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Versionshistoria IZArc2Go


Förändringar v4.1.8 -> v4.1.9

  • Fixed Error messages when add files to an archive with "Move" operation
  • Fixed opening of files from 7-ZIP archives with default Windows program when the user has no administrative rights
  • Added an option to show password in password input dialog
  • Added an option to check the open archive or selected file from archive with VirusTotal
  • Updated UnRar library to version 5.11.1
  • Updated translations

Förändringar v4.1.7 -> v4.1.8

  • Fixed extracting of empty files from 7-Zip archives
  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Clear also extract to folder history when perform "Clear History"
  • Auto extract nested TAR archives from TAR.GZ files
  • Added an option to perform single search in all types of supported archives in "Search in Archives" dialog
  • Updated UnRar library to version 5.0.4
  • Updated translations

Förändringar v4.1.6 -> v4.1.7

  • Fixed: When editing nested file it is saved in wrong directory
  • Fixed displaying of large file size value in archive properties dialog
  • Fixed ordering of the toolbar buttons
  • Fixed support for GZ archives with 64 bit information into the header
  • Fixed opening of file from an archive when there are more than one file with the same name
  • Fixed extracting files from an archive with PK Zip v2.0 encryption
  • Added new functionality: Extract an archive on double click instead of open it with IZArc (Options ->Configuration ->Explorer Enhancements: "Extract on double click")
  • Added support for ARC archives with compression type 4
  • Added possibility to extract .EXE files (only supported types) from the IZArc context menu
  • Added default "Solid Archive" option for 7-ZIP archives in configuration dialog
  • Added an option in Extract dialog to close IZArc after extract operation
  • Updated UnRar library to version 4.20
  • Updated translations


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