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Versionshistoria AM-Notebook


Förändringar v6.2 -> v6.3

  • Diagrams: Option to optionally show name window when inserting new objects
  • Printing TODOs could cut text under certain circumstances
  • Option "Always open note in new tab" didn't work when a note was locked by another user
  • TODOs: The note field wasn't updated correctly under certain circumstances
  • Background color of read-only notes was not restored correctly after printing a note
  • Some Unicode issues fixed
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Förändringar v6.1 -> v6.2

  • Export spreadsheets to Excel
  • Dates can be entered without points into date fields (eg. 24122010 or 241210, AM-Notebook will detect the correct date format automatically).
  • The word count feature works now for the whole document as well as for the selected text
  • Print "AM-Notebook Today"
  • Toolbar button for font styles
  • Unused font styles are no longer displayed in menus
  • Export spreadsheet to HTML: merged cells supported
  • Diagrams: Inserting an object into a diagram automatically requests the input of a description. This makes creating new diagrams much faster and more comfortable
  • Smaller improvements to the Reminder window
  • Export notes to HTML files: Images that were pasted from the clipboard were exported without a file extension. Now the correct file extension is used.
  • Clips: Improved navigation
  • LWA: Improved navigation
  • Improved detection if todo/planner/address files are damaged to avoid data loss
  • Diagram/Flowchart files were not included in backups (Tools+Backup/Restore)
  • Many smaller improvements, changes and fixes

Förändringar v5.2.0 Beta 2 -> v5.2.0 Beta 3

  • [x] Improved font selection
  • [x] Improved Paste behavior from Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • [x] Close button is now placed on tabs
  • [x] The commands "Rename", "Encrypt", "Remove encryption" and "Delete" in the File menu were used for the selected note in the note tree. They are now applied to the note of the currently selected tab.
  • Smaller fixes/improvements

Förändringar v5.0.2 -> v5.1.0

  • [+] Integration of Local Website Archive - BLOG
  • [+] Tab Locking - BLOG
  • [+] Dialog "Notes by date" (Ctrl+F5) has a search field. It's now possible to quickly open new notes with just a few keystrokes. - BLOG
  • [+] New option: Always open notes in new tabs
  • [+] Preview BAK files before restoring

Förändringar v5.0.2 -> v5.1.0 Beta 1

  • [+] Unicode support for Notes and Spreadsheets
  • [+] Spreadsheet component was replaced with a much more powerful component
  • [+] Spreadsheets: More Excel® style formulas and functions
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Cell merging
  • [+] Spreadsheets: Cell formatting
  • [+] Print Spreadsheets: Shrink to page width/height
  • [+] AM-Notebook has now an integrated spelling checker and is no longer dependent from external third party spelling systems
  • [+] Full spelling checker support in the portable version
  • [+] Live spelling: context menu can add words to dictionary or ignore all occurrences of a word
  • [+] All images (bitmaps) in a note are now converted to PNG format internally, this can dramatically reduce the file size of notes
  • [+] Pasting text with images from web browsers supported - BLOG
  • [+] Pasting text with links from web browsers inserts links correctly
  • [+] Tab width is automatically adjusted to keep all tabs in view
  • [+] Tab hints
  • [+] Links to other files (Ctrl+F7) are now inserted with relative drive letter and should work without problems on USB sticks
  • [+] Shortcuts for decrease/increase left indent: Ctrl+Alt+, and Ctrl+Alt+.
  • [+] TODO: "Note" field supports addresses to local files (file://...)
  • [+] Notes: Word Wrap (Edit menu)
  • [+] Add new TODOs via the Input bar: Cursor Up/Down in the Subject field changes the Priority
  • [+] Note component updated to latest version (not sure if this fixes or improves something)
  • [+] German help file added
  • Smaller fixes and improvements


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