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Versionshistoria Net Transport (ANSI, 95/98/ME)


Förändringar v2.91a.532 -> v2.92.540

  • Improved RTMP protocol according to Adobe official specification.
  • Fixed a bug that the downloaded MP4 file might have no sound.
  • Added magnet URI support for BT, a link on a web page only containing the info hash.

Förändringar v2.83.453 -> v2.84a.458

  • Fixed a bug that program could not parse RTSP protocol from some SMIL scripts.
  • Fixed a fatal bug that "Streaming" > "Locate" was not 24h format.
  • Fixed a bug for BT that some trackers perhaps crashed program.

Förändringar v2.83.453 -> v2.84.456

  • Modified that "Decrease" menu of the task would remove the selected connection instead of the last one.
  • Added support for more Flash Media Servers.
  • Enhanced the combination of partial data files for MP4 to smooth video by comparing more content between two partial parts.
  • Modified content of some requests for RTMP protocol.

Förändringar v2.80.441 -> v2.81.448

  • Added code to implement that if you use NetTransport first time, respective two toolbars would be put side by side in the "Download" and "Site-Explorer" tabs.
  • Enhanced [MS-RTSP] that if the remote server refuses "OPTIONS" method, program would continue to send "DESCRIBE" method.
  • Enhanced [MS-MMSP] to record this type of streaming that only older Windows Media Player (WMP6.4) can play. Please choose "NSPlayer/" entry from "Task Properties" -> "Other Settings" -> "Streaming" -> "User-Agent".
  • Enhanced [MS-WMSP] to decode the "chunked" transfer-coding.
  • Fixed a bug that other connections except the first connection could not use the dynamic URL that generated by the task.
  • Added code to recognize these type of URLs including only "new line" without "carriage return".

Förändringar v2.72.435 -> v2.72a.437

  • Fixed a bug that the default process of "Customize filename" did rename the destination file incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that WMSP could not process the "close" connection option.

Förändringar v2.64a.423 -> v2.70.428

  • Enhanced "Site-Explorer" to browse HTTP server being accessed by username and password pairs.
  • Enhanced Digest access authentication for HTTP.
  • Added support to get MP4 file via Darwin/QuickTime Streaming Server. Now program supports only H.264, MP4V video compression and AAC, AMR audio.
  • Fixed that program could not end streaming when recording via Helix Server v12.


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