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Versionshistoria i.Scribe for Linux


Förändringar v1.89 -> v1.90

  • Fixed some bugs in the HTML table layout code.
  • [Win32] Scribe now adds a key to the registry (HKCU) so that when mailto links are followed it can find the options file and the folders. (I tried passing storing the parameter in the mailto path, but it gets ignored.)
  • Fixed groups not showing up in the address browse drop down in the mail window.
  • Fixed contact groups not being matched to their address list when sending.
  • Added some keyboard handling to the filter condition UI construction and changed the operator part of a condition to be a combo box, which also aids in it's usability.
  • Added some code to try and update the current timezone every hour... in case for some reason the user changes it or daylight savings starts/ends. I don't know how to detect the timezone setting changing. So this is a reasonable fall back which works across all operating systems. And if you must have Scribe pick up the update "Right Now(tm)" you can just restart the client.
  • Test5 Changes:
  • [Mac] Fixed dropping files into the mail window.
  • Fixed the use of uninitialized memory in response to the Mail.FromHtml DOM field, which could lead to a crash.
  • Added a "Mark All Read" command on the mail folder context menu.
  • Added code to make a copy of an email when you try and edit an email you have already sent. This leaves the original email intact.
  • Disallowed the "receive" and "preview" items on the account's context menus when that account is disabled in the options.
  • Fixed delete attachments script.
  • [InScribe] Added some more description of the accounts and identities system to the help files.
  • Fixed it complaining about MAGIC_FOLDER_2 type nodes in the tree. Which you only see if you rebuild your folders using FolderDump.
  • [Mac] Fixed open/save dialog chopping off the bottom controls.
  • [Mac/Linux] Added support for Enter/Backspace in the file list area of the file open/save dialog.
  • [Mac] Added native skinning to the combo box control.
  • [Mac] Fixed backspace in the item filter on the main window.
  • Made the preview of mail headers in the main window resize to content.
  • [Mac] Fixed OpenSSL connections hanging around in the process handle table and eventually causing all sorts of problems after some hours of runtime.
  • Fixed Bug #177: Can't import CSV contacts.
  • Fixed contact groups reverting their address to the default for that contact.
  • Fixed the CSV contacts export function, added ability to export Contacts in child folders as well.
  • Fixed "Attachments: Attachments:" when you print an email with attachments.
  • The "days/mths/yrs" combo in the calendar recur page now lays out to the correct width, instead of being all squished.
  • Fixed the calendar date popup not coping with '.' as the separator.
  • [Mac] Fixed d'n'd files to and from the desktop.
  • [Mac+Linux] Fixed password entry boxes not painting all the pixels.
  • [Mac] Fixed some more wrong parent handle stuff that causes scrollbars not to appear correctly.
  • Fixed not being able to send to contact group recipients.
  • Fixed a crash when closing the calendar view window while the create todo editbox is active.
  • Fixed some fields not being copied to new mail from a template email.
  • Fixed the "From Contact" option in the filter drop down.
  • [Mac] Added code to limit the size and position of new windows to the screen size. This is so you can close/resize them.
  • [Mac] Fixed font enumeration, which in turn fixes the font selection dialog, which in turn fixes the font settings in the options dialog.
  • [Mac] Fixed views getting attached the the root control and thus not painting themselves if they are obscured by some other control. This was visible as scrollbars not showing up sometimes.
  • [Mac] Fixed the item preview area having 2 sunken borders.
  • [Mac] Fixed a 2px border not getting painted next to a scroll bar when a window also has a sunken or raised border.
  • [Mac] Fixed the various window positions not being saved between sessions.
  • [Linux+Mac] Fixed the sizing of the standard message dialog so that it doesn't cut off the buttons on the bottom.
  • [Mac] Moved "close window" to Cmd+W instead of Cmd+Q, and made Cmd+Q close the app. So it's more in line with standard mac keyboard shortcuts.
  • [Mac] Fixed Ctrl+Click on a recipient in the mail window so it opens the context menu. Handy if your using a macbook without a mouse plugged in.
  • [Mac] Fixed the initial focus for windows. Also fixed some focus tracking issues as well. Interestingly once a control loses focus, GetKeyboardFocus still returns the old control as the focus until after the new control has received focus. Which was confusing my code no end.
  • [Linux+Mac] Fixed a case where a semaphore could not be unlocked correctly under some circumstances. Causing the application to either hang or stop responding correctly.
  • [Mac] Added support for Cmd+LeftArrow and Cmd+RightArrow so the cursor goes to the start or end of the line in the edit controls.
  • Fixed the Content-Id attachment header getting lost between receiving and exporting or bouncing the message.
  • Fixed right click menu on calendar items being in the wrong place on screen.
  • If you drag and drop a calendar event to a new position, it wasn't updating the screen. This is fixed.
  • Fixed Bug #174: Needs better default time for calendar end date.
  • Added a copy action to user defined filters.
  • Added making a backup of the options file on every save so that if something clobbers your options you have some chance of getting them back. (I just lost my options file in a power cut, fortunately I had a manual backup of them)
  • [Win32] Fixed some progress bars not showing, uh er... progress.
  • [Mac] Added handlers to the list control for Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down (page up and page down) and Cmd+Up/Cmd+Down (home and end).
  • Added a (basic) find function to the HTML control. The keyboard shortcut is the same as the text control, Ctrl+F.
  • [Linux] Fixed window positions occasionally not being laid out into their correct positions when opening.
  • Fixed being not being able to delete passwords from mail accounts.
  • [Win32/Vista] Changed implementation away from the WM_USER message for character handling to use just the WM_KEYDOWN. In some rare circumstances the WM_USER message has a corrupted keycode sent by the TranslateMessage function. e.g. In the Romanian keyboard layout the ? and ? characters don't work.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection jumps to an unrelated email when sorting on items in some folders.
  • Added a delete handler for the list of recipients on the mail window.
  • Improved the matching of internal contacts to the text you put in the email window's recipient entry editbox. Specifically if you specify an email in that text the matching is more strict, which should prevent you accidentally entering the wrong contact.
  • Implemented "by position" filter in the calendar recur tab.
  • Fixed Bug #168: Broken HTML crashing the HTML control. In the case where there are very large numbers of nested tags, thousands deep, it would crash because it runs out of stack space. So I've limited tag depth arbitrarily to 1024 levels. I think if you can't represent the document with that many levels you're doing something wrong. It crashes around 3200 levels deep, so 1024 should be nice and safe.
  • Fixed the delete and delete as spam buttons not working when you open a new email via the tray icon right click menu.
  • Fixed saving an email that is currently selected to update the preview of it in the main window.
  • Fixed Group's names missing in the address book browser (off the mail window).
  • Made email's preview and separate window stay in sync edit wise as much as possible. Editing both simultaneously it not supported, but editing in one will update the other when you save (i.e. move to another record in the list view for the preview).
  • Fixed images not loading in HTML mail after a restart.
  • Added support for the dimension value "*" in the HTML control.
  • [Win32] Added support for different date separator characters.
  • Fixed the delete duplicate messages script so it doesn't crash.
  • [Win32] Fixed focus not moving back to the control you click on in the main window.


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