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Versionshistoria Subsonic (Stand-alone)


Förändringar v5.0 beta1 -> v5.0 Beta 2

  • New: Support casting to remote Chromecasts (requires * address)
  • New: Added video bitrate selector.
  • New: Make DLNA media server name configurable.
  • New: Updated Czech translation, courtesy of Trottel.
  • New: Enable compression for XML, JSON and JSONP in the REST API
  • New: Set X-Content-Duration to support opus encoding.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with whole tab being sent to Chromecast rather than just the video.
  • Bugfix: Access-Control-Allow-Origin header sometimes missing in REST responses.
  • Bugfix: Fix DLNA recursion bug.
  • Bugfix: Fixed mixed content errors when changing cover art, and using https (courtesy of daneren2005)
  • Bugfix: Fixed errors on certain podcast feeds where they were being incorrectly labeled as video files (courtesy of daneren2005)
  • Bugfix: Updated ffmpeg commands to fix some transcoding issues.
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug in REST method changePassword
  • Bugfix: Avoid creating duplicate players when switching from Chromecast to local.

Förändringar v4.9 beta 3 -> v4.9 beta 4

  • New: Support playlist sharing on Facebook etc.
  • New: Added "Play next" button to playlist view.
  • New: Added "Play all" to starred songs.
  • New: Added "Save as playlist" to starred songs.
  • New: Show cover art for starred albums.
  • New: Show album/song count in genre list.
  • New: When playing a song from a playlist, queue other songs in that playlist.
  • New: When clicking the play icon for a song, add whole album to play queue.
  • New: Clicking on album thumb in "Now playing" now opens album page.
  • New: Cache generated album art.
  • Bugfix: Don't create zip file when downloading a single song.
  • Bugfix: Show cover art in the right order.
  • Bugfix: Hande genres names with special characters (e.g., "R&B").
  • Bugfix: Fixed character encoding problems in some translations.
  • Bugfix: Use locale-specific names for automatically created playlists.
  • REST: Added album/song count in getGenres.


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