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Versionshistoria WinMerge


Förändringar v2.10.0 -> v2.10.2

  • Change download URL to current URL (#2136765)
  • Installer: create backup of ClearCase config file (#2129095)
  • Release notes update (#2222871)
  • BugFix: Case-sensitive regexp search didn't work (#1991259)
  • BugFix: Wrong cursor position when disabling selection margin (#2138555)
  • BugFix: Showed a black line when disabling selection margin (#2068790)
  • BugFix: Fix manual URL in Readme.txt (#2181628)
  • BugFix: There were some installer regressions (eg. Installer didn't create Quick Launch icon) (#1460517)
  • BugFix: Giving path to file and folder to command line did not work (#2138560)
  • BugFix: If messagebox was shown during file loading location pane didn't show any differences (#2101780)
  • BugFix: Some calls made to plugins when plugins were disabled (#2182788)
  • New translation: Galician (#2120685)
  • Translation updates:
  • Czech (r6038)
  • Swedish (#2227131)
  • Ukrainian (#2131753)

Förändringar v2.9.10 Beta -> v2.10 RC

  • Installer installs WinMerge for all users
  • Add ShellExtension menu for drive letters (root folders)
  • Unlimited undo in the editor
  • Big Manual update
  • PCRE (regular expression library) update (to version 7.7)
  • Use PCRE in editor regular expressions (Find/Replace)
  • Plugins disabled by default, new option to enable them
  • Location pane flickering fixed
  • Focus losing after folder compare operations fixed
  • Lots of bugs fixed


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