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Versionshistoria VirtualDub


Förändringar v1.10.1 Experimental Build -> v1.10.2 Experimental Build

  • features added
  • Added option and /[no]useprofile switch to store configuration files under the user profile.
  • Added option for fully buffered write I/O.
  • PluginAPI: The preferred fccHandler supplied by input plugins is now also passed through to output files.
  • Decoders: Relaxed size restrictions on MJPEG decoder since a more flexible conversion blitter is now being used.
  • bugs fixed
  • The priority of the ASF pseudo-handler has been reduced to allow plugins to handle the format.
  • Fixed .exe manifest embedding error.
  • "Export raw video" command now saves properly in job scripts.
  • Fixed inversion when reading TARGA images (regression from 1.10.1).
  • Fixed bug that caused occasional truncated audio when writing segmented AVIs.
  • ExtEnc: Fixed omitted parameters and occasional extra commas when exporting profiles.
  • Filters: Fixed artifacts in 2:1 filters in 64-bit build.
  • Filters: Fixed logic errors in HSV adjust and emboss filters.
  • Filters: Lowered GPU priority in D3D9Ex acceleration mode to improve system responsiveness.
  • Filters: Restored missing perspective filter.
  • Filters: Fixed chroma smoother filter.
  • HexViewer: Fixed incorrect text label for fccHandler stream field.
  • Capture: Added timeout check for screen capture driver to avoid locking up program totally when capture load is too high.

Förändringar v1.9.10 -> v1.9.11

  • [bugs fixed]
  • Filters: Added compatibility option for filters that rely on constant buffer addresses.

Förändringar v1.9.9.32817 -> v1.9.10

  • bugs fixed
  • Fixed icon on status dialog.
  • Fixed crash in scene detector with UYVY/YUY2 input.
  • Fixed thread handle leak for unnamed threads.
  • Modified audio display waveform draw code to avoid broken lines when zoomed in.
  • UI: Fixed curve editor not reselecting the right curve after some video filter list manipulations.
  • Decoders: Fixed crash in Huffyuv decoder with invalid non-adaptive Huffman tables.
  • AVI: The palette change flag is now stripped when rewriting streams.
  • AVI: dwInitialFrames is now forced to zero in all cases for better compatibility.

Förändringar v1.9.3.32507 Experimental Build -> v1.9.4.32559

  • [bugs fixed]
  • Fixed chroma subsampling and 4:1:0 chroma positioning in test videos.
  • Scene stepping works with panes disabled.
  • Fixed crash in scene stepping with certain frame sizes and 24-bit RGB selected as the input format.
  • Path options were reversed in the batch wizard.
  • Filters: Fixed crash when VDXA is enabled and 3D acceleration initialization fails.
  • Filters: Corrected several positioning errors in resize filter in 3D accelerated mode.
  • Filters: Fixed bad offset and channel swapping when cropping on a filter that triggers a switch to 3D accelerated operation in RGB mode.
  • Filters: Fixed cut off size text in cropping dialog.
  • Filters: Field bob, threshold, and sharpen filters were added to the list even if the configuration dialog was cancelled.
  • Capture: Devices that don't declare a frame rate now cause an error rather than a crash.
  • [regressions fixed]
  • Fixed compatibility problems with Windows NT 4.0.

Förändringar v1.8.6.30009 -> v1.8.7.30080

  • [bugs fixed]
  • Wheel scrolling now works in the filter crop dialog.
  • Added clamp in audio conversion dialog to prevent invalid custom sampling rates.
  • DV: Audio error concealment now works when the PAL/NTSC bit in a frame is incorrect.
  • Capture: Added option to ignore DirectShow video timestamps when capture driver timing is busted.
  • JobControl: Rewrote sync mechanism to fix problems with multiple machines attempting to run the same job.
  • [regressions fixed]
  • JobControl: Fixed crash if job list couldn't be flushed on exit.

Förändringar -> v1.8.6.30009

  • [bugs fixed]:
  • Wheel scrolling in the Set Text Information dialog closes the edit control.
  • Save Segmented AVI now works with VBR audio.
  • Animated GIF export now fails with an error if the current output format is compressed or otherwise not supported.
  • JobControl: Fixed crash when one machine attempts to run a job in distributed mode right when another machine deletes it.
  • JobControl: The filter crop mode saved in jobs was opposite from selected. (This only affected YCbCr cropping.)
  • Capture: Fixed crash when capture driver sends audio samples when DirectShow graph is not running.
  • D3D: Fixed sporadic crash on lost device.
  • D3D: Fixed Direct3D errors when display debug information is enabled and a video filter fails to initialize.
  • Frameserver: Frame rate adjustments weren't always propagated correctly.
  • [regressions fixed]:
  • Fixed crash when using fast/normal recompress mode without a video codec.
  • Fixed divide by zero crash when loading video and a video filter in the list is unable to initialize.
  • Changing the "source rate adjustment" option no longer invalidates the current selection.
  • Rendering would loop endlessly if an error occurred during video compression and threaded compression was disabled.
  • Disabling the "directly decode YCbCr formats" option works again.
  • Filters: lMicrosecsPerFrame and lMicrosecsPerSrcFrame were reporting milliseconds (broken since 1.8.0).
  • JobControl: Fixed case where a non-distributed "load job list" command can fail due to erroneously running distributed-mode code.
  • JobControl: Fixed problem where dialog would suddenly close when editing job names.
  • Script: Fixed crash when removing video filter from filter chain.
  • DV: Audio decoding works again with NTSC DV files (broken since 1.8.4).

Förändringar v1.9.1.31536 Experimental Build -> v1.9.1.31953 Experimental Build

  • [features added]
  • UI: Added support for configuring keyboard shortcuts in edit mode.
  • UI: Added Always on Top to window menu.
  • Filters: Filter cropping dialog is now resizable.
  • Filters: Added align-to-2 option in resize filter.
  • Filters: ELA and Yadif modes of deinterlace filter are now optimized for CPUs that have MMX but lack SSE2.
  • Filters: The filter preview window now has the same context menu size and filter options as the main panes.
  • Filters: Frame conversions at the start of a video filter are now cached.
  • Filters: Fixed rare crash when downsizing 8-bit YCbCr images with resize filter.
  • Filters: Improved frame allocator assignment for lower memory usage.
  • Filters: Added field delay filter.
  • Render: Added an option to warn if no audio is written on a save operation.
  • Render: Fixed several blitter bugs, particularly those involving 4:1:1 sampling.
  • [bugs fixed]
  • Preferences: Audio buffers value was set incorrectly exiting the dialog. The value show when the dialog appears was correct.
  • Filters: Fixed positioning issues in the filter cropping dialog for small frame sizes.
  • Filters: Filters now receive finite mFrameCount values in render mode instead of unspecified (-1).
  • Filters: Yadif mode of deinterlace filter was not caching internal frames efficiently.
  • Filters: Fixed crash in certain paths when a filter frame request fails.
  • Filters: Fixed occasional crashes with aligned scanline requests, particularly with cropping.
  • Filters: Fixed artifacts in resize filter on right border with certain filter+ratio combos, pre-SSE4.1 CPUs, and YCbCr formats.
  • Capture: Custom video format had HDYC listed twice instead of HDYC and v210.
  • Images: Fixed hang in PNG encoder.
  • Render: Added workaround for random hang when aborting render while using XviD with threaded compression enabled.
  • AMD64: Fixed crash in resampler with certain filter/ratio combinations.
  • [regressions fixed]
  • UI: Timeline scrubbing is more responsive again when dealing with files that have long delta frame runs (since 1.9.1).
  • Render: Fixed hang if there is a string of duplicate frames longer than the video pipeline (since 1.9.1).
  • Filters: Fixed some caching and frame numbering issues with filters that have non-zero lag (since 1.9.1).


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