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Versionshistoria VisualSubSync


Förändringar v1.0.0 -> v1.0.1

  • A few fixes and some basic MP4 container scene change support.
  • Add scene change support for MP4 container by using synchronisation points.
  • Fix loading of big files in text pipe. (Reported by Anani A. and Radioxoma)
  • Fix text pipe colorization to at least work consistently for the last added subtitle.
  • Try to fix form display when screen is not using 100% dpi. (Reported by Sabrina H. and mlgr)
  • More error checking to avoid crash when rendering a media file

Förändringar v0.9.22 -> v1.0.0

  • Implemented feature request #2998396 : Open most recent project on startup
  • Fixed bug #2988478 : Display problem with “Translate” dialog this dialog is now re-sizable and should display correctly.
  • Fixed shortcut overwrite problem when loading preset
  • Fixed bug #2970734 : Double click on stop time change the next subtitle.
  • Fixed unicode option change : auto save project
  • Fixed undo delete action : mark project as dirty
  • Fixed translate dialog : now use “translate all subtitles” when there is no VO file
  • Fixed VO file loading : always clear current VO file before trying to load new VO file which can be empty
  • Added jsplugin function VSSCore.GetTextSelectionStart() : Return the position of the first selected character in the text.
  • Added jsplugin function VSSCore.GetTextSelectionLength() : Return the number of characters that are selected.
  • Added jsplugin function VSSCore.GetAudioCursorPosition() : Return the position of the yellow audio cursor in ms.
  • Fixed spell checking handling of typographic characters (non-breaking spaces, quotes, dashes, apostrophe …) (patch by spirit)
  • Fixed SSA/ASS export : make sure there is a default style when saving as SSA or ASS format. (reported by spirit)
  • Added *.FLV to the open video file dialog filter.
  • Improved GUI splitter display (based on code by Anders Melander)
  • Added a check for AVI file with lots of key frame (if >=100 consecutive KF then disable scene change display)
  • Fixed some possible crash when no adequate splitter can be found

Förändringar v0.9.21 -> v0.9.22

  • Added translate dialog with new options to create translation template.
  • Added CSV format output
  • Added ESC key to close the WAV Extraction dialog
  • Fixed auto close wavextractfrom on successful extraction
  • Fixed project subtitle format modification
  • Fixed VO display when changing VO filename in the project property dialog (kickaha)
  • Fixed a ffdshow compatibility problem leading to a crash on audio extraction
  • Fixed JSAction shortcut regression : configuration was impossible
  • Fixed header color problem with some Windows color scheme

Förändringar v0.9.20 -> v0.9.21

  • Added support to hide any column
  • Added hopefully better column size handling
  • Added configurable hotkey for Reload
  • Added support to close dialog box with Escape key when possible (shortcut not already use for something else)
  • Added support for vertical zoom up to 800%
  • Fixed preferences dialog close delay
  • Fixed project modification flag when loading presets
  • Fixed usage of user filename in Translate dialog
  • Fixed a silent crash when zooming with mouse wheel
  • Fixed crash when doing file association without registry write access, a check is now done and an error message is displayed.

Förändringar v0.9.19 -> v0.9.20

  • Added VO display on waveform
  • Added new menu to create translation template : File>Translate
  • Split at cursor now puts all the blank at left of the cursor instead of 50/50
  • Added a builtin crash reporter
  • Fixed Unicode support for SSA/ASS
  • Fixed waveform disappearance when changing subtitle file
  • Fixed plugins parameters edition on double click

Förändringar v0.9.18 -> v0.9.19

  • Translation mode (Contribution by kickaha)
  • Reworked project handling so only the subtitle file is required in projects (video or audio is now optional)
  • Added View>Show/Hide subtitles menu item to show or add subtitles on video (Contribution by kickaha)
  • Added search support in the text pipe, you must put the text cursor in it before opening the find dialog (Contribution by kickaha)
  • Added load support for timing stripped .SRT file in the text pipe (Contribution by kickaha)
  • Added save support for timing-only .SRT, text is stripped (Contribution by kickaha)
  • Added columns size and default dictionnary in saved preferences (Contribution by kickaha)
  • Fixed several bug related to extension handling in backup mode or with unsupported extensions (Contribution by kickaha)
  • Fixed some project preferences were not immediately saved and could be lost: text pipe filename, dictionary (Contribution by kickaha)

Förändringar v0.9.17 -> v0.9.18

  • You can now copy/paste subtitles from 2 VSS instances or from a text editor (SSA support is limited, you need to copy the full [Event] section)
  • Double clicking on a subtitle start time or stop time, now fix overlapping and try to improve the reading speed.
  • The ”Insert text file” menu is renamed in ”Insert file…” and can now also be used to insert the content of an .SRT file.
  • Added copy/paste support (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V in subtitles list or Paste here in audio waveform)
  • Added double click javascript event (Contribution by Spirit)
  • Big speed improvement on fix error (Contribution by Spirit)
  • Added insert scene change
  • Added VideoWidth, VideoHeight and MeasureStringWidth to javascript plugins
  • Added insert .SRT file content : Edit>Insert file…
  • Fix spell checking when replacing automatically more than one item in a same subtitle
  • Fix status bar display again
  • Fix cancel in confirmation dialog when opening a new project
  • Fix audio extraction from some .mov files

Förändringar v0.9.15 -> v0.9.17

  • Spell checker : Edit>Spell check
  • Silent zones detection : View>Show silent zones
  • Improved presets loading and now presets are set per project
  • Too short and too long plugin now handle parameter as time and reading speed (RS)
  • Use native look hint window
  • Fix crash when deleting subtitle in middle of a search
  • Fix undo bug in subtitle edit field
  • Fix wav normalization
  • Fix quick stats plugin (“Fast, acceptable” was missing)
  • Fix some unicode bug on none ASCII OS version (Thanks to Tonchan for the bug report)
  • UPDATE : Version 0.9.16 was saving corrupted files, it's been replaced by 0.9.17 with same functionality.


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