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Versionshistoria Sigil


Förändringar v0.6.1 -> v0.6.2

  • Fix issue 1834: Pretty Print should be removed due to formatting issues.
  • Fix issue 1821: Audio files missing.
  • Fix issue 1816: Height is incorrect in Reports->Image Files.
  • Fix issue 1809: Fix crash related to cursor syncing.
  • Fix issue 1808: Editing in book view changes DTD to incorrect value.

Förändringar v0.5.3 -> v0.6.0

  • Goto Link or Style
  • Saved Searches
  • Clip Manager
  • Deleting unused images and styles
  • Edit capability in TOC generation
  • Inserting special characters
  • Change text casing
  • Reformatting CSS files
  • Various style and file usage reports
  • Ease of linking stylesheets and images
  • Inserting links and anchors
  • Opening files/images with external editors
  • Customise the GUI fonts/sizes/colors
  • ...and so much more...


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