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Versionshistoria WinSCP


Förändringar v5.7.2 -> v5.7.3

  • Using FTP command SIZE in binary mode.
  • Optionally determining local file icon by extension only.
  • Ensuring that sessions to be opened in a new window does not get actually opened back in the existing window.
  • Bug fix: SFTP transfers fail occasionally.
  • Bug fix: Controls occasionally do not align correctly after restoring maximized window from minimization.
  • Bug fix: Embedded session is not opened.
  • Bug fix: SCP session breaks when an output includes a null character.
  • Bug fix: Error retrieving file attributes with FTP protocol when the path is given with trailing slash.
  • Bug fix: Sort arrow was shown on unsortable Find dialog.
  • Bug fix: File mask with size constraint over 4 GB does not work.
  • Bug fix: When dragging files from local panel to local tree, status bar is not updated.
  • Bug fix: Local directory tree does not show newly created folder.
  • Bug fix: Local directory tree stops reflecting changes after creating new folder.
  • Bug fix: Failure when HTTPS WebDAV URL redirects to HTTP.
  • Bug fix: Certificate validation fails, when HTTP WebDAV URL redirects to HTTPS.
  • Bug fix: Some redirected WebDAVS connection error messages show original host name instead of the actual host name.
  • Bug fix: WebDAVS certificate failure override for redirected session is stored for original host name.
  • Bug fix: During file transfers on FTP servers that do not support MLSD command, file details are not provided on overwrite confirmation prompt and transfer progress is not shown correctly.
  • Bug fix: Edit commands on all Internal editors reflect state of the currently focused editor, instead of their editor.

Förändringar v5.7.1 -> v5.7.2

  • Reporting relative addresses in stack trace.
  • Bug fix: SFTP/SCP transfers occasionally time out.
  • Bug fix: Fail gracefully when internal command generated by WinSCP .NET assembly is too long.
  • Bug fix: Failure when “downloading and deleting” an empty remote directory with .NET assembly.
  • Bug fix: When overwriting configuration export, new configuration is appended, instead of replacing the previous export.
  • Bug fix: When listing WebDAV directory using relative path, the listing includes a reference to the directory itself.
  • Bug fix: Failure when pressing help icon while no control has focus.
  • Bug fix: Failure when closing log window during activity.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect encoding of SSH_FXP_REALPATH.

Förändringar v5.7 -> v5.7.1

  • Translations added: Croatian, Finnish, Korean and Polish.
  • Upgraded private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) to 0.64.
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1m.
  • Not requiring confirmation when canceling an operation.
  • Import of Base64-encoded passwords from FileZilla.
  • Progress window uses Skip button instead of Cancel when calculating transfer size. 1296
  • Workaround for ProFTPD/mod_sftp bug in SSH_FXP_REALPATH handling with SFTP version 6. 1289
  • Not asking for master password repeatedly when opening Generate URL dialog. Not asking at all unless user chooses to include password into URL.
  • More space for information about translators.
  • Bug fix: Back-propagated SSH security fixes from PuTTY 0.64. private-key-not-wiped-2 diffie-hellman-range-check
  • Bug fix: Failure when working with stored sites when a temporary hidden site for interprocess communication is not properly removed.
  • Bug fix: Overwrite confirmation prompt displays name of source file instead of target file, when file name changes, with SFTP, SCP and WebDAV protocols. 1290
  • Bug fix: Transfer was not resumed after moving the transfer to the background when source and target file name differs with FTP protocol.
  • Bug fix: Failure when trying to open another externally initiated session while externally initiated session is opening.
  • Bug fix: It is not possible to configure certificate accepting with WebDAV protocol in .NET assembly. 1284
  • Bug fix: User and group name is not decoded properly from UTF-8 encoding with SFTP version 3 and older. 1288
  • Bug fix: When calculating size of files to transfer is canceled, not using the incomplete results to estimate transfer progress.
  • Bug fix: When local custom command is applied to a remote folder, it is unconditionally uploaded back after the command finishes. 1294
  • Bug fix: Calculation of transfer size could not be moved to background.

Förändringar v5.6.4 RC -> v5.6.5 RC

  • Local custom commands can optionally be executed with remote file paths to allow extending WinSCP functionality using scripts.
  • Fixes various OpenSSL vulnerabilities.

Förändringar v5.6.3 Beta -> v5.6.4 RC

  • Improved an automatic reconnect.
  • Remembering the last working directories in a workspace.
  • Calculating a remote file checksum is supported with FTP protocol.

Förändringar v5.6.2 Beta -> v5.6.3 Beta

  • Improved GUI responsiveness.
  • Sites can be mass-modified using command-line

Förändringar v5.6.1 Beta -> v5.6.2 Beta

  • Files modified by local custom command are uploaded back.
  • Improved Synchronization checklist window.
  • UTF-8 support for SCP.
  • Global configuration options can be set on command-line.
  • Improved compatibility with antiquated FTP servers, like IIS.
  • Natural order numerical sorting of file names and sites.
  • Support for ProFTPD FTP extensions to duplicate a remote file, and to create a symbolic link.
  • Timestamp variable in scripting.
  • Fixes for various OpenSSL vulnerabilities.

Förändringar v5.6 beta -> v5.6.1 Beta

  • Allowed stored sites, including their names and initial directories, to preserve Unicode characters.
  • Workaround for Vandyke VShell incorrect announcement of checksum calculation support.
  • Workaround for Bitvise WinSSHD lack of SFTP extensions announcement.
  • Support for OpenSSH extension for creating hardlinks.
  • Open command can open directories.
  • WinSCP can register to handle WinSCP-specific WebDAV URL addresses (winscp-http:// and winscp-https://).
  • Improved stack trace reporting for internal errors.
  • No showing suggestion to delete file in error when overwriting file on non-interactive displays.
  • Workaround for FTP servers that do not enclose path in response to PWD command in quotes.
  • Bug fix: Failure when opening SCP session.
  • Bug fix: Missing help link for Note page of Advanced Site Settings dialog.
  • Bug fix: Failure when processing results of upload in .NET assembly when a directory was created with explicitly set permissions as the first operation.
  • Bug fix: Wrong formatting of some error messages on log view of Keep remote directory up to date dialog with Continue on error option enabled.
  • Bug fix: Modified edited/opened remote files are incorrectly uploaded using an active session, instead of their original session.

Förändringar v5.5.5 -> v5.5.6

  • Back-propagated some improvements and fixes from 5.6.2 beta release:
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1j. Fixing several security defects.
  • Bug fix: When opening a session from command-line in scripting failure is randomly reported. 1210
  • Bug fix: Cannot retrieve file from current folder of FTP server in scripting. 1222
  • SSL 3.0 disabled by default, to protect from SSL vulnerabilities, such as CVE-2014-3566 (POODLE).

Förändringar v5.5.4 -> v5.5.5

  • Fixes for various OpenSSL vulnerabilities;
  • Improved compatibility with various SFTP servers.

Förändringar v5.5.3 -> v5.5.4

  • Fix for CVE-2014-0224 OpenSSL vulnerability;
  • Small improvements to .NET assembly and scripting.

Förändringar v5.5.2 -> v5.5.3

  • Fix for CVE-2014-0160 OpenSSL vulnerability;
  • Improvements for running under Wine.

Förändringar v5.5.1 -> v5.5.2

  • Cloning site without hostname when Enter key is pressed. 1115
  • Preventing “Message too long to send to external console” error. 1121
  • When listing local files during operation fails, including path into error message. 1131
  • NuGet package for .NET assembly. 1145
  • Bug fix: Prompt to import sites was not skipped during silent install. 1112
  • Bug fix: Transfer settings speed limit does not apply. 1114
  • Bug fix: Edited file is reloaded from active session, not from original session. 603
  • Bug fix: Caption of New Site node on Login dialog is not translated when language is changed.
  • Bug fix: Error on every even opening/editing of remote file while having New and updated files only option set as default. 1118
  • Bug fix: Incorrect Login dialog placement when application was closed on non-primary monitor above or to the left of primary monitor. 1119
  • Bug fix: In countries that changed timezone, file times before the change were set wrong for downloaded files. 1122
  • Bug fix: Incorrect handling of remote files ending with dot with FTP protocol. 1128
  • Bug fix: Speed limit of waiting background transfer shows incorrect value and cannot be changed. 1129
  • Bug fix: Selecting private key file with space in path yields error message when submitting Advanced Site Settings dialog. 1130
  • Bug fix: .NET assembly Session.FileTransferProgress is not included in COM event sink. 1134
  • Bug fix: When main window was restored from notification area while message box was displayed, main window could receive focus.
  • Bug fix: Notification balloons showing transfer configuration/error were showing ** markup.
  • Bug fix: When minimized, message boxes were popping up on foreground.
  • Bug fix: Main menu accelerators are not working. 1143
  • Bug fix: Scaled-down version of 32×32 icon was used in task bar notification area instead of 16×16 icon. 1144
  • Bug fix: Failure when ending Windows session when main window is minimized.
  • Bug fix: Occasional failure when run from Session 0. 1146
  • Bug fix: Timeout while trying to resume upload with FTP protocol. Thanks to Michael Lukashov.
  • Bug fix: With FTP protocol Set permissions transfer setting was incorrectly enabled for synchronization in Both mode.

Förändringar v5.5.0 -> v5.5.1

  • This version fixes several bugs and adds some small improvements.

Förändringar v5.2.7 Beta -> v5.5.0

  • Distinguishing main question/information of even more messages.
  • Detecting symbolic link loops when finding files. 1093
  • Remembering Synchronized browsing state with site only when Remember last used directory is enabled. 963
  • New installer icon.
  • Visualizing instant operations (such as copying data to clipboard or creating a desktop shortcut) with hourglass mouse cursor.
  • Showing full path to an INI file on Preferences dialog.
  • Not allowing to switch from /ini=nul configuration storage to avoid data loss.
  • Improved display of lists on Server and protocol information dialog.
  • Bug fix: During reconnect user was prompted with password even when password was remembered already.
  • Bug fix: Option to remember password for session was not working for authentication of background transfers and separate shell sessions.
  • Bug fix: Removing BOM on text mode FTP uploads was unconditional. 1096

Förändringar v5.2.6 Beta -> v5.2.7 Beta

  • This version enables checking disk space usage, when connected to OpenSSH server, and fixes several bugs

Förändringar v5.2.5 Beta -> v5.2.6 Beta

  • Improved registration for URL protocols:
  • - WinSCP registers itself with Default Programs control panel for protocol URLS sftp://, scp://, ftp:// and ftps:// on Windows Vista and newer.
  • - WinSCP handles application specific protocol URLs winscp-sftp://, winscp-scp://, winscp-ftp:// and winscp-ftps://.
  • - It is possible to remove protocol registration from Preferences.
  • - It is possible to open Default Programs control panel for WinSCP from Preferences.
  • - When registering machine-wide, current-user-specific registration that would shadow it is removed.
  • New icons for Move to and Duplicate commands and dialogs.
  • Keyboard shortcut to open site in PuTTY on Login dialog. 1079
  • When saving session opened from SFTP/SCP URL with host key fingerprint, the hostkey is saved to cache.
  • Improved distinguishing main question of master-password related message boxes.
  • Removed icon from Quit command in menus.
  • Not adding UTF-8 BOM to files edited in an Internal editor. 1081
  • For FTP sessions over implicit TLS/SSL, Copy URL to Clipboard command uses ftps:// protocol.
  • Support FTP servers that require TLS/SSL handshake on transfer connection before responding 1yz to STOR/APPE. 1084
  • Bug fix: Failure when connecting through SSH tunnel. 1076
  • Bug fix: Failure on start when any site has proxy or tunnel password protected with master password. 1077
  • Bug fix: Failure when disconnecting a session.
  • Bug fix: Failure during some operations in FTP over TLS/SSL session. 1078
  • Bug fix: When saving site from SFTP/SCP URL, the saved site was not pre-selected on the Login dialog, unless the URL contained host key fingerprint.
  • Bug fix: Failure when selecting SSH private key. 1080
  • Bug fix: Time-based SSH key re-exchange does not work. 1082
  • Bug fix: Passwords are lost when any raw session settings is specified in scripting or command-line. 1083

Förändringar v5.2.3 Beta -> v5.2.4 Beta

  • Three SSH security vulnerabilities fixed;
  • Many improvements for large font/high DPI environments;
  • Redesigned message boxes;
  • and more bug fixes and improvements

Förändringar v5.2.2 Beta -> v5.2.3 Beta

  • Fix and lots of improvements for working with master password
  • Synchronization preview in scripting
  • and more bug fixes and improvements

Förändringar v5.2.1 Beta -> v5.2.2 Beta

  • Simplified Login dialog: ?Both site tree and basic session controls are visible at the same time.
  • - Login dialog is resizable. 378
  • - Modal editing of sites.
  • - Advanced session controls moved to a separate dialog Advanced Site Settings dialog.
  • - Context menu for site tree.
  • - Site name and path are specified separately when saving site.
  • - Separate entry for New Site in site tree.
  • - Global settings such as Interface and Logging removed from Login dialog.
  • - Language selection moved from Languages button of Login dialog to Languages page of Preferences dialog.
  • - Display of sessions in workspace.
  • - SSH Private key file box moved to SSH tab of Advanced Site Settings dialog.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Custom command pattern !`command` that expands to output of local command.
  • Subset of custom command patterns can be used in PuTTY path, including !/, !@, !U, !P, !?prompt?! and !`command`. This among other allows opening PuTTY in the same directory as current WinSCP working directory 326; or using different SSH client, such as KiTTY 966.
  • Buttons that open drop down menu are marked with an arrow.
  • New icons for Console, Find and Synchronization Checklist windows.
  • Session settings can be exported also to KiTTY, when opening session in PuTTY/KiTTY.
  • Configurable registry key for exporting sessions to PuTTY(-like) clients. 1006
  • Suppressing critical error popups. 1007
  • New shell icons for site, site folder and workspace.
  • Relevant help is available for more error messages.
  • Renamed Login and Preferences dialogs’ “tabs” to “pages”.
  • Help border button is available on message boxes.
  • Prompt answers Yes to All/No to All moved closer to the primary Yes/No answers.
  • Internal error message boxes feature Report button to directly report the error on support forum.
  • Allowing filtering subdirectories. 1018
  • Event `Session.FileTransferProgress` is always raised when file transfer completes.
  • Bug fix: Remote panel state is lost after closing Console window. 1004
  • Bug fix: Failure when reading file into internal editor. 1005
  • Bug fix: Fragments in Help links were not working.
  • Bug fix: Failure when disposing Session of .NET assembly. 1008
  • Bug fix: Failure when pressing Shift key in console prompt with 1009
  • Bug fix: Constant CPU usage when queue is empty. 1013
  • Bug fix: Missing labels for some answers in scripting (such as Yes to All/No to All on overwrite confirmation prompt).
  • Bug fix: Option Support for listing if hidden files is not working. 1015
  • Bug fix: Cannot open context menu on another list or tree entry or different view location, while another context menu of the same view is already opened.
  • Bug fix: SSH vulnerability. 1017
  • Bug fix: Mismatched warnings about accepting any SSH hostkey and SSL certificate respectively.
  • Bug fix: Timeout prompt sometime never dismisses, even when host finally replies, with SFTP/SCP protocol.

Förändringar v5.2 beta -> v5.2.1 Beta

  • Not showing disconnect error message before reconnecting inactive session to upload edited file.
  • Changing default tab size to 8.
  • Renamed WinSCP .NET assembly to winscpnet.dll to avoid conflicts with winscp.exe. 945
  • Command Clear caches clears also cache of secondary shell session.
  • Change: Not trying to kill WinSCP process from .NET assembly Session finalizer.
  • Calculating hot track color of path label to be in contrast with background. 992
  • Simplifying overwrite confirmation prompt: 993 ?Grouping advanced commands to drop down menu under button with related common command.
  • Added thousands separators to sizes.
  • Offering to remember password for duration of session on password prompt (when preferences Remember password for duration of session is turned off).
  • File sizes on Synchronization Checklist and Find dialogs are optionally shown using short format.
  • Swapped order of Use MLSD command for directory listing and Support for listing of hidden files FTP session options. Also disabling the latter unless the first is set to Off.
  • Not allowing Timezone offset session setting with FTP protocol, while MLSD listing command is used.
  • Not opening session from jumplist in existing instance, if it is showing error.
  • Logging parsed directory listing on Normal logging level (previously on Debug 1 level).
  • Moved option to remember session password from Background to Security tab of Preferences dialog
  • Cached SSH host keys are imported by default
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to pass sequence of consecutive delimiters when skipping to the next “word” in path input boxes.
  • Bug fix: Opened/Closed folder icons on Location profile dialog were swapped.
  • Bug fix: Build script was not working on 64-bit.
  • Bug fix: Build script was calling non-existing target clean.
  • Bug fix: Taskbar button does not flash, when message pops up, while WinSCP is on background. 988
  • Bug fix: Custom command pattern !/ had incorrect value when executed on existing secondary shell session just after directory change. 989
  • Bug fix: Wrong background of path labels with disabled themes. 990
  • Bug fix: Cannot import FileZilla sites in folders. 994
  • Bug fix: FileZilla site logon type is not imported. 995
  • Bug fix: Installer was asking for name of program menu folder, although no folder is created anymore.
  • Bug fix: Failure when reconnecting session with automatic remote panel refresh enabled. 997
  • Bug fix: Failure when using mouse wheel with mouse cursor outside of WinSCP window. 998
  • Bug fix: Failure when canceling FTP password prompt.
  • Bug fix: When “Change stored password to this one” option is checked on password prompt, password is not updated for current session.
  • Bug fix: Mouse range selection does not start from focused file after directory reload. 999
  • Bug fix: IP address range 172.16-172.31 was not detected as unroutable for FTP passive mode. 1001
  • Bug fix: Opening session in PuTTY does not work. 1002

Förändringar v5.1.4 -> v5.2 beta

  • Many improvements to user interface, including new icon set
  • Simplified Transfer options dialog
  • Improved working with transfer settings and presets
  • Workspace saving
  • Sites incremental searching on Login dialog
  • Sites import from Filezilla
  • Displaying queue status on taskbar button
  • Source code of .NET assembly is available for the first time

Förändringar v5.1.7 -> v5.1.8

  • This version fixes several bugs and adds some small improvements.

Förändringar v5.1.6 -> v5.1.7

  • Upgraded private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) to 0.63. 1039
  • Bug fix: Back-propagated SSH security and memory-leak fixes from PuTTY 0.63. 1039 vuln-modmul vuln-bignum-division-by-zero private-key-not-wiped
  • Bug fix: Not allowing search path to exceed system limit of 2048 characters. 1025
  • Bug fix: No error is displayed and session is not immediately closed when detecting variable containing command return code fails with SCP protocol. 1032
  • Bug fix: On failure to overwrite local file (e.g. due to permissions), error “The system cannot find the file specified” was shown instead of the actual cause.

Förändringar v5.1.5 -> v5.1.6

  • This version fixes several bugs, vulnerability and adds some small improvements.

Förändringar v5.1.4 -> v5.1.5

  • This version fixes several bugs and adds some small improvements.

Förändringar v5.1.3 -> v5.1.4

  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1e.
  • Not requiring the .NET assembly to exist in file. 970
  • Not considering 3xx error code an error for post-login FTP commands. 972
  • Workaround for servers that do not acknowledge file transfer. 976
  • Bug fix: Failure after system-wide change. 962
  • Bug fix: Issuer and Subject were swapped on Certificate verification prompt. 967
  • Bug fix: Traversed subfolders are incorrectly included in find results. 968
  • Bug fix: Wrong color indicator on session tab when session was not switched by clicking on the tab. 974
  • Bug fix: Failure when auto remote directory refresh was triggered during operation initiated by drag&drop. 975
  • Bug fix: Wrong timezone offset was applied with FTP protocol. 977
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to preserve timezone offset of 24 hours and greater in stored session.
  • Bug fix: Wrong timestamp conversion with FTP protocol. 978
  • Bug fix: Error in .NET assembly when temporary path contains exclamation mark. 980
  • Bug fix: Indefinite chain of errors when XML logging fails.

Förändringar v5.1.2 -> v5.1.3

  • This version fixes several bugs and adds some small improvements.

Förändringar v5.1.1 -> v5.1.2

  • This version fixes several bugs and adds some small improvements.

Förändringar v5.1 -> v5.1.1

  • New VeriSign publisher certificate used for signing binaries.
  • Including timezone information in a session log file.
  • Installer creates desktop icon for all users by default.
  • On Windows 8, installer creates only main icon on the Start screen.
  • Added commands to execute PuTTYgen and Pageant to Tools menu on Login dialog.
  • Allowing multiple fingerprints in SessionOptions.SshHostKeyFingerprint and SessionOptions.HostSslCertificateFingerprint. 932
  • Logging FTP raw directory listing on Normal logging level.
  • Raw session setting TunnelHostKey to verify tunnel session hostkey. 938
  • Bug fix: Failure when saving file opened from closed session. 918
  • Bug fix: Invalid executable signature. 924
  • Bug fix: Never create Quick Launch icon on Windows 7 and newer.
  • Bug fix: Notifications of completed operation (such as balloon notifications), when application is minimized, were not working.
  • Bug fix: Hangs when showing Log windows while logging in. 925
  • Bug fix: Retrieving file stats using non-absolute path may fail with FTP protocol. 930
  • Bug fix: Error retrieving file stats using full path with FTP protocol. 926
  • Bug fix: Treat timestamps in FTP MLSD/MLST results as UTC. 923
  • Bug fix: Failure when FTP server returns “parent” directory is MLSD directory listing. 922
  • Bug fix: Background transfer queues were not re-arranged with the sessions, when changing session tab order. 928
  • Bug fix: Incorrect file was renamed when changing remote directory using directory tree while renaming file. 933
  • Bug fix: Incorrect file list/directory tree splitter color (with themes turned off).
  • Bug fix: Command on Console windows is not saved to history, when executed using Enter key. 934
  • Bug fix: Could not use .NET assembly from path with special characters (like #). 935
  • Bug fix: On re-installation, drag&drop shell extension was sometime not activated.
  • Bug fix: Hangs when stopping watching for changes in local folder. 915
  • Bug fix: Failure when canceling password prompt with FTP protocol. 936
  • Bug fix: Empty directory listing was loaded twice with MLSD with FTP command. 937

Förändringar v5.0.8 RC -> v5.0.9 RC

  • This version fixes several bugs and adds some small improvements.

Förändringar v5.0.7 Beta -> v5.0.8 RC

  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1c.
  • Drag & drop to re-order session tabs. 862
  • Local files can be dragged to session tabs for upload. 865
  • Remote files can be dragged to session tabs for duplication. 884
  • Color icon on session tab. 863
  • FTP passive mode IP address is substituted with connection address automatically when passive mode address is unroutable. 883
  • Contents of opened internal editors is automatically backed up, when application is abruptly closed. 886
  • Session color menu is available on session tab context menu.
  • Filter command added to address toobars and context menu of file panels. 732
  • Lock toolbars command added to context menu of file panel toolbars. 754
  • Added Session.CreateDirectory and Session.RenameFile methods to .NET assembly. 822 833
  • Added Session.Abort method to .NET assembly. 890
  • Change: Scripting command rm and .NET assembly Session.RemoveFiles method can remove directories as well. 887
  • Postponing upload of modified edited remote file to allow the editor finish saving of the file. 870
  • When transfer settings preset selected for transfer or synchronization is changed, the transfer settings are updated to the new preset configuration.
  • Support for directory listing with timestamp format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm with SCP protocol. 853
  • With scripting exit code is recorded in the session log file.
  • Properties of Session class that cannot be changed after session starts, throw an exception when set.
  • It is possible to set limit to try reconnecting broken sessions using Session.ReconnectTime. 860
  • Change: Remote files are never recycled, unless explicitly enabled. 867
  • UTF-8 byte-order-mask is stripped on FTP upload. 888
  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F4 for internal editor in Commander interface. 827
  • Keyboard shortcut Alt+Up for opening parent directory. 605
  • Taking tabs into account when calculating column position in an Internal editor. 789
  • Double buffered drawing of session tabs to prevent flicker.
  • Windows 8 compatibility and certification: ?Not saving random seed file, when run for maintenance task, e.g. during installation/uninstallation, to comply with Windows 8 certification.
  • ?Other compatibility improvements.
  • Using name of focused file as initial name for a new file. 873
  • When generation of temporary file for .NET assembly fails, meaningful exception is thrown and status of temporary folder is logged to help troubleshooting.
  • Falling back to Virtual folder when looking for an INI file to maintain compatibility with WinSCP 4.x on Windows Vista and newer. 874
  • Parsed directory listing is logged.
  • AES is preferred encryption cipher again. 880
  • Directory listings lacking inode column are supported. 881
  • Dialogs are placed in the center of their parent window.
  • Improved debug logging of .NET assembly.
  • Logging collection of files for synchronization.
  • Beta versions always check for beta versions updates.
  • Bug fix: Restore selection command shortcut changed to Shift+Ctrl+R (it used to have the same shortcut as Automatically refresh directory after operation).
  • Bug fix: “Operation aborted” messages were not suppressed.
  • Bug fix: Failure when reconnect failed (generalizing fix). 829
  • Bug fix: Missing icons in jumplist. 854
  • Bug fix: Session.FileExists was failing with “Recursive calls not allowed”. 852
  • Bug fix: Some UTF-8 encoded files were incorrectly loaded into an Internal Editor. 859
  • Bug fix: Failure when changing active session while background transfer queue list was being updated. 864
  • Bug fix: Main window was not restoring from system tray sometimes. 745
  • Bug fix: Failure was not reported, when opening of secondary shell session to execute remote command failed. 871
  • Bug fix: Hidden files were not dimmed, when Name column was not the first one (including the hidden columns). 872
  • Bug fix: Instruction-only authentication prompts were failed, when predefined password was used in prior prompt already. 877
  • Bug fix: Error when connecting to FTPS servers not supporting SSL session resuming. 879
  • Bug fix: Occasional hang when dialog was opened from an internal editor window. 882
  • Bug fix: Bugs and other three-state session options were logged incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: Switch /xmllog was not working in GUI sessions.
  • Bug fix: Could not connect to SSH server without storing hostkey fingerprint. 889
  • Bug fix: Support for MLSD FTP command was not detected. 891
  • Bug fix: File permissions were not retrieved from MLSD FTP directory listing.
  • Bug fix: Searching messages without associated help page on documentation site was not working.
  • Bug fix: Warning about overriding script options include and exclude by -filemask switch was sometimes shown incorrectly.

Förändringar v5.0.6 Beta -> v5.0.7 Beta

  • UTF-8 support in an internal editor.
  • Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1b.
  • Several small improvements to application look and feel.
  • WinSCP now optionally reports anonymous usage statistics to WinSCP team. You can opt-out if you like.

Förändringar v4.3.7 -> v5.0.6 Beta

  • Prototype of .NET assembly built around WinSCP scripting interface.
  • Upgrade to PuTTY 0.62 and OpenSSL 1.0.0g.
  • Improvements to file masks.
  • Improvements to scripting.

Förändringar v5.0.4 Beta -> v5.0.5 Beta

  • This version fixes yet more bugs and adds few improvements.

Förändringar v5.0.3 Beta -> v5.0.4 Beta

  • Icon is assigned to all top-level windows, in particular to initial Login dialog, so that there?s always WinSCP icon in the Alt+Tab view.
  • Bug fix: Synchronization check list view was corrupted.
  • Bug fix: Failure when changing view style in Explorer interface. 753
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to drag more than one file. 756
  • Bug fix: Default permissions for new remote directory did not include Execute right. 762

Förändringar v5.0.2 Beta -> v5.0.3 Beta

  • Taskbar jump list support on Windows 7.
  • Tab selector for sessions.
  • Queue processing can be disabled.
  • Synchronized browsing is configurable per stored session.

Förändringar v5.0.1 Beta -> v5.0.2 Beta

  • Any session configuration option can be set on command line and/or scripting in raw format using /rawsettings switch. 520
  • Change: Binary transfer mode is default. 670
  • Change: Connection error is recorded in XML log in new subtag result of root tagsession. 545
  • Change: With FTP protocol, passive mode is used by default. 165
  • Environment variables are resolved in session hostname and username. 392
  • Installer without OpenCandy does not include OpenCandy licence anymore.
  • Option to enable active mode with FTP protocol in scripting. 669
  • Both session (text) and XML log can be produced at the same time. 481
  • Bug fix: Failure when cancelling login dialog. 728
  • Bug fix: Failure to locate GetTimeZoneInformationForYear. 729
  • Bug fix: Check for application updates was not working.
  • Bug fix: Duplicate shortcut key in local Open directory window. 710

Förändringar v5.0 Beta -> v5.0.1 Beta

  • This version fixes several regression bugs and adds some new functionality.

Förändringar v4.3.4 -> v5.0 Beta

  • Unicode support.
  • Explorer-style file selection with mouse is enabled by default in Commander interface.
  • Bug fix: Buttons on Login dialog sometimes got hidden.
  • Bug fix: ? at the end of file mask did not enforce presence of character.
  • Bug fix: Failure when session is closed unexpectedly in scripting.

Förändringar v4.3.3 -> v4.3.4

  • This release upgrades SSH core to PuTTY 0.61 and fixes several bugs.

Förändringar v4.3.2 -> v4.3.3

  • Rolled back increase of socket internal buffer size for SSH. 677
  • SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2011-03-04, revision 9120). It brings following changes:
  • Support for “” compression. 146
  • Small performace improvements.
  • On Windows 7 progress of operation is shown on the taskbar button. 437
  • URLs with IPv6 address are supported. 681
  • Removed length limit for FTP Post login commands. 673
  • Colon in stored session name and IPv6 addresses is escaped when used for generated name of session log file.
  • State of Advanced options checkbox is always remembered. 650
  • Source of the configuration is stored into session log. 683
  • Navigating back/forward with synchronized browsing enabled affects both panels. 625
  • When renaming a file during transfer, only filename (without an extension) is optionally selected. 664
  • File renaming is not started, when only focusing application. 651
  • Session colors are used on stored session list. 687
  • Setup will default to use the same language as the last time.
  • Setup will not try to replace the drag&drop shell extension unless newer version is included. This prevents setup from requiring restart in many cases. 686
  • Bug fix: Incorrect conversion of timestamps between local and remote systems with respect to DST on Windows 2008 R2. 671
  • Bug fix: Failure on transfer error with SCP protocol. 674
  • Bug fix: Invalid timezone shifting of file timestamps with FTP protocol. 675
  • Bug fix: Pageant authentication was not working on x64. 662
  • Bug fix: Failure when reconnection fails with FTP protocol. 680
  • Bug fix: Failure when reconnecting with FTP protocol. 676
  • Bug fix: chmod command was not skipped with SCP protocol, when changing file properties but not changing permissions. 645
  • Bug fix: Error when uploading file with specific size with FTP protocol. 684

Förändringar v4.3.1 Beta -> v4.3.2

  • 2011-02-23SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.0d.
  • Enabled TLS extensions in OpenSSL, what resolves problems with some FTP servers. 658
  • Change: Compare directories command uses Shift+F2 shortcut instead of Ctrl+C. 641
  • Added support for dragging files from WinRAR. 399.
  • Default ascii file mask extended with *.js. 642
  • SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2011-02-21, revision 9101).
  • Bug fix: Check for application updates was not working.
  • Bug fix: Error response to SFTP initialization request was sometimes parsed incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to skip errors during some operations. 654
  • Bug fix: Home directory was incorrect after reconnect with FTP protocol. 659
  • Bug fix: It was sometimes not possible to initiate file renaming. 657

Förändringar v4.3.0 Beta -> v4.3.1 Beta

  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.0c.
  • File renaming is not started, when only focusing file panel. 570
  • Bug fix: Failure when logging in ad-hoc session. 632
  • Bug fix: Failure when directory is reloaded while renaming file. 633
  • Bug fix: Values with special characters were not exported correctly to PuTTY. 634
  • Bug fix: Invalid DST handling in the Southern hemisphere. 638
  • Bug fix: Synchronized browsing was not preserved, when restarting application. 639

Förändringar v4.2.9 -> v4.3.0 Beta

  • 2010-11-07Increased socket internal buffer size for SSH. It should improve transfer speed. Thanks to ultramage. 615
  • Environment variables are resolved in path to external editor. 563
  • Include/exclude masks can be used when moving files between local and remote directories. 536
  • Add to Bookmarks and Refresh commands added to context menus of panel path labels. 624
  • Change: With FTP protocol, passive mode is used by default. 165
  • Change: Links to website and help are no longer created in start menu folder. 616
  • Autocomplete disabled for most of the combo boxes. 619
  • SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2010-09-27, revision 9010). It brings following changes:
  • Improved port forwarding robustness.
  • When disconnected because there are no supported authentication methods left to try, the error message contains the list of methods sent by the server.
  • Standard GSS libraries are now loaded from standard locations rather than using the default DLL search path.
  • Other small bugs fixed.
  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.0a.
  • Bug fix: Error when refreshing panel content. 617
  • Bug fix: Error when more background transfers finish at the same moment. 622
  • Bug fix: Script does not abort after receiving no answer for prompt, when running in batch mode. 623
  • Bug fix: Main window appeared in background, when prompt for master password appeared during authentication. 629

Förändringar v4.2.8 -> v4.2.9

  • Never try to rename file to the very same name. 604
  • Bug fix: Failure when executing custom command and not capturing its output. 587
  • Bug fix: GSSAPI/Kerberos was not working. 590
  • Bug fix: Local file timestamp was interpreted incorrectly for synchronization on Windows 7. 591
  • Bug fix: Failure on close scripting command. 599
  • Bug fix: Edited file was reloaded from active session, not from original session. 603
  • Bug fix: Path history was mixed among sessions. 607
  • Bug fix: Session closed after operation completes was automatically reconnected. 608
  • Bug fix: Check for application updates was hanging. 611
  • Bug fix: Missing content on OpenCandy screen. 600

Förändringar v4.2.5 -> v4.2.6

  • ZIP archive with both executables is released instead of just compressed EXE. 523
  • Automatically named session is renamed when hostname and/or username is modified. 532
  • When reading of file to be edited fails, empty internal editor is no longer shown.
  • Forcing width of message box not to exceed screen width.
  • Environment variables in path to private key file are resolved before passing it to PuTTY to open the session. 524
  • WinSCP name is included in balloon notifications. 533
  • Timezone offset can be set up to +/-25 hours. 534
  • Setup does not query OpenCandy for ads when running silent install.
  • Small visual changes for Windows 7.
  • Being tolerant to FTP servers enclosing path in 257 response to single quotes. 541
  • SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2010-01-17, revision 8846). Fixing memory leak.
  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8l.
  • Bug fix: Bookmarks with equal sign in their name were not preserved when using INI file. 522
  • Bug fix: Synchronize browsing failed, when entering local directory, while current remote path was root. 525
  • Bug fix: Having higher logging level set decreased performance even when logging itself was disabled. 526
  • Bug fix: Error when running ad hoc custom command. 529
  • Bug fix: Tray icon was sometimes not removed when application closed.
  • Bug fix: Navigation tree on Preferences dialog was corrupted sometimes. 539
  • Bug fix: Memory leak while authenticating with private key.
  • Bug fix: System date/time format was not followed on Windows 7. 537
  • Bug fix: On some systems did not find winscp.exe when executed from search path. 542
  • Bug fix: Failure when connection was closed while Console window was opened.

Förändringar v4.2.4 Beta -> v4.2.5

  • Environment variable WINSCP_PATH pointing to path, where WinSCP executable file is located, is set on startup, so it can be used to configure portable paths relative to the WinSCP executable file. 311
  • It is not possible to cancel master password prompt anymore, when saving session with passwords
  • Slash added to names of directories in search results to distinguish them from files
  • Keyboard shortcut for finding files changed to F3 in Explorer interface
  • Path is recorded in history after changing directory in console window. 518
  • Replacing characters not allowed in local file names is taken into account with synchronized browsing. 512

Förändringar v4.2.3 Beta -> v4.2.4 Beta

  • File search.
  • Stored session passwords can be encrypted using master password.

Förändringar v4.2.2 Beta -> v4.2.3 Beta

  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for custom commands and shared bookmarks. 103
  • FTP proxy support. 27
  • FTPS server certificate is shown on Server and protocol information dialog. 438
  • Existing remote file can be opened in editor by typing its name. 366
  • Workaround for Momentum server limit of 32 KiB for reading/writing. 440
  • Added missing descriptions of certificate, implicit, explicitssl and explicittls switches for command-line and scripting.
  • Empty SSH keyboard interactive prompts are ignored. 388
  • 256×256 icon is deployed with WinSCP. 445
  • WinSCP prevents computer from being suspended during operation. 265
  • It can be configured how long WinSCP should keep trying reconnect broken sessions. 460
  • Change: Double double-quote is treated as a single double-quote within value of command-line parameter. 454
  • For FTP servers know not to support LIST -a command (Personal FTP server), LIST only is used by default. 458
  • While downloading trailing dot in filenames is replaced with %2E, as Windows trim them. 452
  • Errors when deleting local files after upload finishes are reported. 462
  • Pressing Enter, while having selected an open session without hostname, loads the session. 463
  • Session name can be optionally used as part of the path to temporary copies of remote files. 385
  • Remote path may optionally not be as part of the path to temporary copies of remote files. 229
  • Option for substituting FTP passive mode IP address with connection address. 376
  • Change: Once dot-only filenames are obscured from Windows, all security checks which hide dot-only filenames from user are removed. 452
  • Bug fix: Overwrite confirmations were shown even when target file did not exist when uploading with SFTP protocol. 442
  • Bug fix: Mask hints label on transfer settings dialogs was improperly placed when localized.
  • Bug fix: Failure when closing session while having log window opened and custom commands toolbar displayed. 441
  • Bug fix: Passive FTP transfers with IPv6 did not work. 446
  • Bug fix: Ctrl+R in the internal editor opened Replace dialog instead of reloading current document. 444
  • Bug fix: Meaning of UTF-8 encoding for filenames option was reversed for FTP. 450
  • Bug fix: Skipped files are shown in progress list on console. 451
  • Bug fix: Values were overlapped on progress window when Calculate total size transfer settings was disabled. 456
  • Bug fix: “There is no disk in drive” message was sometimes shown on startup. 19
  • Bug fix: Failure when configuration was changed, while file from closed internal editor was still being uploaded. 461
  • Bug fix: Failure when file was opened in editor while still being uploaded after closing editor. 465
  • Bug fix: Transfer progress was not shown on console when moving files to local directory. 443
  • Bug fix: Error when uploading empty folder that already existed on the server with FTP. 466
  • Bug fix: Failure when FTP data connection was lost. 467
  • Bug fix: Memory leak in drag&drop shell extension. 471
  • Bug fix: Failure when installing on Windows 2000. 447
  • Bug fix: OpenCandy DLL was installed even if user chose not to use it. 455
  • Bug fix: Icon was not displayed properly on Windows 2000. 473
  • Bug fix: Timeout may occurred earlier that configured with FTP. 472


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