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Versionshistoria WinMount (64-bit)


Förändringar v3.4.0831 -> v3.4.1020

  • Can be installed in Win2000
  • Mount VHD with fixed size is supported;
  • "Yes to all" or "No to all" is valid when extract;
  • Import music to Itunes from Flac virtual disk will not lost data;
  • Add a layout settings, "Show tray icon" and "Show button on the taskbar".

Förändringar v3.3.0524 -> v3.4.0804

  • New interface, easier operation;
  • Enhance driver stability, compatible with PowerShadow and firewall;
  • Unmounted disk will not remounted without commands in Win7;
  • Archive in archive can be mounted in browser window;
  • Support extracting NSIS package.
  • Optimize decompression algorithm, improved the reading speed;
  • More stable, solve conflicting problem with some softwares.
  • Optimize compression algorithm;
  • Fix some bugs.

Förändringar v3.3.0315 -> v3.3.0401

  • Over-write mode is available in extracting setting dialog.
  • Single renamed VMDK image is mountable.
  • Fixed many bugs

Förändringar v3.3.0209 -> v3.3.0315

  • Packages can be quick mounted to a same path.
  • Add MOU quick mount.
  • Optimized algorithm of quick mounting.
  • Fix other bugs.

Förändringar v3.2.1217 -> v3.3.0120

  • Write-back to MOU.
  • Create ISO from CD/DVD Rom.
  • Optimized the compression mode.
  • Fixed other bugs.

Förändringar v3.2.1117 -> v3.2.1217

  • Enhance the email feedback function.
  • Fix the incorrect directory property of WinMount drive.
  • Enable the hidden files to be displayed in the browser window.
  • The toolbar button of buy will be removed immediately after registration.
  • Fixed some mounting bugs.

Förändringar v3.2.0929 -> v3.2.1117

  • Mounted drive is modifiable, but changes would be lost when unmount.
  • Adjust some menus positions.
  • New feature of open file with notepad in the browser mode.
  • New feature for modifying file name in the archive.

Förändringar v3.2.0521 -> v3.2.0624

  • Closed filter driver that users cannot mount archives to the local disk temporarily;
  • Fixed the bug: if the index process is not completed, unmounting will cause errors;
  • Fixed the bug: decompressing an archive with a wrong password will cause errors;
  • Fixed other bugs.

Förändringar v3.2.0213 -> v3.2.0227

  • Create WMT is re-opened;
  • VHD and VDI files are writable.
  • Decompress mou,zip,rar with Right-Drag menu;
  • Add "auto update" in option settings;
  • Other changes in option settings;
  • Fix some bugs.

Förändringar v3.4.1020 -> v3.5.0331

  • Fix some bugs.


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