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Versionshistoria XMPlay


Förändringar v3.8.0.5 -> v3.8.1

  • Loading of different settings from multiple saved sets
  • Loop limits included is saved loop settings
  • Higher priority for exact path matches in saved settings
  • Subsong number title formatting option
  • Optional random bias for tracks that were last played longer ago
  • Next/prev subsong seeking options also apply when the subsongs are separated
  • Per-track overriding of removal after playback option
  • Extraction of tracks from archives to separate files
  • Filename sorting separated into filename and full path options
  • Checking for dead tracks upon launch is now optional
  • IT virtual channel configuration
  • Peak active MOD channels display
  • Upmixing for quad speaker output
  • Auto-amp also applies when Replaygain is enabled
  • Limit according to Replaygain peak level option also applies when Replaygain is disabled
  • Replaygain mode shortcut
  • Restart shortcut
  • List looping shortcut
  • Skinning enhancements (see skinning kit)

Förändringar v3.8.0.2 -> v3.8.0.5

  • Separation of tracks into individual subsongs/cues, and unseparation back the other way
  • Subsong info added to library ("subsongs" column) and track info window
  • Random playback mode can be applied to subsongs too
  • "%subsong" and "%subsongs" search term options added
  • Support for tag names in search terms
  • Playlist processing of CUE files
  • Support for remarks in CUE files
  • Soundtracker MOD support
  • Looped OGG support
  • Loop limiting by playback time
  • "Go to time" shortcut to jump to a time position (aka "jump to time")
  • Selection extension page up/down shortcuts
  • Quicker access to file writing options via track right-click menu
  • Support for "Content-Disposition" header filename when saving a streamed file
  • "Year" track info replaced/expanded to "Date"
  • Option to have XMPlay in both the taskbar and tray
  • Taskbar title scrolling
  • Option to replace the playlist when playing tracks from the library
  • Track info option added to info window right-click menu
  • Info window height limit for auto-resizing
  • Archive file URLs will have all of their contents added to the playlist when opened
  • Improved support for drag'n'dropping between the playlist and library and other XMPlay instances
  • Extended playlist filename display mode can optionally include the full paths
  • "closetrack" and "closelist" command-line options to close at the end of the track or playlist
  • Automatic use of the backup if the library file gets corrupted
  • Option to apply title formatting to Winamp plugins removed (now always on)
  • ZIP plugin added to the XMPlay package
  • Skinning enhancements including alpha channel support (see skinning kit)

Förändringar v3.7 -> v3.8

  • Adds separation of tracks into individual subsongs/cues (and unseparation back), skinning enhancements including alpha channel (transparency) support, loop limiting by playback time, Soundtracker MOD support, looped OGG support, improved CUE file support, a shortcut to jump to a specified time (aka "jump to time"), random playback of subsongs, quicker access to file writing options, and a bunch of other stuff.

Förändringar v3.5.1 -> v3.6

  • Adds decoder/plugin saved settings and tag-based saved settings, priority filetypes for plugins, shortcut reordering, a "Sound Mapper" device to follow default device changes on Win7, use of the source sample resolution when writing to disk, clipping protection for Winamp DSP plugins, and a bunch of skinning improvements.

Förändringar v3.5 -> v3.5.1

  • Adds rating shortcuts, adjustable manual crossfade length, standard M3U playlist saving, and a bit more tweaking of the search options.

Förändringar v3.4.2.1 -> v3.5

  • Adds crossfading, AIFF support, track rating, some track searching enhancements, some Replaygain enhancements, and a bunch of other stuff. See the "readme" for a full list."


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