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Versionshistoria MediaMonkey


Förändringar v4.1.0.1661 Beta -> v4.1.0.1664 beta

  • Synching playlists to the Server causes playlist to become empty on the device
  • WiFi sync: Files that are deleted in MMW are deleted also in MMA even when they should not
  • 4.1 Upgrade opens twice the previous sessions tab
  • MM allows update of rating for UPnP/DLNA tracks
  • Advanced search for Played# works only for integer values
  • Error 'Not a valid integer value'
  • When device is connected via USB, content is not refreshed after WiFi sync
  • [Reset device options...] resets also the WiFi access rights
  • Now Playing doesn't show tags for UPnP files on restart
  • Synchronization errors should be logged

Förändringar v4.1.0.1658 Beta -> v4.1.0.1661 Beta

  • Here's a new MMW build that adds synchronization support for iOS 7 devices, plus ~15 misc. fixes and improvements. We're nearing the end of the beta cycle, so please comment if you see any glaring ommissions.

Förändringar v4.1.0.1656 Beta -> v4.1.0.1658 Beta

  • Double-click the downloaded file
  • Select 'Portable mode' in the installer, and choose a temporary directory e.g. /My Documents/Temp/MM41_1658/ (so that it won't interfere with your existing installation of MediaMonkey 4.0).

Förändringar v4.1.0.1609 Beta -> v4.1.0.1656 Beta

  • 11209 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Connecting some devices triggers a ghost CD drive entry in Tree
  • 11150 Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn Wizard: Returing back to 'Edit CD/DVD/BD content' page is buggy (regression in 4.1)
  • 8361 Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Artist node fails to display Albums without an 'Album Artist'
  • 11123 Fixed [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP connection issues
  • 11188 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] PlaylistByID and RelatedObjectID should be 0 for Playlists node, but not -1
  • 11115 Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Strange behavior of ISDBSongData object

Förändringar v3.2.3.1303 -> v3.2.4.1304

  • The new version add compatibility with the iPod Nano 6G, iPod Shuffle 4G, and iPod Touch 4G.
  • It also resolves compatibility issues with iTunes 10.1, and iOS 4.2.1 firmware recently released for iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices.
  • In addition, it includes several other minor minor fixes.

Förändringar v3.2.3.1303 Beta -> v3.2.3.1303

  • Ventis Media is proud to announce a new release of MediaMonkey. The new version adds compatibility with the iPod Nano 6G, iPod Shuffle 4G, and iPod Touch 4G, and fixes compatibility issues introduced with iTunes 10.1. Additionally, the new version includes several minor fixes.
  • MediaMonkey 3.2.3 is available for download now in free and Gold versions at:
  • MediaMonkey 3.2.3 has been tested on iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad with IOS 4.1 / 3.2 firmware. We’ll be able to verify compatibility IOS 4.2 as soon as it is released.

Förändringar v3.2.0.1292 Test Build -> v3.2.0.1293 RC 3

  • iPod Nano 5G FW 1.0.2 doesn't sync correctly
  • Scripting: Ability to Set focus to UI-controls

Förändringar v3.2.0.1290 Test Build -> v3.2.0.1292 Test Build

  • Including .m4p tracks in a burn list causes the burn to fail
  • AV on refresh device database
  • Device icon in toolbar doesn't update at startup
  • Column order gets mixed up after switching nodes/views

Förändringar v3.1.2.1286 Test Build -> v3.1.2.1287 Test Build

  • Using Basic Search INS key opens Add Criteria Dialog
  • Searchbar does not search Encoder and some others fields after Optimize DB action
  • Aeropeek: Full size Preview not showing when MM is playing

Förändringar v3.1.2.1285 Test Build -> v3.1.2.1286 Test Build

  • Configure device dialog can freeze MediaMonkey on non-skinned version (regression)
  • CD tracks lose info when playing them (regression)
  • Columns in filtered views are mixed up

Förändringar v3.1.2.1284 Test Build -> v3.1.2.1285 Test Build

  • Playlist options: 'subdirectory for each playlist type' option is ignored
  • Expanding subnode takes one minute with filter enabled
  • 'Enter' doesn't activate menu items
  • MediaMonkey fails to start on WinXP (regression)

Förändringar v3.1.2.1274 Internal Build -> v3.1.2.1275 Beta 3

  • File Monitor Configuration: Paths in Quotations --> file monitor failure
  • Gapless playback isn't always absolutely gapless
  • Pasting large amount of text into Searchbar --> freeze
  • Main Explorer Tree: Deletion fails for Genre, Title and Rating subnodes
  • Database reference integrity: several missing SQL triggers

Förändringar v3.1.0.1225 Beta -> v3.1.0.1227 Beta

  • Files to Edit: Filter isn't applied for 'unlevelled' and 'unclassified' nodes
  • Burning common Playlist tracks and Pre-Selected tracks causes tracks to be burnt incorrectly
  • Boolean Search: Add support for 'AND' (in addition to space)
  • Scan directory: Locations node doesn't refresh with scanned tracks
  • Find more from same folder doesn't work in AA+Details view
  • Album Art: Locked aspect ratio can be too restrictive

Förändringar v3.0.6.1188 Beta -> v3.0.6.1189 RC1

  • 4886 Fixed missing artwork on iPod Touch 2.0
  • 4878 Fixed playlists don't disappear immediately from iPods/iPhone after deletion

Förändringar v3.0.5.1187 -> v3.0.6.1188 Beta

  • 4782 Adds compatibility with iPhone 3G and iPhones/iPod Touch with 2.1 firmware


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