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Versionshistoria AirDC++ (portable)


Förändringar v2.72 -> v2.80

  • Added:
  • Show the number of contained files and folders for directory search results (ADC)
  • Use a Vista-style browsing dialog with folders
  • Remember various previous locations with browsing dialogs
  • Allow copying directory names from the search tab again
  • Changed:
  • Rewrite Download queue window to more torrent like view
  • Hide various menu items when clicking on own user in the users tab
  • Increase the validity period of generated encryption certificates
  • Strip whitespaces from hub address fields
  • Better settings for changing progress bar colors
  • Insert emoticons button will insert emoticons in the cursor position
  • Fixed:
  • Detect the connect mode of other users correctly after connecting to a hub
  • Fix performance issues when queueing huge bundles and there are lots of files matching the download skiplist
  • Fix handling of individual blocked versions in the the version file
  • Fix a bug that may have left folder deletions unnoticed by the share monitoring in some rare cases
  • Use the existing bundle path when queuing items from auto search (when possible)
  • Removed:
  • Finished downloads window ( Finished downloads are now shown in new Queue window )

Förändringar v2.71 -> v2.72

  • Added
  • Add CDATA parsing to XML parser (DC++)
  • Changed
  • Never check open file lists when trying to download directories from (auto) search as the list directory may be outdated
  • Fixed
  • Fix TTH search responses
  • Fix share monitoring spam when queuing files to a newly created directory
  • Avoid refreshing the share twice on startup
  • Fix a minor issue with counting the disk usage for queued items
  • Fix a possible issue with reporting faulty missing NFO files when scanning the share for missing/extra files
  • Remove a faulty error message in a clean installation
  • Fix a possible crash when queueing a magnet link fails
  • Fix renaming of hashed files on monitoring changes

Förändringar v2.70 -> v2.71

  • Added:
  • Automatically check for updates when the update channel was changed
  • Report errors when generating a file list fails
  • Fixed:
  • Crash fixes
  • Fix opening of dupe directories from chat
  • Allow .vob files inside sample directories regardless of the other sample extensions
  • Also migrate notepad to the new settings directory when the location was changed
  • Fix rare cases when renaming directories could have left unnoticed by share monitoring
  • Don't add empty directories in share via monitoring (if enabled)

Förändringar v2.63 -> v2.70

  • Added:
  • Option for Close button to minimize airdc
  • Remove all button for edit magnets dialog
  • Use the same icons in pm tab and userlist, ability to state away mode and reg status on tab icon
  • Clear buttons for histories in settings
  • New icons for PM and Mainchat notification in tray and taskbar, add combined icon.
  • Settings for message filtering mainchat or private messages
  • Option for showing ignored and message filtered chat messages in systemlog
  • Severity icons in PM and Hub windows statusbars
  • Option to open .nfo files externally
  • New column in search tab: Relevancy (used for sorting by default)
  • Configurable update channel (stable/betas)
  • Changed:
  • Return more relevant search responses: (allows using more general search terms)
  • Last online time will now show for all offline users in usersframe
  • Reorder readd/remove source rightclick in queueframe, move All at the top
  • Settings profiles change toolbar buttons and order (old toolbar button order will get reset, sorry for that)
  • Ignored users rewrite, ignored users are now shown in users window
  • Update the default hublists
  • Sync all database writes to disk (the latest hashed entries won't get lost in case of unexpected shutdown)
  • Improved error reporting for downloads
  • List shell menus for all matching local files/directories, use a submenu that is loaded only when accessed
  • Auto search: Show an error message if the picked item fails because of a shared/queued directory dupe
  • Auto search: Clear the last error when an associated bundle finishes
  • Auto search: Ignore the search time limitations when there are missing files
  • Improve statistics (/sharestats and /clientstats)
  • Increase the size of the ADL search properties dialog
  • Use a single installer for 32 and 64 bit version
  • Require double-click for restoring the client from tray by default
  • Fixed:
  • Fix Hash progress dialog files/h
  • Keep the order when changing items in favorite download directories
  • Fix magnet open error with no source user
  • Fix crash on clicking magnet link in pm history
  • Fix modify dates for newly added directories
  • Fix a possible freeze related to file lists
  • Fix an infinite connect request loop that may happen in some rare cases
  • Fix an invalid NAT-T support advertised in ADC hubs when there's a disabled IP protocol
  • Prevent system log spam when monitoring detects changes for files that can't be shared
  • Fix bugs in partial lists causing a newly loaded directory not being selected/loaded in some cases
  • Fix a bug with moving file bundles
  • Fix a faulty option that prevented /verifydb from fixing corruption
  • Fix changing the current share profile in own file list after it has been matched with ADL search
  • Fix issues with the lowest priority
  • Update the modify date of the parent directory when share monitoring changes are applied or bundles are added in share
  • Report possible errors also when queueing individual files
  • Fix missing incoming search matching for some directory names
  • Make GUI freezes less likely to happen when generating full file list
  • Fix missing country flags from some search results
  • Prevent crashes when running out of memory while loading file lists, queueing new bundles or refreshing the share
  • Avoid delaying GUI actions while scanning the share for missing files or running multithreaded file list refresh
  • Fix logging of uploads twice in some cases
  • Fix multiple items with the same name not being displayed in ADL search matches
  • Fix possible crashes related to recent hubs
  • Fix window updates possibly getting lost when staying in very large hubs
  • Removed:
  • Netstats window
  • Shutdown pc toolbar button function still available via /shutdown
  • Toolbar bitmap settings ( old bitmaps are not compatible anyway, use icons instead )

Förändringar v2.62 -> v2.63

  • Changes:
  • Improve the hybrid IPv4/IPv6 authentication
  • Show the IP address for ADC search results also when using passive mode
  • Filter the country part when copying IP addresses
  • Fixed:
  • Fix uploading tree for files that are in queue
  • Fix various other partial file sharing issues
  • Fix the connection speed units on search tab
  • Fix crashes when adding favorite hubs from the public hublist or from recent hubs
  • Auto search: Don't consider removed bundles as finished
  • Fix a possible crash when editing the connection speed values
  • Fix a possible crash when removing running bundle files from queue
  • Don't expire auto search items using incrementation one number too early
  • Fix connectivity mode changes not being applied in some cases
  • Fix exact dupe directories being marked as partial dupes when they contain multiple subdirectories
  • Force filelist regeneration when performing full or manual refresh
  • Don't show connection speed higher than the configured value when having a limiter value set
  • Fix a possible freeze with long chat messages
  • Fix link positions going wrong after clearing the chat

Förändringar v2.61 -> v2.62

  • Added:
  • The installer will prompt for importing settings from DC++, ApexDC++ or StrongDC++ (new installations only)
  • Fixed:
  • Fix a possible deadlock when closing the file list while it's being loaded
  • Fix a possible deadlock when performing share-related operations (refresh, monitoring, editing shares...)
  • Fix the messy file context menu in the queue tab
  • Fix searching in partial lists
  • Don't set the translation path when changing the client language to English
  • Fix possible issues with resolving addresses
  • Fix adding custom words from text to auto search
  • Fix a possible crash when moving bundles
  • Fix a bug when merging running bundles to a newly queued parent that makes the client consume all memory

Förändringar v2.60 -> v2.61

  • New filter in search and file lists
  • Monitor all shared folders for changes by default
  • Allow specifying the maximum age for a file/directory when searching
  • Add an option to refresh the share after client startup (enabled by default)
  • Append dupe paths in the "Download to" menu

Förändringar v2.51 -> v2.60

  • New filter in search and file lists
  • Monitor all shared folders for changes by default
  • Allow specifying the maximum age for a file/directory when searching
  • Add an option to refresh the share after client startup (enabled by default)
  • Append dupe paths in the "Download to" menu

Förändringar v2.50 -> v2.51

  • Allow the client to monitor shared folders for changes in real time
  • New user tab that will display users from all hubs
  • New hash database format (old databases will be converted)
  • Full IPv6 support in ADC hubs
  • New multi-page wizard that will guide through setting up all general settings
  • Allow instant sharing of finished bundles without hashing them
  • Major performance improvements, faster startup
  • many other features, changes and bug fixes

Förändringar v2.44 -> v2.50

  • Added:
  • Allow the client to monitor shared folders for changes in real time
  • New user tab that will display general information about the users in all hubs + total queued files from each user
  • New database engine for storing information about hashed files (reduces resource usage and freezes, improves reliability)
  • Full IPv6 support in ADC hubs (transfers, port mapping, separate modes for IPv4 and IPv6, hybrid support for both protocols)
  • New tree control in file lists: reduces the loading times and shows the expand sign also for incomplete folders (the other user must have version 2.42 or newer)
  • New multipage settings wizard with more options
  • Allow instant sharing of finished bundles without hashing them
  • Replace the search skiplist with a list of excluded words, add also for auto search
  • Show dates for all files in partial lists
  • Show dates in search
  • Any subdirectory can be refreshed from own file list and with the refresh command
  • Add a new priority "Paused (forced)": viewtopic.php?t=3738&p=7551#p7551
  • Add a column for shared files in the user list (ADC only)
  • Allow choosing the preferred port mapping interface
  • Check that the bind address is valid when starting the client
  • Allow setting a custom away message and email address for favorite hubs
  • Allow duplicating auto search items
  • Allow using quotation marks in search strings and excluded words for exact matching with strings containing spaces
  • Show the progress in percentages on startup/shutdown for selected steps
  • Allow opening dupe folders also from the tree in file lists
  • Add an option to not to share empty directories
  • Use the history also for searches in file lists, save the previous file type
  • Allow saving a log file when scanning the share
  • Show a warning message when running the client with administrative priviledges (Win 8 only)
  • Allow setting minimum file size for dupe check when queuing new items (small dupes are ignored only if all other queued files in the bundle aren't dupes too)
  • Save possible errors for auto search items when queueuing new bundles
  • Add the type "File" in the file type menu in search to avoid getting directory results
  • Add an option for following symlinks for shared files
  • Single log per CID for ADC users by default
  • Add a menu item for opening the log directory
  • Allow choosing the queue removal mode when auto disconnecting downloads
  • Add an option for not allowing failover addresses for favorite hubs (hub-specific and global)
  • Shift + Return can also be used to create a new line in chat tabs
  • Changed:
  • Various sharing optimizations (CPU usage and RAM usage have been reduced significantly with large shares, less freezes)
  • Change the way how combined nicks and hub names are displayed in ADC hubs
  • Don't save various setting files on shutdown if there is nothing new to save
  • Count queued file lists in maximum number of sources for matching lists on search results
  • Pick the best users for matching bundles if the maximum number of sources has reached (based on the connection speed and free slots)
  • Use the matching limit and picking also for new items queued by auto search
  • Remove the lists queued for matching when the bundle is removed/finished
  • Improve the error reporting when initiating the transfer fails
  • Prefer sending passive search replies via the correct hub
  • Remove the password length limit for fav hubs
  • Performance optimizations when searching ADC hubs
  • Change the way of storing history items: option to clear each history on exit and set the maximum limit for each history
  • Hash database cleanup will remove entries also for files that have been removed from the share during the current session or that have been moved inside the share
  • Improve the error reporting when sending of a main/pm message fails
  • Add proper error reporting when queueing of bundle files fails
  • Calculate the bundle priorities instantly after they've been loaded on startup
  • Don't send a junk TTHs with directory search replies in ADC
  • Prevent freezes when selecting a large number of items in user list or file list, or when joining hubs
  • Mark the current prio when there are multiple bundles selected in the transfer view / queue tab and they all use the same prio
  • Download skiplist is also matched for bundle subdirectories (instead of only file names)
  • Validate the TTH before performing a search (manual searches only)
  • Don't change finished download connections to disconnected state
  • Language files aren't shipped with the client, they are only downloaded when enabled by the user
  • Ignoring private messages from a hub doesn't apply to favorite users and operators
  • Set the own certificate paths automatically based on the settings dir by default
  • Convert shortened magnet links to plain links when copying text from chat
  • Fixed:
  • Fix very poor performance when adding lots of files for hashing (100k+)
  • Fix a problem with rebuild not removing all unused entries for hashed files
  • Fix port mapping problems when there are multiple networking interfaces available
  • Fix problems when connecting NMDC search results to a correct hub
  • Fix crashes when sharing subdirs of other shared dirs in different profiles
  • The splash screen won't go to "not responding" state on startup/shutdown
  • Restore "view as text" in the search tab
  • Handle excluded words correctly with incoming ADC searches
  • Fix duplicate items in file lists when reloading downloaded directories
  • Fix auto search problems when bundles fail scanning
  • Set the share skiplist before the startup refresh
  • Start listening for connections when using passive mode and setting a favorite hub active
  • Transfers with no download slot can now be forced normally
  • Fix a bug with directories not being scanned correctly if the group name contained the char _
  • Prevent the ADL search XML file being cleared when there is no disk space available to save it
  • Prevent infinite requests for a single TTH when the tree can't be added in the database
  • Start the client as normal user when launching from the installer
  • Don't display join/part messages for hidden users
  • Fix possible crashes when auto detecting connection settings
  • Avoid possible invalid CRC errors while hashing after an invalid SFV file has been replaced
  • Fix total size and total files with own partial list when no hubs are open
  • Fix hub encoding in NMDC hubs
  • Fix password not being requested in some cases when password protected tray is enabled
  • Fix various cases when MCN download connections may have not been created
  • Fix language file locations
  • Fix ignoring private messages for favorite ADC hubs
  • Fix a few ADC vulnerabilities
  • Fix a bug that may cause bundles not be loaded on startup


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