importing ID3 tags into a playlist.
  • Fixes bug where the duration of an MP3 file wasn't calculated correctly by MPlayer, duration is now being calculated with Java library.

Förändringar v5.0.7 -> v5.0.8

  • UX upgrade, send file or send folder support when a file or folder is dropped on FrostWire.
  • UX upgrade, file choosing dialogs on Mac now also show mounted volumes.
  • UX upgrade, playback support for m4a files.
  • UX upgrade, search result filters re-arranged.
  • UX upgrade, main search button gone, updated search text box to include clickable search icon.
  • UX upgrade, filters re-arranged.
  • UX upgrade, searches can be up to 50 characters long.
  • UX upgrade, either disconnected or turbocharged, no idle state.
  • UX upgrade, search as you type on the library, no more search button.
  • Disconnected only if it cannot connect to the internet.
  • UX bugfix, iTunes options were not visible for Windows users.
  • UX bugfix, fixes possible UI freeze on startup.
  • UI bugfix, sending songs to iTunes on Mac is now done in a single process.
  • Mac OSX Lion compatible.
  • Bugfix, issue where opening a torrent from would result in a
  • double invocation of the Partial Dialog window.
  • Bugfix, when user didn’t start a partial download the torrent wouldn’t be
  • deleted.

Förändringar v4.21.8 -> v5.0.7

  • FrostWire 5 changelog:
  • frostwire (5.0.7) stable; urgency=high
  • * UX upgrade, send file or send folder support when a file or folder is dropped on FrostWire.
  • * UX upgrade, file choosing dialogs on Mac now also show mounted volumes.
  • * UX bugfix, fixes possible UI freeze on startup.
  • * UX bugfix, sending songs to iTunes is now done in a single process.
  • FrostWire Team Mon, 4 Jul 2011 14:20:58 -0500
  • frostwire (5.0.6) stable; urgency=high
  • * New feature, Send file. Available on File Menu and Transfer Manager.
  • * New feature, Send folder. Available on File Menu and Transfer Manager.
  • * UX upgrade, we now have a [+] icon next to search result file names to show partial download dialog.
  • * UX upgrade, when a partial download is cancelled, the entry is removed from transfers.
  • * UX update on partial download dialog. Includes new text filter.
  • * UX fix, Library search now also looks for .torrents on “Torrents” folder.
  • * UX fix, Mac OSX file menu does no longer show “Exit” action.
  • * Fixes bug, incomplete files are no longer exported to iTunes playlist.
  • * UX update, Help Menu now says “Sharing Help”. Items rearranged.
  • * UX update, rearranged View options into single panel.
  • * UX update, torrent seeding settings are now a control of its own with an explanation of what seeding is.
  • * UX update, the installation wizard now forces the user to decide if she wants to seed or not seed to continue. Links to what is seeding are in place.
  • * UX update, in Windows and Linux, when the user Xs the window the user is explained that the application will be hidden and is given the option to exit.
  • * UX bugfix, font size can now be increased.
  • FrostWire Team Mon, 27 Jun 2011 10:57:00 -0500
  • frostwire (5.0.4) stable; urgency=high
  • * UI upgrade, Create and seed New Torrents.
  • * UI upgrade, Ability to throttle torrent transfer speeds
  • * UI upgrade, Copy info hash from torrent.
  • * UI upgrade, Copy magnet link url from torrent.
  • * UI upgrade, Searchable library. Searches recursively downloaded files, folders and torrents.
  • * UI upgrade, Search results filterable by Torrent Search Engine.
  • * UI upgrade, Search results filterable by file size.
  • * UI upgrade, Search results filterable by number of seeds.
  • * UI upgrade, Search results filterable by keywords as you type.
  • * UI upgrade, Ability to download partial files.
  • * UI upgrade, Promotional slides can now be switched by the user.
  • * UI upgrade and bug fixes on Phone & Tablets tab.
  • * UI upgrade, Ability to rebuild “FrostWire” playlist on iTunes.
  • * UI upgrade, Replaced legacy skinning code for “Substance” skinning system.
  • * Core update, audio playback is now done using mplayer.
  • * Core update, Vuze core integration with transfer manager. re-written from scratch.
  • * Core update, No Gnutella support. Multiple library dependencies gone.
  • FrostWire Team Fri, 24 Jun 2011 12:00:00 -0500

Förändringar v4.21.7 -> v4.21.8

  • frostwire (4.21.8) stable; urgency=high
  • Fixes a possible freeze reported by some users when the configuration wizard is shown.
  • Fixes issue when a user changes default Gnutella Save Folder and unchecks Sharing finished downloads. Individually shared files from the old Save Folder would still be shared. Now all individually shared files will be unshared if you uncheck this setting.
  • Now users don’t have to re-start to stop seeding after they’ve changed their torrent Seeding Configuration. All torrents old and new will stop seeding as soon as the setting is applied.
  • Better wording to explain on which networks files are being shared on, Gnutella or BitTorrent.
  • Changed color of “Sharing Options” gear icon to blue, gray icon may have seemed as if the button was disabled.
  • Added “Sharing Options” gear button on Search Tab. It’s only visible once a search has been started.
  • Added Help Menu options to learn about how to share/unshare files, torrent seeding, and how to avoid being scammed into paying for FrostWire. DO NOT PAY FOR FROSTWIRE.

Förändringar v4.21.2 -> v4.21.4

  • New setting to turn off automatic installer downloads.
  • New setting to limit the speed of BitTorrent downloads.
  • New Galician flag added.
  • UX improvements when creating new folders on the Phones and Tablets UI.
  • Fixes bug when dropping files on an Android device that hasn’t been selected.
  • UX change. FrostWire will now seed torrents that have not been removed from it’s download manager. Completed torrents now will appear as “Completed/Seeding”
  • UX change. Default save location folder in Windows Vista and Windows7 is now the user’s default “~Downloads/FrostWire” folder.
  • UX improvements when showing FrostClick overlays. No more flickering. Overlays are now shown in an animated slideshow. More than 2 artists can now be promoted.
  • Fixes bug when copying .apk files from Android device to desktop computer.
  • Fixes bug when saving torrents to it’s default Save location if that folder has been deleted.
  • Fixes bug on which removed Torrent downloads would reappear.
  • Updated Mojito DHT integration. Mojito DHT is now active.
  • Upgraded anti-spam mechanisms.
  • Removed all remnant code related to LimeWire Store.
  • Cleanup to use a single logging library.


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