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Versionshistoria Opti Drive Control


Förändringar v1.50 -> v1.70

  • Added seperate start button for partial test (for all read and scan functions)
  • Test results can be exported to CSV or HTML automatically
  • Disc quality test: added jitter measurement for BD discs
  • FE/TE: added support for CD and BD discs (for LiteOn Mediatek drives)
  • Transfer rate test: added support for multisession CDs
  • Disc label can be read and shown automatically or manually
  • Added load/eject button
  • Small bug fixes and user interface improvements

Förändringar v1.47 -> v1.48

  • Disc Quality test: added option to set fixed scale for BD media

Förändringar v1.41 -> v1.44

  • Bug fixes and small improvements

Förändringar v1.40 -> v1.41

  • Bug fix: Disc Quality: jitter was not reported with certain LiteOn drives

Förändringar v1.30 -> v1.40

  • Added Extra Tests:
  • Funnel seek, random seek, random transfer / seek, transfer inner, middle and outer, layer change time Spinup, spindown, eject, load and recognition time


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